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Published: June 21, 2015
UPDATE: The event is now over, and I've been absolutely amazed by the response! I make that 13 entries altogether, most of which are made up of several individual flash fiction pieces. I'm afraid I've been kind of busy today, so haven't had time to do much beyond just add the thumbnails to this journal, but I'll try and set up an actual feature before too long. Keep an eye out for it (and get working on edited versions of your favourite stories)!

June 22nd has arrived (in most time zones)! You may begin writing any time after midnight where you are (and may continue as long as it remains June 22nd where you are). Here is the list of all the participants so far. Flash fiction thumbnails will be added next to the names as entries come in: leave your links/thumbnails in the comments below!

You might also like to check out the Flash Fiction Day Chat.

Flash Fiction Day 2015#1: 1:30pm-2:40pm (698 words)

Donne Estate

    My sister was always a free-spirit--often with no regard for my opinions on whatever matter was at hand at the time--and more often times than not, I simply didn't have the heart to stop her in her adventures. This last time, however, I should have just sucked up my weariness and taken on the role of responsible older brother. "Should have" is such an after-the-fact term. It was too late to wish for a different outcome. And who's to say that the outcome would have been any different had I pressed my silly sister harder?
    In truth, I was not older than Natalia; we were twins, and I was born half a minute earlier than she was. But I always forgot that fact, having such a different personality. Time and time again, she'd gotten herself into a mess of things, and I'd been the one to pull her out of her nonsense. But this time, I was unable to pull her out...
    Please forgive
  :iconcronaj:  Cronaj

Flash Fiction Day 20151
At a glance, the Human Fly wasn’t the most obvious choice of accomplice for a bank job. But X-Ray Ted wasn’t one to make decisions based on a mere glance. The Fly might not have the strength to heave a sack of gold bricks, or the mind-reading powers to get the guards’ security codes, he possessed one trait that no other supervillain had. Or wanted.
     Super-corrosive bug vomit.
    X-Ray Ted’s incredible X-ray vision had long ago revealed an odd quirk of this particular bank vault. The bulktanium mega-alloy of the door was capable of withstanding lasers, saws, and 99.9% of superhero eye beams, but for some reason had pretty much no resistance to being melted by acid. A can of supermarket own brand orangeade could probably strip the finish off. The Human Fly’s gastric juices could eat right through the hinges.
    And so they did.
    As the door of the vault cra
  :icondamonwakes:  DamonWakes

Sparks - Flash Fiction Day 2015One
They never could guess how he'd done it- only that he must have been frightfully angry, to slip the ring around her neck instead of her finger.
Mary Beth was special. From the day she was born, she never cooed or cried or burbled. There were no sounds typical of infants. Yet, she managed to wake her parents frequently.
Somehow, whenever the child opened her mouth, music came bursting forth.
It wasn't singing. Oh, no! Mary Beth was too young for that. Instead, a jumble of lullabies and her mother's favorite 80's tunes assaulted the Johnson household. Doctors were baffled. Mary beth's father shot her mother an accusing look.
"Well," the woman said sheepishly. "All the books said listening to music would stimulate her."  
It continued as Mary Beth grew. She learned to communicate in song. Marching band booms when she  mastered a chore- like using the big girl potty, Beethoven's symphonies while she doodled in her sketchbook, Taylor Swift when a crush refuse
  :icondragoeniex:  dragoeniex

Flash Fiction Day (2015)1.
Everything turned to ash in her mouth. She might have kept her job at the crematorium longer if no one had walked in on her.
StarryEyed321: ^_^!
Darkblade67: ...?
StarryEyed321: ^_____^
Darkblade67: ... ... ...
StarryEyed321: ^____________^
Darkblade67: ...^_^...???
StarryEyed32: (R)___________________________________(R)
Darkblade67: ...o___O;;;
It has been nine years since he gave her his number. She promised she'd call.
It's all right. He doesn't mind waiting.
She promised she'd call.
When the aliens came, we were all afraid at first. It was the end of the world, after all. The apocalypse had come, the aliens had invaded, and no one wants to live in a world populated by six-meter space cockroaches.
We never realized how lucky we were until our luck ran out. Give me six-meter space cockroaches any day; say what you will, they're still better than the eigh
  :icongdeyke:  GDeyke

:icongoldfish-in-space:  Goldfish-In-Space

Flash Fiction Day 2015- Chronicles of Midlurth1-
The wagon's lantern swings as we trundle over the old stone bridge. God forbid we need to light it. These roads aren't safe at night anymore.
I check through the inventory and worry about the time. The elves won't wait forever, and nor should they. I don't want Alyanna out of the Goedendal after dark, but I can't wait another moon to see her face again.
It bears mentioning that I'm worrying about nothing, we're on schedule and I know it.
“We're still on schedule, right?” I ask .
“Were we on schedule the last dozen times you asked?”
Maren, owner of the business, nods. “So make sure those crossbows are all in working order. I don't trust Van Dahl to assemble a jigsaw puzzle, let alone a projectile weapon. If someone's going to lose an eye I'd rather get it out of the way now.”
So yes, I'm a worrier. Right now I'm worrying about self-inflicted ocular injury. Dwarven artificers are preternaturally skilled, and there's more chance it
  :iconjoe-wright:  joe-wright

<da:thumb id="541394522"/>  :iconharlequin-werewolf:  Harlequin-Werewolf 

Flash Fiction Day Submissions (2015)1.
Today spoons were in short supply.
There was only one reasonable response to the looming cutlery crisis.
“Hey!” I said. “What about forks?”
She had eyes like saucers.
Then, out in the crowd, she saw him.
The neighborhood summer picnic would never be the same.
He had eyes like teacups.
The enormous walls were invaded with ivy.
She reached up and started to climb.
It took her forty-five seconds and six feet to realize it was poison.
The cat wouldn’t stop vomiting.
She had been at it for what felt like hours. Maybe it was time to take Leprechaun back to the vet.
“Just great,” Jack said, clutching several wads of paper towels, kneeling to scrub the floor, “Honey – what carpet cleaner do I use again? You know – that one that gets out the rainbows?”
His hand brushed a slime-covered metal disc hiding in one of the pu
  :iconinkedacrylic:  inkedacrylic

On a chill wind (FFD 2015)Original Version:
         The leaves have leached the sunset of its color now and brisk is the wind ruffling through them. It smells of rain, rich earth, and smoke. It smells of them. It smells of the time of in-between, of the time of the October people.
         A few weeks are left in the calendar before they pass our little town, bringing the final crisp to the morning frost and giving the falling leaves their satisfactory crunch. Yet they also bring little steps in the night and shadows that never lie quite right. I’m not sure who bothers me more—the October people or the Death Parade of the cold months. I think the Death Parade is more frightening with their haughty bearing and pale altogether. But the October people are unsettling, that sneaky feeling that slinks around corners that something somewhere isn’t how it should be.
         My sister shakes her head at me when I tell her this
  :iconladygentlemanbastard:  Ladygentlemanbastard 

Flash Fiction Day 20151: Codename: Codename
On the wall, the blueprints for Darksteel’s secret vault spun away as the projection changed to MI20’s logo.
‘All right!’ Agent Alpha clapped his hands together and looked across the assembled secret agents seated in front of him.  All were dressed up in tuxedos and cocktail dresses – uniform of the trade.  ‘Are there any questions before this infiltration mission begins?’
The collection of agents were quiet for a moment, and then one gangly man in a moth-eaten jacket raised his hand.  ‘I, uh, don’t think much of the codenames, to be honest.’
Agent Alpha frowned.  ‘What?  It’s the phonetic alphabet.  It’s military.  Traditional.’
‘It’s all right for you,’ the gangly man continued, his voice quavering.  ‘Agent Alpha sounds great.  But Agent Hotel?  I sound like a James Bond themed holiday home.’
  :iconmilliebee:  MillieBee

:iconrainbowkitty272:  rainbowkitty272

The Short Bits (Flash Fiction Day Submission 2015)Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The author owns exclusive rights to this work.
It opened – bang! – then slowly fizzled.
Stella fought against the way she felt as his hand would meet her flesh. She struggled with the anger and anguish when she looked at the bruises that peppered her body. Inside, she was a mess of tears, crying from both the pain and despair. But the face she showed the world was resolute and firm.
Insisting she was perfectly well only earned her looks of pity, and though she'd known it was inevitable, she cringed when Jenny pulled her aside.
“Why do you let him treat you this way?”
There was accusation wrapped in the care that her friend's voice held, and Stella's only answer was far more honest than she'd ever been with herself. “It's complicated.”
Building up to it, they hadn't
  :iconroguemudblood:  RogueMudblood

:iconsilverinkblot:  SilverInkblot

:iconstarscreamfan2244:  starscreamfan2244

Flash Fiction Day (2015)1.
“That’ll be five-and-twenty quen, dear,” she said as she delivered their cupcakes. The customer dug in his purse and extracted the coins, counting them out into Gwen’s outstretched hand. She smiled as he dropped an extra five into the pile. “Thank ye kindly, and enjoy!”
She headed back to the shop’s counter, feeling the villagers’ eyes on her all the way. Her blood-red lips curved into a smile, and she gave her tail an intentional swish just as she swept around the corner. She glanced up ever-so-casually as she deposited the coins into her money box. The young man goggled, his fork frozen above the sugary confection before him. The girl sitting across the table from him kicked his shin under table with a glare, and he dropped the fork with a clatter, whirling to look at his companion.
Gwen gave them a little grin and a wave, wiggling each of her fingers. “Ta!” she said, and went through the curtain to the back of the
  :iconglitterxgraphite:  glitterxgraphite

Flash Fiction Day Submissions (2015) 1. Sixty seconds
Sixty seconds is not a lot of time, it can fly by unnoticed. It can be totally forgotten or overlooked. In sixty seconds you may have a very short conversation or you might not do anything at all. But sixty seconds is all I need, sometimes I get less than that sometimes more. Nevertheless sixty seconds is enough time for me to save a life. Mainly my own.
The first 10 seconds are used to assess the situation. What am I working with? What’s the range? Is it designed to fragment or flambé? In those first ten seconds I have to choose one of three options: stop it, minimise damage or run like hell.
The next thirty seconds all depend on the first ten. Say I go for it; say I have the time and the tools. I have twenty seconds to open the casing. It’s tricky; you can’t turn it over looking for the ‘open here’ sign that could set it off. Most of the time there is a locked panel. They don’t take normal keys so you have to pic it.
  :icontwimper:  Twimper

Flash Fiction Day Stories#1(11:40 am - 12:00 pm EST)
"You got a problem?"
"No, do you?"
"I do now."
"And why is that?"
"Well, you have no problems, which means something is seriously wrong with you."
"What do you mean? How is that a problem?"
"No one has no problems."
"Even if that somehow was a problem, how is it your problem?"
"You told me your problem, and it is human nature to try to help someone with a problem."
"Oh really? Well did you happen to think maybe I was simply content? Happy even?"
"We not only live in a world of wars, plagues, and death, but we humans also never stopping wanting things. Sometimes we don't even want the things we want when we get them. You are human, as far as I know, so that should be a considerable problem for you. Never becoming content with your life."
"I've never been affected by wars or plagues. Death hasn't hit me hard enough to leave a painful scar. And I happen to have a very fine life. I guess I've been luckier than most."
"Yeah, lucky. Well good for you."
#2(about 15
  :iconwhim-n-wonder:  Whim-N-Wonder 

And for anyone who missed it before, here's how the event works:

On June 22nd:
  1. The event begins at the very start of June 22nd, your local time. You can start writing any time after that.
  2. Write your first piece of flash fiction. Maximum 1,000 words, minimum 1 word. (I have read every conceivable 0 word story and am now bored of the genre.)
  3. Submit a deviation titled "Flash Fiction Day Submissions" (or something more imaginative) containing that story.
  4. Post a link to your deviation on this journal. I'll add a thumbnail next to your name as quickly as possible, but until then people can at least find it in the comments.
  5. Write more stories! Add those new stories to your FFD deviation (possibly with a note to say what time you started/finished them). You might consider ticking the "Notify your watchers" box to let people know you've added a new story, but if you find you're adding new ones very frequently, you might consider not notifying everybody every time. ;-) (Wink)
  6. That's it! All your stories for the day are available right here so readers can easily find them.
  7. When June 22nd ends, so does the event. Of course, you're free to stop writing earlier if you like.

And remember, it's (probably) not too late to join in! :eager:

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For the record, these comments are on different pages. Forgive me for spamming your message box. >.o

Your adjusted comment at the top made me wonder, though... Are we supposed to separate out and polish our favorite pieces before your feature journal? Or is it alright to leave them grouped together?
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DamonWakesProfessional Writer
That's a good question (and well worth another comment).

All the grouped-together flash fiction pieces will be featured whether or not the authors edit any of their work, so thy're absolutely fine as they are. However, I'm hoping that people will edit at least some of their stories and submit them as individual deviations: those'll be featured alongside the grouped-together ones.

I'll most likely be posting a reminder journal a little while before actually putting out the feature, to nudge people to polish anything they want to.
Goldfish-In-Space's avatar
Yeah. That didn't quite work out! It's been a bit too hectic for me to get this done. x___x

sorry, guys.
dragoeniex's avatar
Well hey, it's still Flash Fiction Month. If you wanted to do your own "marathon" day, I'm sure people would still be interested in reading. I wouldn't mind taking a peek. :) 

In any case, it's just an event. You don't have an obligation to it, and there's always next year to show off your frenzied brilliance. 
Goldfish-In-Space's avatar
True enough, haha.
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DamonWakesProfessional Writer
Well, on the bright side, I'm pretty sure you'll get another shot at it next year. :D There was at least twice as much interest as I was expecting this time around, so I'd be keen to see it happen again.
Goldfish-In-Space's avatar

slightly off topic-- how do you like wattpad?
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DamonWakesProfessional Writer
I realise it's taken me more than a year to get around to replying to this (it was well buried in my messages), but:

Wattpad is pretty good when it comes to making stories available as a sort of online ebook. If you want to post, say, all the chapters of a novel or all your stories from FFM, it offers a way of bundling them all together as one unit, adding a nice cover, and letting readers download them through the app. The only problem is that everything has to be part of a bundle, which makes single short stories a little impractical. It's also not all that easy to find and engage with other writers, though apparently a steady trickle of people are discovering my books on their own.
Goldfish-In-Space's avatar
I raise you a year and change without replying and a mostly-dead account. Haha.

How have things been treating you?
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DamonWakesProfessional Writer
:slow: This is just fantastic. That's some dedication to a joke right there!

Things have been pretty amazing over the past year or so. I don't know if you would have caught this at the time, but I had a book accepted for publication towards the end of FFM 2016. The book is Ten Little Astronauts, a sci-fi murder mystery based on Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. If there's any chance I could interest you in a copy, you'd actually be helping it into bookshops through Penguin Random House and you'd get your name in the back as one of the supporters.

I've since also got a contract for an illustrated gamebook of Girth Loinhammer's Most Exponential Adventure in both English and Spanish, but that's happening whether or not anybody wants it to.

How are things at your end?
Goldfish-In-Space's avatar
That's awesome! I'll definitely take a peek at Ten Little Astronauts, it looks good and I'm on the lookout for a good book for my spare time. I actually just finished a book called The Girl With All the Gifts-- it was a very interesting take on the whole zombie thing. 

My end is weird. I've been away from deviantart for about two years: decided I was done with university, dithered for a year or so, decided to pursue more scientific interests and now I'm about to start term 2 of a massage therapy program. The program itself is interesting and well put together but I really miss being around people with an arts background. Maybe it has more to do with the kind of people massage therapy attracts more than a real arts/sciences divide, haha. 
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DamonWakesProfessional Writer
If you do decide to put in a pledge for a copy, you might like to do it sooner rather than later: I'm giving away the first ever paperback copy of my 2017 FFM collection to one of the first 175 supporters at random, and there are now only 6 slots left. I've run similar giveaways in the past and the final 10 or so tend to go all at once.

I've heard of The Girl With All the Gifts - might actually have to give it a read sometime! Good luck with the massage therapy program too. Are you sure nobody else on there has a background in the arts? Back when I was doing my BA at Reading a lot of my friends were doing Cybernetics, and quite a few of them were into films or literature as well.
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LadygentlemanbastardHobbyist Artist
Ack! I am utterly apologetic but unforeseen circumstances happened. I did manage to complete one entry before midnight that has recently been updated but was uploaded in time. Again, so sorry for a poor performance this year

On a chill wind
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DamonWakesProfessional Writer
Hey, no worries! Even one story is a respectable achievement: especially because yours isn't as ludicrously short as some of mine were.
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I still have a smidge of time left, but here are the bits I've completed: The Short Bits (Flash Fiction Day Submission 2015). Thanks for hosting the event! It's definitely been fun. :D
DamonWakes's avatar
DamonWakesProfessional Writer
I don't know if you're familiar with how to edit deviations, but if you came up with anything else before midnight then you're welcome to paste it in. In any case, though, that's a decent number of stories! Thanks for joining in. :-)
RogueMudblood's avatar
I am indeed familiar with editing - I've done it a fair amount on several stories - and on a lot of feature journals. :) I didn't get anything else completed before time ran out for me, though. But thanks again for hosting the event! :D
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glitterxgraphiteHobbyist General Artist
I'm really, really late to start (mine won't be very much), ya go:

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DamonWakesProfessional Writer
Great! I added the thumbnail to the journal a little while ago--just didn't get a chance to let you know until now. :faint: Seems like everyone's been short of time recently, which makes it even more amazing how much people managed to come up with for the event.
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glitterxgraphiteHobbyist General Artist
Yaaay! Thank you! :heart:
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DamonWakesProfessional Writer
Fantastic. :D It's in the journal.
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Harlequin-WerewolfHobbyist General Artist
I did something! :D
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DamonWakesProfessional Writer
It's added!
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