TMNT and me at Gallery Nucleus

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It's on Saturday the 12th, so kinda last minute but Gallery Nucleus is doing a big TMNT show with a ton of great art from the crew doing the show on Nick and it looks like a bunch of other talented people as well!

And I'll be there too!  I'll be signing some comics and sketchbooks and probably some other stuff, Who knows!  Should be rad, you should totally check it out if you can!…

also, I know i've totally fallen behind on notes and really just everything else but please just gimme till august!
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My friend was kind enough to go and get my artwork signed by you, so thank you for that. :3
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Damn that sounds  awesome! Wish I could attend if I was that area :(
Please post pics
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Bummer the gallery nucleus is in ca and not pa. Oh well, one of these days I'll get to come out and see some of the talented artists behind tmnt.