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`damphyr is one of those people who form an essential building-block of any community and we're especially grateful to have her in ours. Helpful to new deviants and old alike, she goes out of her way to find great art not only to highlight in her journal but also to suggest countless Daily Deviations to be put up as well. She's always ready with constructive criticism of the highest quality. While others moan about deviation violations, she does her deviant duty and reports them. Like any other great artist, she's never afraid to try new things for the sake of her art. For being not only a wonderful deviant but a wonderful artist as well, we recognize damphyr with our award for Deviousness for October 2004.
Awarded Oct 2004

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Dear Damphyr,

I have some questions pertaining to the removal of my deviation.

I received a note telling me that this deviation is in violation of the rules but the DeviantArt staff refuse to answer me when I ask what specific policy it is in violation of. After I reviewed the policies regarding pornographic violations I can confirm it does not actually violate the rules as all the characters in said deviation are my original characters which are all over the age of eighteen. None of them are aged up, no, my characters which have all been more exposed in older works are all over the age of eighteen because they are my characters. My work featured a mature tag. I tag any work that features nudity, foul language, or violence with a mature tag. There is no visible masturbation, no visible form of penetration, there wasn't any bodily fluids at all, no erections, no spreading that is visibly obvious, and no adult sex toys. It suggests that they are indulging in mature acts but it never actually shows what those are. If it is in violation of DeviantArt's pornographic policies then can you please tell me what? If this is something you'd like to discuss this in private then the Ticket ID is 1554846285. Please answer this request, I am tired of constantly trying to get an answer.

I hope you're doing well, friend.
please, you've GOT to stop it. nobody is going to enjoy the new site.

Sound Of Silence - NO ECLIPSE! by Korwynze
....a very  happy birthday to you...hope all is well for you and yours...=3
Happy Birthday! :) :cake: :party:
Happy Birthday!!