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So it's been about 4 months and normally I'd just let the update go, because that's about how long it always takes for me to do one of these. but there's been some pretty exciting stuff that I had to share!

As of a couple months ago I am directing on Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. for Marvel Animation.  Which was VERY unexpected, but has turned out to be a fun and incredible experience!

Also, I finished up the art chores on a small book I've been working on for (I've been told) 5 years!  Where does the time go?  Still have a little ways to go but as things come together I'll definitely be talking more about it!

Also, also, I just finished some more TMNT work.  Nothing too big, but it was awesome to draw the turtles again!

Also, also, also, I'll be at Wonder-Con!  Mostly I'll be wandering around, but I've been told I'll also be doing a signing at BOOM! because I did the character designs and a Wonder-Con exclusive cover (which I can only assume is what I'll be signing haha)

So now I just have to put up some artwork so you know I'm not full of it.  I sincerely hope you're 2014 and the projects within are going as well!!!
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Sweet! I'm excited for new D2 work. 
Thats fantastic. Congratulations
TMNTChris1980's avatar
Excited to see the new TMNT stuff.

I'll check out the BOOM stuff too, I'm a pretty big Coheed fan.

Any word if you'll be doing Boston Comic-Con?
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Nice dude!  Glad everything is falling into place!! Can't wait to see all the new stuff…but especially your Turtles!!!!! :D
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
You're directing shows now?  No bloody way, dude!  That's terrific news!  :D
mainasha's avatar
Amazing! congrats dan!
Tannerama's avatar
Good news guys. Dan's a great director to work for!
80C's avatar
Congratulations Dan!!!!!! That is real awesome! :D
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