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TMNT calendar

I was contacted awhile back by a Russian publisher to do a cover for a 2016 TMNT calendar!  It was super fun to do and learn a little bit about Russia like Mikey's hat is called a Ushanka!  Fun stuff!

If you wanna see it with text you can go to…
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Amazing artwork :)
Ok so I found this page because I googled my own name - Dan Duncan.

And from one Dan Duncan to another, this is awesome! 
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Dude! This is AMAZING!!
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Very cool! I loved your run on TMNT, and I miss seeing your artwork on that book. Any chance we'll see you do the interior art for them again?
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Cool. It's a very nice piece. Any future plans to return to the turtles at IDW?
I have to say, Your art has really improve in such a good way. 
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Gimme ... gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme 
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Who is the publisher? * __ *
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AH, I can't believe I forgot to mention them!  


And for the record, they're awesome!
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It's amazing you! Thank you!
I will buy the calendar)
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I got some Russian in me, this is awesomeoso! :dummy: ;) :)
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Nice! Love your work on the TMNT, thanks for the share!
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