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Viva Mexico Cabron3s

XD September 16 is Mexico's Independence Day, I still can't understand why people in other countries make such big deal of May 5 (I can't understand how they can put that day above sept 16). This day, we celebrate day and night, all around the country, and what you see Dizi, Aliku and Link wearing is pretty much of what you see during those parties XD

I don't know why people think we dress like mariachis or cowboys or that we live in desert or stuff like that, it's just silly XD Myself, I have never got anywhere near to a mariachi, they piss me off, I have never seen a cowboy, or a desert for that matter XD

Our characters today!
Our Smexy Dizi, donning a Tricolor top and a matraca (her hair down because she looks smexier). Aliku (yes, she can change the color of her skin and hair), is wearing a Naco's shirt X3 And Link wearing an old soccer shirt, Mexico's, of course X3 on the front the face of the Sun calendar. And in the bg, the eagle devouring the snake, our coat of arms

Btw, I didn't draw the coat of arms or the sun's face on Link's shirt, they are manipulated images I scanned earlier today. I just can't match the magnificence of the originals

Btw2, I put advanced critique so n00bs won't comment on this pic. I really don't need any suggestion because, well, this is just something that came from my heart, as clichéd as that sounds, but it's true. This is one of the few days I feel truly proud I'm a Mexican.

Oh, yeah, before I forget, Aliku's holding a lil trumpet ^-^;; Sorry about the confussion
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