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"Mmmhhh...mmmhhhph..." Sophie Scott whimpered, as she emerged from a dreamless sleep. A heavy cloud of drowziness still hung over her, keeping her body languorously slow, and her mind disordered. Her green eyes blinked behind her mask, her bare shoulders shifting a little as she awoke.
" I?" She was looking almost straight up, seeing a plain ceiling that told her nothing. She knew that Nyx had drugged her, and she remembered weakly writhing on the ground as she'd watched the mighty Valora fall to the same fate. Yet after that, she could remember for a tingle on her lips.

Before her senses could take greater stock of her situation, she found a sharp scent wafting into her nostrils. As she breathed it in more, she felt more clear-headed, and was aware of more. She was lying on something soft and comfortable, her head propped up by a thick, feathery pillow. She looked down, and saw something by her nose - a glass vial of some kind, with a powder inside it.

"Mmmphh...mmpphhhh..." Lying next to Enhancegirl, a sumptuously endowed blonde was stirring awake as well. "Mmmhhh?" A note of confuison, perhaps even fear, entered the powerful heroine's voice. "What happened to me?" she thought. "I...can't be remembering this right...I can't have been defeated..."

That the two lovely lasses were awakening simultaneously was no coincidence. The vials being wafted under each of their noses contained powerful smelling salts, which stirred them back into wakefulness - but not into total alertness. Their captor took the salts away before that could happen.

"Morning ladies," came the smooth, taunting voice of Nyx, who was sitting on her knees between the two heroines. "Have a good rest?"
"Mmmhh?" Sophie mewed, still groggy and weak. "Mmmphh!" Her louder cry, along with one from Valora, was prompted when both damsels felt the backs of their heads grabbed, and pulled forward.

"Take a look, gals," Nyx said. "This is what I've done to you."
"MMMPHHH!!" Valora screamed through her gag, shocked and embarrassed.
"Mmmhhh..." Enhancegirl mewed, distressed, but with the resignation of familiarity.

Both maidens were forced to look at their own beautiful bodies - which had been tightly, inescapably bound: Sophie in soft, smooth white ropes, Valora in thin but strong silver chains.
"NNMMPHHH!!" Valora moaned. "This isn't possible...unnhh...I'm - I'm a captive!" She writhed her curvaceous body, but her strength was being suppressed by the drugs still in her system. "I...can't get! body! I'm chained..." Her cheeks reddened slightly as she felt the chain that ran between her heaving bosoms rubbing against them in her weakened struggles. Not only that, she recognised the fabric over her lips, and realised that her own cape had been used to gag her.
"Mmmphhh..." Enhancegirl whimpered. She wriggled her slender body, but she could feel that her strength was no match for her bonds. "Can't believe body's too weak, I - I'm all tied up again..."

The two heroines looked at each other, their wet, wide eyes meeting. They each looked at the other's gorgeous, tightly bound bodies, feeling a wave of humiliation as they saw their own helplessness reflected in the other.
"I should be stronger than this," Valora thought. "I should have protected her!"
"I can't believe I let Nyx do this to us..." Sophie let out a quiet whimper. "I should have seen something...worked out the trap..."

Nyx allowed her captives' head to fall back against their pillows. They writhed with delicious weakness, whimpering and moaning through their gags.
"Oh, you super-beauties never look so good as when you're all trussed up and wriggling..." Nyx said, giving each damsel's thigh an appreciative squeeze, before taking two objects from where she'd laid them on the bed. "With one exception maybe."

The two damsels found their lips even more tightly sealed, when Nyx forced two damp, white cloths down over their mouths.
"Nnnyyyrrrmmmphhh..." Sophie whimpered, feeling the familiar, sweet weakness running through her again. "Wh...why? She just woke us...up..."
"Mph! Mmm-MMPHH!!" Valora moaned, feeling a desperate helplessness as the cloth descended over her rosy lips once again. She shook her lovely limbs, but this merely rattled the chains that bound them. " strength..." She shifted her satin clad legs against each other, but this was all the resistance her subdued body could muster.

Enhancegirl, with her sensitivity to sedatives, didn't last long. Her sparkling emerald eyes began fluttering the instant the cloth was pressed over her mouth. Valora was to last longer, but they were ultimately in the same state: it was simply a matter of time. The two supple damsels undulated languorously in their bonds, as the sweet invitation to surrender that the chloroform pressed into them came in waves through their bodies, a rhythmic ripple that wasn't quite struggle: it was, perhaps, like their bodies' answer to the involuntary whimpers that escaped from their mouths.

"Mmmhhh..." Sophie sighed, as her undulations slowed to a halt, her slender form going limp, her eyes only open a crack as she was drawn back into chemically induced sleep. "I can't...can't fight it..." she thought, as she silently gave into it. She saw Nyx kneeling over her, smiling calmly, in absolute control of the two heroines she'd captured. "I can't...fight her..." Nyx seemed to be a living embodiment of her greatest weakness, a reminder that whatever Sophie accomplished, she could always be drugged and trussed up by someone with a jar of that vile liquid. She reflected that if any one of the Supremacist's men had had a whiff of chloroform to direct her way, the day of her triumph would have gone very differently. With this dispiriting thought, Sophie surrendered, and sighed gently, drifting back into sleep.

"Nnnmmhhh...mmhhh..." Valora moaned sleepily, her blue eyes heavy with somnolence. "I...won't...won't let this!" But she didn't have any choice in the matter whatsoever. Nyx seemed to answer her mental defiance, pressing the drugged cloth a little tighter. Valora felt something give way within her, and devastating weakness rushed through the broken dam. "Mmmmphh...mmph..." The busty beauty wouldn't admit her powerlessness, but that didn't make it less real.

"You're a lot more famous than your lovely friend here," Nyx said. She let the cloth she'd drugged Enhancegirl with rest on her face, while using her now free hand to cup Valora's bosom. "And you probably think you're a lot better...a lot stronger" She began massaging her fulsome breasts, the sense of weight giving them an especial sensuality. She began tugging on the chain running between them, moving it back and forth, the cold metal drawing in the heat which rose from Valora's increasingly sensitive skin.

"You know, as much as I love having your redhead friend all helpless and's nothing against her. I just think she's way too sexy for her own good...but she's a fine heroine, from what I can tell." She said 'heroine' with cynical irony, but she meant what she said, at least to a degree. "But you're probably looking down on her, right? I mean, you're Valora. Who's she? No-one, right? An up-and-comer at best. That's why you didn't listen to her before." She moved her hands away from Valora's breasts, down to her satin-covered thighs. "But look at're just as helpless as she is. I can fondle you, rub my hands all over you...and for all your power, there's not a thing you can do about it."
"Mmmphhh..." Valora sighed. She was barely conscious enough to hear by the end of Nyx's diatribe, but she understood. She'd told Enhancegirl she could be proud before...but had those just been words? Was meting out her approval like that just a demonstration of her greatness and magnanimity? "When it counted...I treated her as...less than me..." Alas, Valora had meant what she said with perfect genuineness. However, with her mind and resistance weakened by Nyx's drugs, putting ideas into her head was much easier than it ought to have been.

After this, she didn't last long. Her eyelids batted as if at a man she was seducing, before closing. As they did, they took the feet from out under Valora's last remnants of strength. It was just too relaxing, too tempting to just allow the chloroform to claim her - and before she knew it, it had. With a slow sigh, halfway between protest and acceptance, Valora gave in.

Once again, Nyx had the two gorgeous maidens in the soft, but inescapable grip of drugged slumber, deliciously defeated by her machinations. Thrilling in the excitement of having two sexy young women so vulnerable before her, she ran her hands all over their long legs, squeezing their supple thighs, both maidens completely defenceless.

"Mmmhh..." As she was fondled, Sophie shifted a little in her drugged sleep. Her head fell to the side, coming to rest on Valora's bare shoulder. The two looked almost like they were amorously snuggling together, and this was not an image that Nyx had any intention of forgetting soon.

Nyx leaned over them, allowing her hands to play with their sleeping bodies, feeling their different, but equally sensuous figures. Valora was like a greek goddess, shapely and womanly, her statuesque form curvaceous, voluptuously soft and then firm in all the right places. It was that fulsome softness, though, that made her so very appealing in her captive state, her ample bosom somehow making her seem all the more helpless as it strained against the heroine's bonds.

Enhancegirl, by contrast, was like a nymph: slender, maidenly: her long, supple legs and nubile, almost virginal femininity making her seem very much like the sort of divine, delicate young beauty that a satyr would long to steal away. Nyx could imagine her sitting clad in nothing but a short, leafy tunic, idling by a body of water, until her lithe body was seized, and hurled over the shoulder of an amorous satyr, the redhead gasping and helplessly kicking her bare legs...except unfortunately for this putative, mythological captor, Nyx had got there first.

Nyx spent at least an hour simply fondling and playing with her beautiful captives, stroking them, squeezing their breasts and caressing their limbs. She covered their helpless bodies in kisses, on Sophie's white, naked shoulders and slender neck, and on Valora's ample chest. She turned them over, stroking the backs of their lovely legs, and massaging and squeezing their behinds: Sophie's round, firm and tight, Valora's heart shaped, and a little softer. The differences between the two beauties made Nyx's exploration of them endlessly diverting and arresting.

She smiled broadly the whole way through, reflecting that for all the difference in the power between Enhancegirl and Valora, both lay completely tame and captive in her grasp, passively permitting her to fondle their gorgeous bodies. The heavy embrace of chloroformed slumber made them equal in power - for they were both utterly powerless.

But eventually her smile flickered. She had no particular wish to do what she was about to do, but it was nevertheless necessary for her present purposes. She hopped off the bed, and fetched two items from the room she'd been hiding in. Neither had anything directly to do with further enfeebling her captives - at least not physically. One was a tall tripod; the other a video camera. She fiddled with the settings until both maidens were in shot, more or less in their entirety.

Having done this, she sat back down between the two heroines. She began gently running her hands over their shoulders and breasts, enjoying the feeling of their softness, but trying to forget the camera trained on them. When Nyx had a pretty damsel under her control, she liked to have them all to herself. Filming them felt rather like sharing.

"Mmmhhhphhh..." Valora was the first of the two to stir. She came to gradually this time, slowly remembering the state she was in. "Nnnmmphh..." she whimpered, as she felt the powerful chains still binding her voluptuous body. "No...can' bound like this...have to fight..." But she was barely awake enough to think, let alone fight. She wiggled her shoulders, and the muscles in her legs tensed, but no greater resistance was mustered.

Sophie was so subsumed by drugged sleep that she was perfectly silent when she eventually awoke. She blinked a few times, staring upwards. She could feel her bonds, feel the probing hands on the edge of her dress, could hear Valora's helpless, mewlingly defiant whimpers next to her. She knew the state she was in, how utterly subdued she was by Nyx's bonds and her drugs. "I'm helpless," she thought, with awful simplicity.

"Awake again are we, girls?" Nyx said. "Don't worry, I plan on letting you stay that way a little longer this time." She stroked the maidens' hair, lowering her hands until she was holding both of them by the backs of their necks. "I mean, you need to be awake for our audience, right?"
"Audience...what?" Sophie thought sleepily, finding her pretty head turned towards the camera at the foot of the bed. " that a camera?"
"Wh...why is she filming us?" Valora thought. Her stomach tightened.

"You'll be happy to know, girls," Nyx started, but she paused. Something about her easy confidence and superiority seemed affected, somehow. "You'll be happy to know," she continued, "that you're going to be even bigger celebrities thanks to me." She pointed to the camera. "I'm streaming this live to about fifteen different websites."

There was a long, terrible pause.
"Whh...whhmmhhh?" Sophie mewed, eyes going wide. "She's...what?!"
"NNNMMPHH!!" Valerie screamed through her gag, her struggles resuming a touch of their old vigour. "No! No, I can't have the world seeing Valora like this! Not after yesterday...not after all I've done!" She strained and writhed, but her strength was still fully suppressed. "NNNMMPPHH!!"

The two damsels now writhed with desperate helplessness, their eyes fixed on the camera, which seemed to be boring into their souls.
"Nnnnmmphhh...nnnnnnnmmmmphhhhh!" Sophie whimpered. "No...not now! I...I only just..." Sophie couldn't believe it. The day - the very day - after her greatest triumph, she was being publicly paraded in her helpless, captive state. They would laugh. They would jeer. Even the sympathetic would think her pitiable. And Sophie knew how good-looking she was: two gorgeous heroines, helplessly bound...that would not be an image easily forgotten. She turned to Nyx, looking up at her with wet, pleading green eyes. "Please..." her eyes seemed to say. "Please not this..."

But what was bizarre was that, for just a moment, Sophie thought she saw something like sympathy in Nyx's eyes. No - not sympathy but...distaste for what was happening. It vanished in an instant, leaving Sophie wondering if she had imagined it. That seemed possible, for Nyx straight afterwards turned towards the camera. Addressing it, she said:
"I know that these two have, uh, been in the public eye recently. Now I'm a dastardly villain and all, but I'm no fan of the Supremacist, so I say - good going, girls." She smiled, beginning to run her hands along the two whimpering damsels' legs.

"The problem is, I don't think you should get the wrong idea about these two. We should all be glad that they were as lucky as they were - but it was luck. I think these two should stick to stopping muggers, bank robbers, rescuing cats from trees, that kind of thing." She suddenly seized Enhancegirl, hauling her up by her shoulders so she was resting on her knees. Nyx sat behind her, holding her by the waist.

"I mean, I know this...gorgeous little redhead has become oh-so-popular all of a sudden, but, well..." She pulled Sophie's hair back, exposing the bare skin above her breasts. Nyx leaned forward and began kissing Sophie's shoulders, her traps, her neck.
"Mmmhhh...mmhhh..." Sophie mewed. She couldn't help blushing - her body was tremulously sensitive to touch with her powers active. She couldn't take her eyes off the camera either. "Mmmhh..." she mewed, feeling a hot pulse of shame wash over her. How many hundreds of people were watching her be fondled, and forced to blush and whimper in her tight, restrictive bonds? How many thousands more would watch later?

"See how helpless she is?" Nyx said, now reaching round to massage Sophie's breasts. "See how sexy and weak she is? I mean, I'm not exactly the Indigo Titan here...and she fell to me easily." She slid her hands down Sophie's lithe body, reaching the tops of her thighs. "I took her down without breaking a sweat...tied her up tight...and now she's my whimpering little captive." To Sophie's horror, Nyx lifted the hem of her dress, nearly exposing her white panties.
"Nnnmmphh!" Sophie moaned. "Pllhhhhss nnnnnmmphh!!" She shook her head in weak protest, looking from Nyx to the camera and back again.

"See? She's literally begging me not to do this." She let Sophie's hem slip back down. "I've decided to be generous." She took hold of Sophie's chin, and turned her face back to the camera. "I mean, she's just so cute when she's helpless. How could I refuse?" She looked at her other captive, the voluptuous blonde. "And as for the mighty Valora...she can't do anything, can she? Can't even help her pretty little friend."
"Nnnnmmmmggrrhrhhmmphhh!!" Valora growled through her gag.
"She's a little more feisty than her friend, isn't she?" Nyx laughed. "But look..." She let Sophie back down. She moved over to Valora, and began gently squeezing her breasts with one hand.
"Mmmphh! Nnnmmphh..." Valora whimpered, eyes fluttering a little as she tried to summon more energy than Nyx's drugs allowed her.
"If you're so angry about it, and you're so strong," Nyx said, "then by all means: stop me."
"Mmmmphh! Mmmhh-nnnmmphh!" Valora wriggled her shoulders, and weakly kicked her legs...but accomplished nothing whatsoever by her efforts.
"See, ladies and gents," Nyx said. "They're both just weak, wriggling damsels in distress." Both heroines blushed deep scarlet with humiliation: neither could honestly deny what Nyx was saying.

Having made her point, their black-clad kidnapper went over to the camera, and switched it off. She gave a long breath just afterwards.
"Sorry about that, girls," she said. "Not really my style, but my emp -" She cut herself off. " I've got you all to myself again." She moved back over to her captives, and her intense, delighted frottage of their helpless bodies continued.

Both now lay back, looking upwards, even Valora barely able to summon the energy to fight. Nyx might as well have marched them in chains, naked down Market Street. The same level of humiliation and mockery now awaited them. They lay softly moaning in their defeat: Nyx could not have dealt them a more perfect blow.

On the other side of Seacouver, in a rather nicer part of the fair city, another heroine who was all too used to the kinds of humiliations Valora and Enhancegirl were suffering was doing a bit of detective work.

After Maya Ciera's latest encounter with the thief Ocelot, she and Sophie had both considered the threat of Hosenfluss, who had attempted to use the mineral dexite to give himself vast powers, was over. But she'd had a pessimistic presentiment that the truth was not so simple. A skilled hacker, she'd kept a watch on the company servers of Hosenfluss' business, looking for any oblique reference to exotic chemicals or that kind of thing. She was just about to investigate a suspicious looking company receipt to a "Vargas Holdings Holdings (sic) Ltd." when she received a programmed alert.

Something had just been published to a deep-web address on which Maya kept a weather eye. It was a favourite haunt of some more tech-savvy supervillains, and every so often Maya got a useful lead from it. She was actually a little frustrated to give up the chase to check the site - but when she saw what had been posted, her mild frustration gave way to abject shock.
"Oh my god!" Maya gasped. "Sophie!"

The heroine watched in horror as she saw the smug, black clad, masked woman taunting and fondling Enhancegirl and Valora. The kind-hearted maiden covered her hands with her mouth as she saw the two heroines publicly humiliated.
"Who would do this?" Maya said. "Why would anyone do this?"

The video looped, and Maya found herself watching it two, three more times without thinking. Already, things were popping up on her news feed.
"Defeat! Triumphant superheroines kidnapped - their struggles broadcast for all to see!"
"'Damsels-in-distress': Valora and Enhancegirl!"
"Mysterious Mistress of Sleep Strikes Again? Her Latest Gorgeous Victims!"

Maya was distraught on behalf of her ally, and even for Valora, though they'd only met once, under fairly trying circumstances. She had been overjoyed to hear of Sophie's now famous victory, and seeing it end up like this was truly awful. Maya dithered, wanting to help somehow, but not able to think of a way. That was, until her cell went off.

"H-hello?" Maya said. "Oh, hi - did you get this number? What? Yes, I've seen it. Oh, might take a bit of time, though...y-yes, of course I'll hurry!" The line was abruptly cut. "I never thought I'd hear from her again," Maya thought. "But...if I can help..." She quickly set to work drawing as much information as she could about the video that had been posted. She was only looking for one thing though - where it had been sent from.

"Mmmhhh...nnnmmphhh!!" Valora moaned, as Nyx continued to fondle her voluptuous figure. She writhed and thrashed, unbelieving that what was happening was real. Yes, she'd suffered her share of defeats, of course. But not like this - not this ignominious humiliation. Not by some no-name freak like Nyx. She writhed, straining her gorgeous limbs, thrusting out her jiggling breasts as she fought against her chains.

Enhancegirl only writhed now as a matter of natural revulsion to Nyx's hands on her body, but she was under no impression that she could free herself. She was humiliated by her publicised captivity. She let her head fall to the side, just allowing Nyx to do with her whatever she wanted. "It's not like I can do anything..." She felt the involuntary tingles of pleasure up her spine as Nyx ran a finger down the middle of her thighs, whimpering and sighing in her helpless captivity.

Yet as Enhancegirl turned her head, she saw something that even Valora herself had not noticed: with her enhanced vision, Sophie could see that Valora's bonds were weakening. Gradually, the mighty maiden's strength was returning, and Enhancegirl could see ever-increasing stresses in the metal that bound her.
"She could actually break them!" Sophie realised. "Looks like she'll need...maybe fifteen minutes if she doesn't get any more of her strength back." The drugged haze fading from her as well, Enhancegirl realised what she needed to do.

"Mhhh...mmph..." she whimpered, kittenishly, looking at Nyx and batting her eyelids at her. "Mmph?" she mewed, inquiringly, almost invitingly.
"Oooh, Enhancegirl," Nyx laughed. "Looks like you're really getting into this, huh?" She smiled, and began slowly rubbing Sophie's bare shoulders.
"Mmmmmhhh..." Sophie sighed, closing her eyes, pushing out her breasts towards Nyx. "Come on..." she thought. "That's right...just look at me...I'm all sleepy... so pretty and helpless...just focus on me..." She opened her eyes again, stared straight into Nyx's. She drew her bound legs in, rubbing them slowly against Nyx's tights-covered thighs. "Come on, you freak...don't you want to stroke my legs? They're all naked and soft..." Nyx was loving it. She straddled Sophie, squeezing the redhead's thighs with her own. She grinned.
"Don't worry, Enhancegirl, I'll give you plenty of attention if that's what you -"

For as much as she was thoroughly enamoured with Sophie's new submissiveness, Nyx wasn't stupid. She realised she was being distracted. "Nice try, honey," she said. She turned towards Valora, seeing that the blonde was at a dangerous level of alertness. "I think it's time to try a certain special something..."

She moved over to a small closet just to the left of the bed. She opened it up, and took out a large, glass jar. It was filled with what looked like blue petroleum jelly. Nyx opened the jar, and removed her gloves. Enhancegirl got a faint whiff of the stuff - it smelled sweet, and vaguely familiar.

"This wonderful gel is a personal invention of mine," Nyx said. "You remember, Enhancegirl?"
"Nnmph!" Sophie did remember. When Spectra had been captured trying to rescue Sophie from enslavement, they'd rubbed something into her body which took away her strength. "No, she can't!" She tried to warn Valora, to urge her to hurry, but she was powerless to communicate as long as she was gagged.

She could - and she did. Nyx took a fair amount of the stuff on her hands, and knelt next to Valora.
"I know you've been feeling a little stronger, blondie...but we can't have that."
"Nmmmphh! Nmmmmphhh!!" Valora moaned, writhing desperately in her bonds. She could feel her power returning to her - just a little more and she'd be strong enough to free herself - if she could only snap those damned chains!

"Mmm..." Nyx sighed. "You do just have the most marvellous bust, don't you? Hope you don't mind if I have another feel..."
"Mmrgghhmphh!" Valora minded very much - but she still couldn't stop her. Nyx began slowly massaging her, and Valora was repulsed when she realised that she was spreading the sticky substance all over her ample, yielding breasts. She worked the stuff in, massaging until Valora could feel her skin begin to absorb it. She spread it further up, over her sternum, right up to her neck.

"Mmmphh! Mmmm-nnmmmphh!" Valora complained, glowering at her captor. "Mmmhh! Mmmhhh...mmph?" Valora had been feeling her power gradually returning to her...but no longer. It was fading again. ", what's going on? I'm...weakening..."
"I guess you're feeling it already, Valora," Nyx said. She continued rubbing the gel in, feeling Valora's fulsome white breasts becoming stained with her slimy gel, felt her struggles getting slower. "Like...someone's drinking your strength through a curly straw or something, right?" She laughed. "That's how one of my test subjects described it, anyway. I'm immune to its effects, so I wouldn't know myself."

"No...I was so...close..." Valora thought, feeling her gorgeous body getting weak again. It felt different this time: not like waves of choking sweetness as the chloroform had done, but as though her body was up. The strength was deserting her, and it felt almost as though it chose to. Her body was betraying her, drinking in the weakening gel through every pore, forcing her to remain a captive. She felt a terrible disconnect between her mind - still defiant, though distraught, and resisting - and her body. For all her power, she still had a very womanly figure - she could make herself look very powerful yes, but it was just as possible to make her curviness seem an expression of feminine weakness.

Nyx moved down her body, once again dipping her hand into the jar of gel. She now began rubbing the substance into Valora's thighs, the gel soaking straight through her flesh-tone, satin tights.
"Mmmhh..." Valora moaned, feeling her weakness increasing ever more quickly, and disturbed by the sensation of the gel sullying her tights, sinking through to the soft skin below, stealing the remainder of her power. It was wet and gelatinous, and it felt against her lovely legs.

"Vllhhrhh..." Sophie moaned, seeing the damsels' hope for escape dashed by Nyx's invention. For a brief moment, there was a hope in the back of her mind that, given how much less powerful she was than Valora, Nyx wouldn't feel the need to use her gel on the redhead - but this hope, too, was dashed, when Nyx gave her a sly smile, even as she continued to roughly squeeze Valora's legs. Indeed, soon enough Valora was almost totally still, her muffled protests against her treatment now virtually silent. It was at this moment that Nyx turned her full attention to the young maiden whose body she knew oh-so well.

"Let's make this a proper massage, shall we?" Nyx said.
"Nyymph?" Sophie mewed, as she was taken by the waist, and slowly rolled onto her front. "Mph!" She felt a cold, slimy substance on her back, between her shoulder blades. "No!" she thought, beginning to struggle more seriously, her fingers flexing uselessly, her bound hands flapping impotently as she tried vainly to get loose. "Oh god! She's...gonna make me even weaker..." The lithe redhead felt Nyx begin rubbing the gel up her back, working it into her skin with all the skill of a masseuse.

"Don't start struggling now, honey," Nyx said, as she took more gel, working the sticky substance into Sophie's bare, white shoulders, the great amount of skin left uncovered by her costume now working decidedly against its wearer. Nyx squeezed Sophie's traps with her fingers, while she rolled her thumbs along the borders of her shoulder blades.

"Mmmhhh..." Sophie mewed. She felt a warm current of weakness spreading through her. She couldn't help it: Nyx's massage was perilously relaxing, working out the stresses accumulated from the previous day's combat. It took a little time for the gel itself to start working on her: the method of delivery meant that Enhancegirl was no more vulnerable to it than anyone else would have been. But when it hit her, it hit her hard.

"Nnnnnnnnnnhhhh..." the lovely redhead sighed, feeling the same betrayal of her muscles that Valora had done. She was growing sleepy - no, sleepy was the wrong word. Just -
"Just drained..." she thought. She could feel it running through her subtly curved back and her soft shoulders, easing every inch of her into a state of relaxed weakness. Nyx kept adding more, rubbing it into her slim arms, pulling back her long gloves to work it into her forearms as well.

"Mmgghhmmphhh..." Sophie protested, feeling her body giving in, bit by bit. "Too...unnhh...weak..." She felt Nyx moving above her, changing her position so that she had unfettered access to Sophie's bound legs. Sophie knew that, in a moment, her captor would have her hands all over her naked skin, and she whimpered tremulously at the though.
"You know, the people I sold this stuff to," Nyx said, "used it as a kind of spray - guess that makes sense...but it's such a failure of imagination, don't you think?" She laughed, and coated her hands in gel, her finger dripping with the stuff, before she seized Sophie's tender, bare thighs.

"Mmmphh!" Sophie mewed, gasping as she felt the slimy, wet substance all over her long legs, accompanied by Nyx's expertly teasing touch. The kidnapper rubbed slowly, up and down, coating every available inch of Sophie's skin in the gel. She lifted Sophie's legs, resting them on her own thigh to rub the gel into the front of them as well. She wanted every inch of her moaning, sensuous captive to be wet with weakness. "Mmmngghhmmphhh..." Sophie now felt the loss of strength travelling through her legs, what little struggle she'd been able to put up now being thoroughly suppressed.

But as Sophie felt her lithe limbs fondled and stroked, the weakness spread from her body into her mind.
"Can't...fight...have to - try...but..." Her thoughts became disorganised, higher order reasoning getting more and more difficult as a soft blanket of dullness clouded her ability to think. She could feel her supple calves being massaged by her captor, and the slimy wetness of the foul gel now took on a rather...untoward sensuality. What had disturbed Valora sent tingles through the scantily clad redhead, the organic feeling of the gel being rubbed into every inch of her gorgeous, vulnerable body giving Sophie a kind of forbidden thrill of violation: her pale, delicate skin being covered in the thick, sticky fluid...

"Nnnnnmmhhh..." Sophie summoned up the energy to object to this mode of thought. "Can't...let this to me..." She didn't refer to being massaged and captured - she knew she was powerless to do anything about that. But she could tell from the gentle care that Nyx took with her body, the slow, lingering caresses: she was trying to make Sophie enjoy it.

Nyx was enjoying it, there was no mistake about that. This was the fourth time that she had had Enhancegirl as her captive, and this was the first time she had been capable of enjoying the sylphlike maiden's body with such deep appreciation. Her creamy legs, her soft shoulders, the gentle swell of her hips and her bosom...she was a truly delectable specimen of womanhood.

She ran her hands from Sophie's ankles, over her calves and thighs, right the way up to the edge of her dress - an edge which she then mercilessly lifted, completely revealing the redhead's firm ass, a perfect, round counterpoint to the lithe length of her slender legs. She cupped it, squeezing it as she coated it in weakening gel.
"Mmmmhhh..." Sophie moaned, blushing as she was exposed, and whimpering as that which had been exposed was felt up. She was ashamed that Valora could see her being so helplessly fondled, ashamed of the tingles of submissive pleasure which sparked between her thighs every time her guard even slightly slipped.

Nyx turned her over again, this time to rub gel into the skin below her neck, and her pert, ripe bosoms. Sophie stared meekly into her eyes as she did this.
"Mmhgghmphh..." she sighed, unable to hide the blush in her cheeks. She felt so weak, so dominated...her body so fragile and beautiful, she was like the very idea of 'helpless' made tender, caressable flesh. Her breasts were wet with the gel, as were her legs, moist and glinting as the redhead was massaged and fondled.
"Just enjoy it, sweetie," Nyx crowed. "There's nothing else you can do."

It was rather a surprise to Enhancegirl when, turned over again, she found her captor loosening the knots around her arms - not just loosening them, but undoing them completely. She slowly untied Sophie's arms, undoing the cord that had been pressing into the bottoms of her breasts, and then removing it from her completely. She untied Sophie's legs, too, making them separable, and sending a wave of relief through Sophie's body. Her gag came off next.

"Wh..what are you...?" A moistened finger silenced her. First it was simply Nyx shushing her, but then the kidnapper began coating Sophie's soft lips with the gel.
"Something fun, I hope," she said, winking. She turned her attentions to Valora, and that was when Sophie really realised the situation she was in.

Nyx's gel, moistening every inch of her skin which was even somewhat exposed, had made her so feeble and helpless that even unbound, she was just as much a captive as she'd been before.
"So...weak..." she mewed, her arms weakly shuffling on the covers beneath them, her long legs impotently writhing.

Using a small key, Nyx unlocked the padlocks that held Valora's chains in place, and then slid the by-now warm metal off her body, the chains having drunk in the heat from the curvaceous damsel. Valora felt her limbs unbound, but she too discovered to her dismay that she was just as helpless without the chains as she had been with them. The bonds were within, now - soaked into every pore.

"Mghhmphh..." Valora intoned uncomfortably as her gag was removed. "Why...are you doing us?" Nyx laughed distractedly.
"Y'know, blondie, today the answer to that question is a lot simpler than it normally would be...but I'm still not telling." She moved down to the bottom of the bed, and reached up Valora's left leg, this time not touching her thigh...but one of her boots.
"Wh..what are you doing?" Valora quailed, as she felt her boot being unzipped.
"You'll thank me in a few moments," Nyx said. "You'll be a lot more comfortable." She pulled the boot off, revealing Valora's shapely calf, before doing the same with her other leg. Only her tights now covering her lower body, the blonde felt strangely vulnerable.

But to her dismay, Nyx didn't stop there. She began peeling the tight leotard off her arms, pulling it down her body, revealing her breasts, her stomach and her waist.
"What...?" Valora gasped, her body too weak to fight what was happening. "Why...are you stripping me?"
"Because you're a beautiful woman, and because you can't stop me," was Nyx's firm, straightforward reply. "I guess that one was pretty simple too."

She pulled the leotard all the way down, the now crumpled fabric stroking Valora's legs as it was taken off her. When it was, the gorgeous blonde felt terribly naked, for she almost was: her body covered only by her tights, and her blue underwear. Her ample bosom seemed almost too womanly to be contained by her bra, and her curvy hips seemed even more feminine. Her legs were not bare  but they felt just as naked as if they had been. Long and shapely, the thin satin covering seemed only to highlight their strokeable smoothness. It was thoroughly humiliating for the mighty maiden.
"Stripped to my skivvies...and I can't do a thing about it..." she thought, bitterly.

"I...don't get it..." Sophie moaned weakly, as Nyx bared her pretty feet by pulling off her short, silver boots. "What does this...unhh...get you?" Nyx was running her hands around the top of her gold dress, evidently trying to find the best way of getting it off its owner. "Is...the...Supr...." Sophie didn't even have the strength to finish the word, her near paralytic feebleness almost dipping her under the waters of unconsciousness as she drew on reserves of energy that no longer existed.

"The Supremacist? think I was hired as revenge..." She found a small, almost invisible catch at Sophie's back, and unfastened it. "Not a stupid guess, but no. If I had been...well I wouldn't have been. He'd have hired an assassin, sweetie. And I have no intention of harming those sweet limbs of yours..." She found Enhancegirl's tight, shiny dress becoming looser. With a little wiggling, she managed to get it down over Sophie's pert bosom, running the material all the way down her body, Enhancegirl finding her naked legs caressed by her own glossy, stolen dress.

Sophie now lay, writhing almost imperceptibly, in nothing but a strapless white bra, and slightly frilly, white underwear - and her red mask, of course. It seemed a sting to both heroines that their masks were left on. Nyx had no interest in exposing their identities - merely in exposing their bodies.

Again, the two captive damsels happened to catch sight of each other, and both blushed at seeing the other in their near-nudity: neither could deny the sensual beauty of the other, and for Sophie the sight had a particular thrall over her. As they gazed helplessly at each other, neither mollified, moaning maiden noticed what Nyx was doing.

She had obtained a roll of silver duct tape, and she drew Sophie's attention by tying a single circuit of tape around her ankles, once more binding her legs.
"Wh...why...?" Sophie mewed, feeling herself being tied up once more. This time, a circuit went round just above her knees, drawing her thighs together. They were not the heaviest of restraints, by any means, but Sophie couldn't break them. Her hands fumbled about on her flat stomach, before Nyx forced them to her sides. Again, with just a single circuit of tape, Sophie's arms were bound to her sides, tape sticking her wrists in place, her hands flat against her hips. "Why would she untie me...just to...tape me up again?" Sophie wondered, dazed and confused.

"Mmph..." she mewed softly, as a single strip of sticky tape was smoothed down over her rosy lips. She looked down at herself, and gave a long, helpless whimper. The restraints were not only simple, but not even very strong. Even Sophie wouldn't have needed her powers to break them under normal circumstances. But these were not normal circumstances. She was as weak as a kitten, and a few strips of tape were all that were needed to tie the flame-haired beauty up.

Alas, the same was just as true for the blonde bombshell next to her. Nyx started with her hands this time, fixing her arms against her sides. Valora couldn't believe that she, who had only a day ago hit a fully grown man hard enough to send him flying for about a mile and a half, was powerless against the simple restraint of duct tape.
"Mmmphh..." she whimpered, as she too was easily muzzled.

Valora tried as hard as she possibly could to find some as-yet untapped font of strength. Yet the weak shuffles of her satin-covered legs were easily halted by Nyx's arms, then made impossible with two circuits of tape, one around her knees and another around her slim ankles, the tape clinging with particular keenness to her tights. No new source of strength revealed itself - Valora was truly a captive.

The two bound, gagged damsels writhed in terrible, all-encompassing weakness. They felt terribly powerless, weaker even than the helpless victims of villains that they regularly saved, somehow a defeated heroine being even more impotent than someone without any power at all. Neither could do anything as Nyx grabbed them by their bound ankles, and dragged their legs a little way off the bed.

"I know you're wondering why I even bothered with all that," Nyx said, "but let me make it clear." She took something out from underneath the bed, something she'd stashed for just such an occasion. It was a bundle of fabric, which she began to unfold. As she did, Sophie happened to see it.
"Hhhmm nnnmmphhh..." she mewed through her tape-gag. "Nnnnnmphh...plllhhss..."

Nyx ignored her protests. That she knew what was coming only made it all the more delicious. She opened the lip of the fabric, and began pulling it up both maiden's legs at the same time.
"Whhhmpph?" Valora mewed. She looked down too, and thought she saw Nyx pulling another layer of tights over her legs. But that was not quite right. She was encasing both Valora's and Enhancegirl's legs in a tight, nylon sack.

"Nnnmphh..." Sophie mewed. She'd been subjected to this once before, when she and Nyx had first met. It had been a distressingly...intense experience. The thought of being encased along with Valora was not one that Sophie wanted to contemplate very far. Nyx worked the nylon up their calves and supple thighs, taking every opportunity to feel the heroines' gorgeous legs. Sophie blushed as she felt the soft material stroking her delicate, bare skin.
"I've always wanted to try this," Nyx said, licking her lips as the nylon reached the two maidens' hips: Valora's curvy; Enhancegirl's slinky. "But let's get you two a little more...intimately acquainted, shall we?"

Nyx took the two heroines by their hips, and turned them inward, making them face each other - but not only that. It was clear why she'd waited until then to do this - for the nylon seemed to tighten around their legs, holding them in place.
"Mmmphh...!" the damsels moaned weakly, finding their shapely legs, and their feminine hips pressed against each other. Each slow, weak wriggle was now a sensuous writhing against the other's gorgeous body.

It was now clear why Nyx had untied and retied them in the way she had: she wanted them to be able to press against each other as closely, and perhaps as comfortably, as possible. She continued, pulling the nylon sack over their flat stomachs, beginning to cover their arms now as well. The damsels felt an extra degree of restriction from this, as the tight material held their limbs securely. Nyx went even further, up and over their upper arms and shoulders, continuing the soft, restrictive caress of their bare skin.

"What's happening?" Valora thought, feeling her body pressed in from all sides. "What is this...? We're...we're being cocooned!"
"Mmmhhh..." Sophie mewed. "So tight...unnhh...can't fight it...I'm all trussed up..." feeling herself hemmed in, softly surrounded by nylon - and what was more, she felt herself ever more tightly pressed against her fellow heroine.

The two maidens felt as their breasts were pushed against each other, Sophie's smaller, delightfully perky bosom rubbing against Valora's yielding, ample, womanly chest. They could feel each other's bodies, their sumptuously smooth skin wet from Nyx's debilitating gel, their breasts slick and slippery as they rubbed against each other.

Sophie couldn't help but writhe, and felt her limbs rubbing against Valora's. Her lithe legs couldn't help but stroke the buxom blonde's, her naked skin caressed by the satin tights covering her fellow captive's. She looked into Valora's blue eyes, and found herself blushing, shy whimpers emerging from beneath the tape slapped over her lips.
"Mmmhh..." she mewed, trying not to look into Valora's eyes, deeply ashamed of the sensuality of their captivity.

As for Valerie, she felt Sophie's loveliness forced against her, the redhead's nubile, slender femininity only highlighted by her bare shoulders and long, white legs. The heroine didn't want to notice this quite as much as she did, but she couldn't help it. Sophie was a beautiful young woman.

Nyx kept the process of encasement going, feeling the gentle writhing of her delectable victims. She pulled the nylon over their necks, mouths and noses, but further still, over their eyes, and foreheads - until both damsels were completely cocooned, from head to toe.
"Mmhhh...mmmhhh-nnnnmmphhh..." Sophie moaned. As the nylon cocoon covered her nose, she smelt what she'd feared she would smell. The cocoon, translucent and beige, was slightly damp - Nyx had moistened it with chloroform before binding her captives in it.

"Mmhhphhh..." Sophie sighed, the sensitive maiden feeling a familiar sleepiness overtaking her, dulling her senses, making her feel soft and fragile. "Nnnnnhh..." she sighed, her sparkling eyes fluttering.
"Mmmmhh...nnnmmphhh..." Valora whimpered. It was not quite as sudden as the effect on Enhancegirl, but she too began to feel herself growing soft, and drowzy.

"That's right girls," Nyx crowed. "You're all wrapped up in a soft, sleepy embrace..." She ran her hands all over their feminine curves, the soft nylon making them feel even more vulnerable and helpless.
"Unnhh...can't...think..." Sophie was hardly able to keep conscious. She was weakened by the chloroformed cocoon, weakened by the gel, by her own humiliation at her captivity and publicly displayed helplessness. All she could feel was Valora's gorgeous, curvaceous body weakly writhing against hers, the two beauties' bodies forced into an intimate embrace. "Unhh...she's" Sophie thought, almost forgetting entirely where she was. She found her body gently, sleepily undulating against her fellow captive's, and her blush deepened.

For her part, Valora fought harder than Sophie to resist the overwhelming sensuality of their helpless state. The soft nylon rubbed against every part of her - her legs, her rear, her shoulders - and where it didn't, there was the even softer skin of Sophie Scott, her breasts, her supple legs, her sensual whimpers...
"No!" Valora shook her head. "Wh...where is this coming from?" But it couldn't be denied. The damsels' sheer feminine magnetism, their sensuous helplessness - in their drowzy, vulnerable state, almost naked, writhing sinuously against each other and feeling every curve and contour...even Valora found herself flushing. She realised that she was fighting to keep her lips away from Sophie's. It was not that either damsel was trying to have their lips meet...but there seemed a terrible danger that they would.

"Mmmmhhh..." Sophie sighed, now almost completely unconscious. Her gorgeous body was overwhelmed, could hardly take any more. "Unnhh...I'm...defeated...completely defeated..." She had an intense awareness of her own sexuality - both her own loveliness, and her propensity to be attracted to the loveliness of others. She whimpered, realising that it was being used against her, making her softer, more vulnerable. A beautiful, blushing damsel, easily ensorcelled by chloroform, bondage - and by the beauty of other women.

As she faded into drugged sleep, she vaguely thought of all the other times this part of her had been used against her. How many times had she found her bound limbs rubbing against another damsel's? How many times had her pretty mouth been pressed against the lips of a fellow captive? Enhancegirl realised that she had another weakness, one almost as powerful as her weakness to sedatives...she was weak against beauty. Several faces flashed through her mind, though one lingered rather longer than the others...before Sophie's eyes fell shut, the tamed heroine surrendering to sleep.

The lovely Valora hardly lasted much longer. She was less sensitive to chloroform, yes, but she was still trapped in a tight cocoon, the air around her heavy with the odour of the drug, as well as the delicate scent of the defeated Enhancegirl's limp form. She too found herself fading, felt Nyx's hands squeezing her, massaging both maidens' bodies, forcing them even more tightly together. Valora wondered how it had come to this, how she had allowed herself to fall this far into captivity. She had no answer - it all still seemed an impossible nightmare.

This was all the more true because of how close Valerie herself was to unconsciousness. She too felt her eyelids fluttering, her rational thought slipping from her.
"How...can I be this weak?" she thought, still unbelieving. "Mmmmhh..." she sighed, as she too started drifting off.

Nyx watched her half-naked captives with relish, drinking in the sight of them sleepily wriggling against each other, enjoying the sounds of their muffled moans. She had complete control over them, had overwhelmed them and defeated them utterly. She had two rare beauties in her grasp, and was delighting in dominating both of them. She squeezed their behinds, their thighs, their shoulders, possessing every part of her helpless damsels.

She vaguely heard Nyx taunting them, laughing about how gorgeous and helpless they were, how they'd been reduced from superheroines to whimpering, sighing captives.
"So sexy..." she crowed, Valora falling in and out of unconsciousness. She didn't have the mental wherewithal to follow it, but she began to pick up fragments of conversation.

"When...payment...did my part..." Nyx's voice. Valora didn't hear another, and would have assumed that Nyx was speaking on a phone, had she the mental acuity. "Better thing...should charge extra for..." There was a longer pause, and not because Valora had passed out. "Not already here, are you? Then who's -"

The conversation was cut off. There was shouting, and the sound of a great ruckus.
"A...battle...?" Valora thought, disinterestedly. "But...who...?" She had no more strength left than that. The chloroformed cocoon was too much for her, and Valora passed out, going the same way as the slender redhead sleepily nuzzling against her.

It was a shame that she didn't remain awake, for she would have been something other than displeased to see Nyx thrown on her back, beaten with remorseless swiftness, having been completely taken by surprise. The victor stood over her, scowling, her lip curled in distaste. She saw the two captured heroines, and began cutting them loose...

"Unnhhh..." Sophie moaned, as she began to come to. "Wh...where?" She tried to move - and in the same instant realised that she was free to do so. "I'm not tied up..." She looked down at herself - indeed, she was completely free. "Unnhh..." She still felt weak, though, and was reluctant to try struggling to her feet at that time.

She seemed to be back in the empty storefront above Nyx's lair - and there was no sign of the thief herself.
"Hey, are you alright?" Sophie turned to see Valora standing near her. She too looked dishevelled and weak, but had managed to recover faster.
"Wh...what happened? How are we free?" Sophie shook her head, trying to clear her mind. Valora seemed to hesitate before answering.

"I - I don't know," she said. "I only woke up a few minutes ago myself. I was lying next to you - and we were free."
"Did Nyx let us go? Maybe she, done with us, or something?"
"No, she -" Valora cut herself off. "I don't think so. I mean, maybe, I don't know."
"Wh..." Sophie began, but was too drowzy to pursue the inquiry carefully. "I don't get it..." She sat up, and found her dress slipping down her front. "Oh!" she gasped, quickly clutching it. She realised that she wasn't in it, it had merely been laid over her. "Like a blanket..." she thought. For some reason, a little red appeared in her cheeks.

"I...Enhancegirl, I know you're probably feeling...bad about what happened," Valora said. She spoke with the surity of one sharing a burden. "But...please don't let it get you down." Sophie had, in fact, not been thinking about what Nyx had done to them, preoccupied by the mystery of their rescue. But she soon recalled the humiliating, sensual ordeal the two had been put through. She gritted her teeth, realising just how helpless she had been - and how the world had now seen it.

"How can I not let it get me down?" Enhancegirl said, swiftly dressing herself. "If she was telling the truth about streaming that footage, then..."
"Don't worry," Valora said, forcing a smile. "You're the girl who beat the Supremacist. That's what people are going to care about."
"Really?" Enhancegirl found her strength, standing up - though she had to lean against the dusty counter. "I'm pretty sure they're just going to think I'm a joke."
"Enhancegirl, people are good, they'll -"
"Oh, that's easy for you to say!" Sophie snapped. "You're Valora! You'll survive this. I know it'll be hard, but people totally love you. They'll forgive one failure." She kissed her teeth. "But me? Who the hell am I? I'll tell you: I'm a fluke."
"Enhancegirl..." Valora had no words of comfort for the young heroine. She knew that Sophie had a point: such ignominious failure the day after her triumph would cast a dim light on the redhead's capabilities.

"I'm sorry," Sophie said. She found it hard to look at Valora, the memories of writhing against her too fresh in her mind. "It's not your fault. You were just being a decent person. Fuck, I'm being a real didn't deserve that."
"No, I guess not," Valora replied.
"Look, I'm just gonna go, okay?" Sophie said, hurrying out of the door. "Downgrade!" She didn't care about Valora seeing her change back. Yes, she'd yet to see Sophie without her mask, but she'd felt completely revealed to her anyway. Hoping for anonymity as she went home, Sophie walked quickly away.

"Damn it!" Valora slammed her hand against a wall, and the whole building shook. She felt like a failure. She'd wanted to take the redhead under her wing to some extent - but her own arrogance had led them to this. She hadn't listened to Enhancegirl's warnings, and while Sophie was quite right to point out that Valora would suffer the consequences too - it was Enhancegirl who would bear their brunt.

As Sophie walked, she felt a masochistic instinct to check the her news feed. Switching her phone on, Sophie's heart sank:
"Flukegirl? Enhancegirl's disastrous defeat!"
"A New Analysis: Did Enhancegirl Contribute that much to the Supremacist's defeat?"
"Second Public Defeat for Seacouver's New Star: Do we think it's smart for her to continue as a super?"

"AAGHHH!!" Sophie hurled her phone to the ground, smashing it to pieces. She clenched her fist in bitter rage. "One fucking day! One bad fucking day! God damn it!!" She thought back to the words of Ocelot: "When you lose...that's what people are itching to see...People's love for you will vanish in a second." They seemed impossible to dispute.

"Wait a minute..." Sophie froze. Fragmentary memories were coming back to her. She could remember...someone cutting her free...a vague sense of being lifted up and carried like a bride...and a soft, gentle kiss...and whispered words in her ear:
"'re mine..."
"Could...could it have been her?" Sophie thought, sudden realisation dawning on her. Perhaps there was more than one reason that her thoughts had tended the way they had. "Did...Ocelot save me?"
Valora and Enhancegirl writhe in the grip of Nyx, the Mistress of Sleep! The kidnapper has some rather untoward plans for the two maidens...but you'll have to read to find out!

This is the last main chapter, BUT there will be an epilogue to tie some things off, and to mitigate an admittedly somewhat abrupt ending. Please enjoy, and leave a comment why not?
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sleepy-comics Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This story is amazing.  I read the capture scenes several times.  It is so ridiculously hot: the slow build up, the tension, the dialogue.  I love how Valora acts all strong and arrogant, only to be knocked out by simple sleeping gas.  Just fun stuff to read.  Good work!!!!
ortnec Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016
Damn! I missed that stream! Ehem, I mean, great chapter!
Really loved how Nyx made Valora feel helpless; maybe it's very true that people love seeing fallen heroines :p

Enhancegirl's weakness are chloroform, bondage and now cute girls too? Oh man, she really is the best superheroine ever!

Also, I wonder who was the one who ruined Nyx's fun... Ocelot? Mariko? Aerogirl? The last one would be too awessome if true :)
Damselbinder Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016
Thanks for the comments, man! Yeah she does have a rather lovely set of weaknesses, doesn't she?
Mad-Man-with-a-Pen Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Seductively sensual chapter DB hehe

I liked how Nyx took no pleasure in the video bit, not her style but clearly whoever hired her had that added in. She certainly did enjoy though rubbing the gel into both EG's and Valora's bodies hehe. That and her cocooning them were great. The ending was tough, poor Sophie getting her confidence smacked around again. I've got a feeling she's not totally right in the head ATM and if Ocelot did save her...might lead to Sophie making some mistakes.

Excellent work bud :) 
Damselbinder Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016
Thanks a lot, MMwaP! Your character has proved to be one of my favourite villainesses ever - and I love that you've bequeathed her to my fictional universe.

As for EG making mistakes...just you wait to see how right you are.
Wheelie915 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016
Did Ocelot save her...or was it Mariko? ;)
Damselbinder Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016
Who can say, eh?
Wheelie915 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016
I've read the 'Secret Chapter'. See my comment on that =P
spudz1442 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016
This chapter raised a lot of questions. Great job! Looking forward to the epilogue!
Damselbinder Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016
Thanks a lot, friend! Will be up soon.
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spudz1442 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016
You're welcome! :) It's always a treat to see a story by you in my notifications!
termapie Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016
Once again another great story. I really enjoyed the writing in this one, hope to see more soon!
Damselbinder Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016
Thanks a lot, my man.
termapie Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016
No problem. Any hinterest if ocelot hired Nyx to humiliate enhancegirl like that to try and get her to come to the dark side?
Damselbinder Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016
Seems a little harsh, even for Ocelot, don't you think?
termapie Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016
Probably, especially after the sin eater but you can never tell. Either way awesome chapter probably my favorite one so far. Hope to see more soon. Also re read 8.3 and saw you fixed that typo.
gundam20012005 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016
Hmmm did Ocelot save her I wonder?  Poor Sophie though, Nyx really does know how to do a number on any heroine
Damselbinder Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016
She surely does!
thelamantin Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016
And if Ocelot did what i think she did, shes one horrible bitch!!
thelamantin Featured By Owner Edited Aug 6, 2016 was good and all but i really wanted to see Spectra in peril, its beena while since we saw her in some sort of danger. I wont count her fight with the supremacist since it wasnt a CLASSIC DID story
Damselbinder Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016
Oooooh boy, then are you ever gonna like the next two chapters...
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