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Thane Krios

By Damrick
here is a small assembly with Krios Thane station in Omega!

what do you have I done?

PS: not well aware of my comics is said that character is called "Feron" so excuse not know!
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While this looks completely based off of Ferron's character off the comic book Mass Effect: Redemption, there is a good amount here that is original.

The background is certainly technoir, and perfect for the setting that is Omega.

Thane certainly has that old-school villain look going for him, which is perfect for an assassin, if not the kind of assassin Thane is.
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do you have a bigger size? I'd love to make it my laptop wallpaper
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very good, I like entire noir feel.
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I could definitely see him wearing this in his early days :)
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Yay! I love Thane. Too bad he had to die though. Lovely picture!
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This is Feron. From the comic strip after death of Normandy.
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Hm, Blade Runner. Highly reminiscent. Must investigate further.
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Amazing work well done
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this is so good i haven't deleted it from my messages since it was posted ^^; ehehe
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You combined a darkhorse picture with the concept art of the Wards :) Smart photomanipulation , Sir!
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Ok, dude, you should mention in your description that you didn't make this art. Someone working for Darkhorse comics painted the picture of the Drell (and it's Feron, not Thane) and then the background was another artist entirely. This is just a photomanipulation and people should know that.
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for information is a reproduction of an existing work item with two differing but its me who realize its not me but it was invented!
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Your art has been featured on our Awesome Alt Art blog! You can check it out at: [link]

All the best!
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Mass Effect 2 was my least favouite game compared to the first. However Thane's character is so enigmatic and cool. You have done a fantastic piece of work!

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"what do you have I done?"

The more I read it, the less sense it makes.
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Absolutely stunning. I love this <3
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I know it's from the comic, which i still have yet to read but it's is still beautiful artwok... I suppose it's Feron from the comments I read but he is still hot!! XD LOL Thane is my obsolute favorite from ME2... I actually love all the Drell they are amaing!
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Wow! The setting reminds me of 'Bladerunner' from 1983. Good job!
this is really great, hell of a job
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