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I can stock indeed! and maybe you can!

I’m hoping this contest will allow me to encourage other males to start up stock accounts!

I dont know why there is a lack of male stock but there just is!

It could be down to many reasons eg camera shyness/lack of confidence? who knows :O

But the stock/photo manipulators need more! And you guys can help!

From the moment i started my stock account ive gotten alot of support! encouraging me to keep on submitting and contributing to the stock community, and some were against it, but don't let anything discourage you!

It’s also been said that a lot of male stock, not all, lacks variation so we need fresh ideas from fresh stockers!

So guys, try it out, no harm!

I’m opening this up to females too! It seems like a fun idea! :lol:


I’m looking for you artists, photographers behind the lens!, Photo manipulators, Fractal artists ANY SORT! Even stockers to join in!

The idea is that you come up with a series of 4-5 stock images using yourselves as the subject!

BUT the theme has to be really interesting, innovative and creative!

This is to give you guys the chance to be stockers  and try it out and who knows, you might like it and continue!

The prizes are as follows, more may come later!



REQ15_y_adit_6 by jademacalla

Don't wanna give you too much, i want you to think for yourselves

THERES MANY MORE AMAZING, just search through the stock galleries! and just go for it!


Starts- 28th December 2008
Ends- 30th March 2009

Get thinking!
Get Stocking!

:salute: good luck!

Prizes Up for Grabs! so far :O(note me if you'd liek to offer a anymore, would be appreciated)

:iconbeehivestudio: is featuring the winners in his journal for 2 weeks and for a week in his club :icondeathlovers:!!

First Place!
6 month Subscription by cdn1 3 month subscription by LawrenceDeDark
Journal Feature from myself, cookiekitty-stock LibR8 and shelldevil
News Article feature.
Kidney from UnicornReality
2 Exclusive Stock Packs from me.

Second Place!
3 month Subscription by cdn1
Journal Feature from myself, cookiekitty-stock LibR8 and :devshelldevil
News Article feature.
2 Exclusive Stock Packs from me.

Third Place!
3 month subscription by cdn1
Journal Feature from myself, cookiekitty-stock LibR8 and shelldevil
News Article feature.
1 Exclusive Stock Pack from me.… Arstock Chat! Daily Deviations!… Random Deviant! F.A.Qs Forum!… CR newsletters, from Moonbeam13 Journal!… Current Contests! from Moonbeam13 journal!
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I'm a male stockist.

Sadly, I don't get as much time to do actual male stock as often as I'd like. I still do it though, so there are some guys out there doin it!
xXDeverenoXx's avatar
most definutly entering
TheFoxAstronaut's avatar
is it alright to use black and white photos?
TheFoxAstronaut's avatar
woo! i'll be entering in a bit!
Dan-Heffer's avatar
yayy, thank you so much :aww:
TheFoxAstronaut's avatar
No problem! I hope you like the photos.
Joshinu-Panther's avatar
Oh I will enter this. <3
TheFoxAstronaut's avatar
does it HAVE to be ourselves? I'm not pretty...
Dan-Heffer's avatar
you or someone elsee
TheFoxAstronaut's avatar
hmmmm. good. now, if only I could find my camera charger!
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Hrm... well, I have been trying to wrangle my husband for more stock photos, because he just loves doing it, he just can't take the pictures ^^; He doesn't know how to work the camera :noes:

Is that acceptable, if I wind up taking the pictures, but he just does the work? :giggle:
Dan-Heffer's avatar
lol :giggle: that would be fine! :#1:
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Hi Dan! :thumbsup:

Your contest has been added to my journal in the section toward the bottom for "Contests & Projects". It'll be kept in all my new journal updates until your deadline if this is ok with you. (Please send a note to me if it's not, or if you decide to change your deadline!)

Have a great New Year!! :hug:
Dan-Heffer's avatar
thank you! that is awesome! happy new yearr! :love:!!
BeehiveStudio's avatar
:typerhappy: :giggle: my deviant name is with Derzorvadur :shh: there is a typo :manhug:
Dan-Heffer's avatar
BeehiveStudio's avatar
amazing, I will donate journal feature for the winners =D

2 weeks with my account

and I week with my club *DeathLovers


aww and am pimping the contest here
Dan-Heffer's avatar
THANK YOU soo much! :D awesome gallery by the way :D
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