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Majora... A bit of madness



This is Majora, a little girl who takes control over the corpse of the original Majora, the Goddess who tried to crash a moon against the world of Termina. Her fighting outfit was inspired by the original Wrath.

Majora is a little girl who was born in the tribe of Luna, whom worshiped at the goddess of the Dreams and Nightmares. She was raised to become the perfect assasin. Her race, Ayike, is well known for the psychic powers but in her tribe those skills are way too dangerous in the eyes of the rest of the world. Not only that but the tribe allowed certain marriages to make the "perfect" child, such as Majora. The perfect child is somebody of pristine white hair, pale skin and light eyes... as you can see, Majora can be considered as one of the perfect children. The tribe wouldn't let breeding between families for fear to ruin the genetic chain.

MAjora can be considered the picture of innocence and purity, which was the objective of the perfect child. That's why she becomes into a bizarre being when she wears the corpse of the goddess. Her hair grows at her will and her eyes change their color into a pool of chaotic colors constantly changing and her body can become into anything she wants, but she preffers into blades, whips, claws and her spiining toys that are half her size with dozens of sharp blades. The only limitation is her own imagination. Plus, her body changes into that of a teenager 3 times her age (Majora is only 5) so nobody can relate her with this version of her.

Chaos and destruction are the usual product of she having fun with her mask. The few people who can stop her of doing anything worst... like destroying the country are Link and Maple. The little Majora sees at both of them like their sibblings, specially at Maple, and even if she doesn't want to, she always end up listening to them.

You can see at the real Majora here [link] , she's the little girl on the left
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keutiez X3.....ide love to hug her........but not the claw arms pleash
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