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After countless years of isolation, if she ever rejoined modern society, I think she would be sort of an attention whore. She'd have to keep that hair and those eyes in check but other than that...

I feel like it's a cheat to parade a colored piece as a new piece but I suppose I'll survive

more inky sketches here -> [link]
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Love the coloring on this.......
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you brush ink then color in photoshop?

take me as your apprentice my master..
really wanna draw like you..my master..
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Really nice, the coloring really matches the ink style.
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Nice drawing, I really like what you did with the colors.
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Thanks man! Also, I hope Tyler Champion is in fact your real name because it is epic!
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No prob, your art is dope, and yeah it's my real name, comes in handy every once in awhile.
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Great composition Dan. Slick work as always.
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haha cool!
and nega space for the win
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I like the detail in the dragon behind her, keep it up!
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Glad you think so! it was a lot of fun to do
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awesome. you should color this if you get a chance.
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Done and done! Thank you
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Remarkable work, yo.
Love it.
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Aw, wicked cool yo
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Thanks man, glad you dig it!
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