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Partly unpacked by dan-Es Partly unpacked by dan-Es
This is a part of my little big project. :la:
I have my own domain, ready for creating some portfolio. But i still didn't get good enough idea for creating some.

So i decide to draw a little pic with unpacked boxes, and some of my equipment like sketchbook, pencils, a few grey Touch markers, macbook white, big pc (yeah, with win7) still in box and my new dA digital artist backpack :dance:
(i'm missing here my iphone, but i'm not sure if it will look even like iphone if it will be so small..)

And somewhere above it i want to write someting like "portfolio in progress" or so, i'm not sure, if youhave better idea, tell me :D

It's all drawn in photosop, only that grafics on backpack is photography (taken by iphone :lol:) I'm trying to create it highly realistic (but sometimes i can't figure out right shadows..) i've never done anything like this. and i hope it will look as good as how i did sketches before on paper :lol:

at the end, it should be little site with some social site links, very few informations about me and what i'm able to do and contact.. something like web business card :-)

If you will find anything, comment it, please.
i will greatfully welcome every comment.

Cheers! :bounce:

EDIT: i changed image a little, i think it should be little bit better.. it should look like crop selection :-)

EDIT2: Enough hiding. Here is a final full picture
Cheers! ;)
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October 21, 2010
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