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Free Floppy Disk



During drawing webdesign, which i want to use for some time as my personal page instead of normal portfolio, somehow i got an idea for using artifact - floppy disk.

First idea was creating icon, but i don't know how to do it. Maybe someday later :ninja:

However it don't let me go back to drawing so i made this realistic floppy diskette. It's 512x512px, grouped and layered - 1st layer is full merged diskette, Master Source group is full of every little parts separated to it's own layers, and in Light Source are partly merged layers with same layer effects.
Colored lines are in separated layer ready for customising it's color.

All saved as one .tiff file (well i'm not working with .psd files anymore because in win folders it show me just huge ps file icon, but on .tiff file i can see what's on that pic).
7zipped to .zip package.

And available for free to use. :dance:

I don't expect high numbers in statistics, hehe, but if you use it let me know about, i'm interested in!

Have fun! :headbang:
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