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I like treating DA as a portfolio site and lately I haven't been allowed to publicly show my portfolio work :(

And I've been too busy to do portfolio quality personal work :(

So I've split the difference and started an Instagram… where I post something every week :D

Miss you!
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eva unit 01 is out of control!!
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I could watch this for hours.
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Thank you!  This is one of the few things I've done that I can also look at endlessly haha
seanwthornton's avatar
LOL, I feel your pain.
jfine427's avatar
Haha! I can't Favorite this enough.
dan-duncan's avatar
arsenalgearxx's avatar
I know what how it feels, breh.  Hang in there.

Is that a cintiq?  I feel like should invest in one, though i've been going back to traditional pen and ink as of late.
dan-duncan's avatar
It is, I use it almost exclusively for work.  And while I do love it, I probably wouldn't use it if I didn't have to.  It's a LOT of staring at a monitor :(
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...SMASH, SMASH, SMASH, SMASH...Them Deadlines. :(
plasticplayhouse's avatar
Haha, this gave me a good chuckle
RogueActorFIN's avatar
On the other hand, sometimes (not always) deadlines work as a great motivator.
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I totally agree!  But even in that instance, it's like medicine, good for you but hard to swallow lol 
RogueActorFIN's avatar
Couldn't have said it better myself~
ansdesign's avatar
I know the feeling!!
AkamaruGabumon's avatar
We all fell the horror of deadlines... *sweat*
greenhickup's avatar
I can relate to this so much :D Only i have shitty equipment :D But still :D
doraemonbasil's avatar
Deadlines usually like doomsday of artist !
SirConcon's avatar
The horror! This art speaks so much truth
dan-duncan's avatar
No, that little guy is awesome!  OH GOD! Raaraaaraar!
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