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It's on Saturday the 12th, so kinda last minute but Gallery Nucleus is doing a big TMNT show with a ton of great art from the crew doing the show on Nick and it looks like a bunch of other talented people as well!

And I'll be there too!  I'll be signing some comics and sketchbooks and probably some other stuff, Who knows!  Should be rad, you should totally check it out if you can!


also, I know i've totally fallen behind on notes and really just everything else but please just gimme till august!
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So it's been about 4 months and normally I'd just let the update go, because that's about how long it always takes for me to do one of these. but there's been some pretty exciting stuff that I had to share!

As of a couple months ago I am directing on Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. for Marvel Animation.  Which was VERY unexpected, but has turned out to be a fun and incredible experience!

Also, I finished up the art chores on a small book I've been working on for (I've been told) 5 years!  Where does the time go?  Still have a little ways to go but as things come together I'll definitely be talking more about it!

Also, also, I just finished some more TMNT work.  Nothing too big, but it was awesome to draw the turtles again!

Also, also, also, I'll be at Wonder-Con!  Mostly I'll be wandering around, but I've been told I'll also be doing a signing at BOOM! because I did the character designs and a Wonder-Con exclusive cover (which I can only assume is what I'll be signing haha)

So now I just have to put up some artwork so you know I'm not full of it.  I sincerely hope you're 2014 and the projects within are going as well!!!
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I just got an email from Cadence Comic Art letting me know that they're have a huge holiday sale!  Tons of artists and tons of killer work marked down for the month.  

I've also been informed that all of the pages for the Shredder micro are up for sale AND they're on sale too!  If you like owning or even just checking out original artwork i say go check it out!!
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totally last minute, but I'll be there, sort of.  I'll be just sort of wandering around on saturday, but at 4 o'clock I'll be doing a signing at IDW with Tom Waltz!!  

Come by and say hi!

or just have a killer weekend!

the choice is yours!

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In my schedule at least haha

I'm working on the Shredder Micro issue now, I'm totally pumped, and I think everyone will be pleased. it's a really fun story!

and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (which I'm storyboarding on) started airing a couple weeks ago!  I know that a lot of the new Marvel shows aren't for everyone here, but we've been working hard and this show has been a shocking amount of fun! I figure if it could win me over it might win you too

AND!  The BLOG has been goin' really well.  It's been fun talking/showing the process on all the old issues of TMNT and new stuff too!  So thanks to everyone here who stopped by, and if you didn't make it I still wanted to thank you for stopping by here!  The support is crazy awesome and really keeps me going!

Hope you guys are having fun too!
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