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Published: June 21, 2016
Here it is! The official list of participants for Flash Fiction Day 2016. From midnight to midnight on June 22nd (in their respective time zones) these fine writers will be attempting to produce as many flash fiction pieces as possible (from 1 to 1,000 words in length) in just 24 hours. If you haven't signed up already, that link above will take you to the journal where you can do that: I'll be accepting new participants right up until the end of the event, so it's still not too late to jump in!

Here are the rules once again:
  1. The event begins at the very start of June 22nd, your local time. You can start writing any time after that.
  2. Write your first piece of flash fiction. Maximum 1,000 words, minimum 1 word. (I have read every conceivable 0 word story and am now bored of the genre.)
  3. Submit a deviation titled "Flash Fiction Day Submissions" (or something more imaginative) containing that story.
  4. Post a link to your deviation on this journal. I'll add a thumbnail next to your name as quickly as possible, but until then people can at least find it in the comments.
  5. Write more stories! Add those new stories to your FFD deviation (possibly with a note to say what time you started/finished them). You might consider ticking the "Notify your watchers" box to let people know you've added a new story, but if you find you're adding new ones very frequently, you might consider not notifying everybody every time. ;-) (Wink)
  6. That's it! All your stories for the day are available right here so readers can easily find them.
  7. When June 22nd ends, so does the event. Of course, you're free to stop writing earlier if you like.
And here are the participants:

FFD: Second LifeThe old man stared at her for quite a while as she sat propped up by my shabby old box spring near the dumpster.
My beach cruiser had been quite the ride in her day, with her mat black finish, white flames, and cardinal pin striping. The old girl hadn't been quite the same since the move to Austin though. Between the weather and the humidity, she was quickly relegated to our patio. In sun and sleet, she stood sentinel in what passed for our yard, collecting dirt and grime year after year. After seven long years of scorching weather, she was consigned to rust, and once it came time to leave Austin for Colorado, there wasn't enough of her former glory left to keep her.
Still, it pained me to leave a once treasured friend among garbage. Though, if I’m being honest, the honeycomb of wasps I found under her seat when I went to move her helped to wash away any lingering guilt I had over saying goodbye.
Walking back to the house, I wondered what other treasures I planned to unceremoniou

Flash Fiction Day 20161~3:00 pm
    "Quick! What's a six-lettered word of 'horned beasts?'"
    "Really, Gerome? We're kind of in the middle of something here..." Wyatt let out an exasperated sigh.
    Oliver spoke up from around the corner, "It could be a moose."
    Gerome shook his head, "Moose have antlers, there's a difference."
    "Now's not the time," Wyatt pinched the bridge of his nose, "Ollie, if you've got nothing better to do, at least help me with the TV."
    The orange-haired teen helped him hoist the television off the mantle, "...What about an elephant?"
    "Six letters, I said six letters!" Gerome tapped the newspaper with the end of a pencil he'd found laying around. ", no...Agh! I know this! What's it called!?"
    "Would you stop worrying about that stupid puzzle and help us?" Wyatt gritted his teeth as he and Oliver struggled to get the large TV out of the room. "Be useful and gr

Flash Fiction Day 201600:00
“Gnome-slave!” The White Witch clapped her hands.
     The witch rolled her eyes. “Gnome-slave, I am the malevolent ruler of an enchanted land, and you are the trusted servant who sits at my right hand. When I summon you, it is a thing of great import. Do not simply say 'yeah' in response.”
     “Sorry,” said the gnome, hurriedly. “I mean: 'Yeah, yer maj?'”
    The witch rolled her eyes again. It wasn't perfect, but it would have to do: on this day her minion's sloppy throneroom etiquette was the least of her concerns. “Gnome-slave, I have received word that certain Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve have chanced upon my realm, transported through the ensorcelled wardrobe of the tales of old.”
     “Yeah?” said the gnome, again. Then he spotted the witch's expression.

Divine Ink

Flash Fiction Day SubmissionsWhile you were sleeping
Word count: 887

I throw on my backpack and leave the commons room through the northwest door. I watch everyone else from my team leave through the other doors. I hold the green slip of paper in my hands. It’s supposed to tell me what my individual challenge is as well as where to meet back up with my group for the group challenge. Only issue, it doesn’t tell me what to do for my individual challenge. All it says is: ‘leave northwest, head down the stairs, leave through the glass doors’. What kind of challenge is that?
I shove the green paper in my backpack and sling the bag onto my bag. I quickly run down the stairs. I can see the glass doors about 20 feet in front of me. It’s a challenge, I remind myself. I have to be fast. I start running toward the glass doors.
A create pops up in front of me a scares the living hell out of me. I scream. The thing resembles a human, but it clearly is not. It is missing teet

Flash Fiction Day 2016 - Diary of a RivuletFire. Fire everywhere, brutal and punishing. Destroying everything around her that she knows in its touch.
Run! The only thing she thinks of as the flames are in hot pursuit. She runs, and runs, and runs, with all her might away from the tortured screams and clashes of metal, melted remains of what used to be her home, away from the wall of flame in hot pursuit. The flame then takes on a shape – a form that appears more human, but is just as deadly.
It’s a woman – a figure young and beautiful, but fierce as the fire itself. The one responsible for all this fire, all the destruction, the leader of the tribe that she used to belong. Not anymore. No, not after what they’ve done…after what she’s done. And now the woman will burn her too, with the white hot blade she brings out against her. Its razor edge is lifted up, thrown down upon her, and she braces for it –
It never comes. Why? The same reason it never does every night - her brother. Shieldin

Flash Fiction Day (2016)1.
Once there was a man without eyes.
Those who saw him pitied him: for he could see no light and so, they thought, no beauty.
He always wondered why they could see no beauty in darkness.
10:02, STR
Once there was a man without eyes.
Those who saw him pitied him: for he could see no light and so, they thought, no beauty.
For himself, he felt no sadness: for he had never known what beauty was, and thus he could not miss it.
10:06, STR
Once there was a man without eyes.
Those who saw him pitied him: for he could see no light and thus, they thought, no beauty. But the man never saw their pity.
10:08, STR
Once there was a man without eyes.
Those who saw him pitied him: for he could see no light and thus, they thought, no beauty.
He never understood how they could be so blind.
10:10, STR
Once there was a man without eyes.
Those who saw him raged with envy: for he could see neither malice nor hatred, neither doubt nor

Flash Fiction Day 2016**Edit: Just to let everyone know, I started at midnight Central Standard Time.**
Shifting from one foot to another, Lucy stared down the long, narrow hallway. At the end, there was a door, begging to be opened. She turned to Sebastian and asked, "What does the map say?"
Sebastian snapped up from checking the ground for edible plants. He unfurled the map with a flourish, and checked. "It says that there's a swarm of very strong monsters behind that door. I'd advise that we avoid that area and just head back to town. Our bags are all full, and we're almost out of healing salves. And I'm pretty sure Debby can't heal in her condition." He looked over at Debby unconscious in Quincy's arms.
Debby woke up and gave a weak thumbs up. She moaned "I'm PERFECTLY fiiiiiineee..." and then collasped back into Quincy's arms.
Lucy toyed with her wand a bit. "So I guess that means I should use my return bell and then--"
She was cut off as Tina, the party's hotheaded swordswo

<da:thumb id="616938429"/>   Harlequin-Werewolf




Flash Fiction Day | The Graveyardentry one: houses remember | 483 words | 6-22-16 | Eastern Time, 12:07 - 12:30 AM
The kettle is well past whistling. It’s not screaming anymore; the water dried up. The air smells burnt and disgusting as the bottom of the kettle melts on the eye. No one is in the room to care. If someone were to walk the house, they would see the mixture of care and decay, painted in mildewed corners and polished hardwood. They would see the jump ropes and tambourines, the little pieces of life that gave joy to the living.
They would see the scratches, the stained patches, the iron and rust echoes of pain, jars of nails and fingernails and jawbones hanging like a mobile for the baby, above an empty crib.      
But no one is left to see any of it. The banister is broken and the ceiling hangs down in disgraced tatters; the garden is raped, plants torn up and roots eaten. Lining the walls are rounded portraits, sepia done in little photo shops, family members in period costumes

Flash Fiction Day Submissions: The French DisasterHe had navigated the doors of other worlds to find a version of Paris that wasn't grungy or grimy, or suffering from an infestation of idiots. His boss had helped by providing unsavory details of her childhood in the city, so that he could filter it.
"You don't have to do this," Rani protested.
"I know," he said cheerfully. "But I want to."
He had saved up a few thousand from his baking job; it helped that in a year or so his trust fund could be used, once he turned eighteen. And as he had told Rani, he owed her about five years' worth in birthday gifts. If they needed more, he could transmute metal into gold bars.
This version of Paris had constant sunshine. The buildings shone and sparkled, and people walked with cheer. Rani had dressed in a blue knee-length coat and a bright yellow sundress with leggings. Schulz wore a clean red shirt and jeans.
"We can go anywhere you want,” Schulz said.
"I want to visit some designer stores," she sai

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Lynn Love
   (National Flash Fiction Day)

Mature Content


Megan   (Flash Fiction Day)

Flash Fiction Day 201612:56
Boris Johnson bounded up to the podium, grin splitting his face.  He’d won.  He’d actually won.  Just went to show, a nice clean suit and a jolly good campaign and you could win the people over.  Applause washed over him as he stepped up to the microphone, waving both hands over his head.
            ‘Good evening, Great Britain!’  His voice was amplified a thousand times, cutting through the applause.  He beamed down at the hundreds of faces, and then beamed up at the cluster of cameras, through which thousands more people watched him on their televisions.  He gave them all a huge thumbs-up.  ‘We are an independent nation again!’
            The applause, which had just about been dying down, started up again.  People screamed, stamping their feet, and a low chan

Kaleidoscope 2016Foul Shot - 00:43
    I took a breath as I slowly dribbled the basketball a couple times.  My feet rooted in place at the top of the paint, all of the others lined up on the sides, I tuned out the boisterous noise of the crowd, becoming one with the ball.  We were down by one.  I didn’t want to blow this.
    Letting out the deep breath I had been holding onto, I gave the ball one last bounce before taking it up in my hands.  In one smooth motion, I bent my knees as I raised my arms above my head, then sprung up, transferring my energy to the ball as I let it arc through the air toward the basket.  The simple swoosh as the ball cleanly passed through the net of the hoop echoed through my ears.  I barely registered the couple of my teammates that reached over and slapped my hands in congratulatory fashion for sinking the foul shot.  I took my place again on the edge of the paint as the referee passed the ball to me a se

Opalflame    (2016 Flash Fiction Day [FFD])

Flash Fiction Day 2016Isa
In a one-room cabin bound by snow, a woman sat before a great rolltop desk, a pen in her hand and a cough frozen in her lungs. The remains of a fire smoldered in the grate, untended and struggling against the cold that crept down the chimney and through the cracks, but the woman paid it no mind, intent on the letters she scratched one by one into the loose-bound book before her.
She reached the end of a sentence, paused, and loosened the ice in her chest. The cough itched and clawed up her throat, rising into a string of explosions that shook her frail body. She fumbled in a pocket of her dress for a crumpled handkerchief and pressed it to her mouth. When the hacking settled back to a mere itch, she pulled it away, and the cloth was dotted red.
A faint trill drew her attention down to the silver-furred cat winding around her ankles. It trilled again, pale blue eyes admonishing.
“I know I shouldn’t,” the woman said, “but I--”
The itch grew claws


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Sonya   (Flash Fiction Day 2016: One Day, 12 Stories)


Drawn for me 2007

      Art Trade-1920's by Fire-Goddess08  Kiriban 3025 by l33totakugirl22   request for tainte truffle by ACINOM18  

Flash Fiction Day 2016 Submissions10:18
    You can only walk in the southern woods for so long before you lose your mind, at least that's what everyone says. Personally I believe that to be a whole lot of nonsense. I haven't been in these particular woods very often, but I'd say I've been here enough to feel comfortable being in them.
    The first time I came here was the result of a dare, and like everyone else, I honestly thought I'd become instantly lost and shortly thereafter lose my mind, but of course that didn't happen. I actually discovered what a tranquil place the southern woods are, and while I didn't appreciate it so much at the time, the tranquility stuck with me, and I would return here maybe once every three years or so when I needed somewhere to go away from everything.
    Now, in my old age, I am immeasurably grateful for this place. Progress has turned the village I live in into a bustling city, and there's constantly noise and even foul smells, and I can't find any re

Mature Content


Flash Fiction Day 201620:42 - 21:08 - 100 words

She held the rock in her hand and practiced her right hook, pouring all her concentration into pummeling the opponent she pictured facing her beneath the rusting swing-set.
Her mouth still hurt from the last bloody lip she’d received, and the bruise across her ribs hadn’t yet faded, but every twinge of pain just made her more determined.
She was supposed to be the one beating other kids up. She was the one they were all supposed to fear, and she’d be damned if she let a bunch of little girls steal her reputation from her without a fight.
21:23 - 21:45 - 273 words
Midnight Children

Jack pressed his back against the sloping concrete of the overpass and stared out over the city. It was bright up here, the air saturated with electricity, the roads coming together to form a lattice of light over the black ground. Despite the darkness the night was still sticky with heat, and the concrete felt cool where

Flash Fiction Day SubmissionsSubmission #1
From the Journals of a Wizard's Apprentice: Golems
I stepped back and looked at my work.  Making a golem is not hard work; it is merely a matter of making sure the soul array is properly engraved into the material.  In this case, the material in question being a mixture of river rocks, mud, and clay.  Once I was satisfied with what I had, I muttered the activation incantation and immediately, the material began to move and shift.  The mud and clay pulsed with the life granted to it by the soul array and the rocks sank and rose from inside of it.  What was once a mound of stone and soil eventually shaped into a more humanoid form.  All the while, the array remained intact, proving the strength of the spell.
--Journals of Athanasios the Old
I’ve discovered that every time I try to weasel out of the life of a wizard’s apprentice, good fortune s

TheRedSephaos (Flash Fiction Day 2016)

Janitor vs Egyptian God"Jim, you're needed at the African exhibit."
One look over his coffee at Claire's drenched form told him he wanted nothing to do with the African exhibit. "Looks like you've got this covered."
"Come on, Jim. You've got the best track record with this sort of thing."
"I'm on break."
She took Jim's coffee mug and pointed to the door. "People are going to get eaten."
Jim stumped over to the coffee machine for another mug. "No way. I still have nerve damage from the thunderbirds. Get Mary on it. She's got some crazy fighting skills."
Claire let out a frustrated groan and plopped down into a chair at Jim's table. She sipped at the stolen coffee. "What's it going to take to get you out there?"
Jim smiled and stated his terms.
It was raining in the African exhibit, which wouldn't have been strange, except that it was only raining in the African exhibit. And it was raining hard enough to flood the area if it kept on much longer.
Security had done a good job of clearing out the guests, so h

Flash Fiction Day 2016 Submission       It was a cold Sunday afternoon when Arthur went to court for jumping down instead of up. His case? He’s new to town, and the laws were different in Oklahoma. What, he’ll say, do you expect me to read through all this town’s laws? That’s not normal. That’s his case, anyway.
       But upon arrival, his lawyer wasn’t there. Only the prosecutor, the judge, and the jury.
       “Oh, no,” he thought, “don’t make me play my own lawyer like in all those cliché movies where the defender-lawyer defending-whatever-he’s-called doesn’t show up.” That is probably what he thought.
       But of course, that cliché would be played out, in a very cliché manner. Wait, “cliché” can be a noun or an adjective? Oh my god that’s so cool.
       Here would probably be a good place to stop

Spites and Snippetsi.
Sometimes, the best thing to say is nothing.
This is something Giovanni reminds him. "Be a good little pet, Silence." and "It's best not to be heard." Silence, however his namesake, is not very good at remembering this. Sure, he could remain quiet, without breaking the sanctity of the dead in the most sacred of places. Instead, pages are leafed through, and the gate keys on his belt make a steady clink, clink, clink as he makes his way across the ground.
Wisteria waves in his direction, despite the wind, and Silence bows his head to the beings hiding beneath it. Roundleaf Ragwort, grown up and crowding tombstones, part ways for him as if, somehow, it were an ocean. Silence has no illusions, and instead averts his gaze.
"Aviana," He welcomes, with a slight turn of head. "Welcome."
It starts with a kiss.
Justice was assured. The fledgling angels in his age group were different, with experinces Justice couldn't ever hope to experience, let alo


Flash Fiction Day 2016#1 Perspective 16:55 - 17:25 (239 words)
That one looks like a rabbit!
And that one looks like a statue of a bust!
Uh, I don't see it. It looks more like a shovel to me.
No not that one, the one to the left of the shovel.
Oh, ok. Yeah, I see it now. What a massive schnoz!
There goes the mouse cloud in to the snake cloud.
Isn't that the wrong end?
I can't tell anymore. Look at all that blue behind the clouds. So beautiful it's almost surreal.
Yes, that shade sure is pretty. It makes me think of peace.
That's ironic. We really shouldn't be thinking about such things, especially considering what we came here to do.
* sigh * Yes, I suppose you're right. You're always right.
No, the Ultimate One is always right. I'm going to press the button now.
* sigh * Ok.
The two beings took one last look at the clouds swirling around the planet of Earth. The sapphire blue oceans began to roil, and within seconds the sphere was gone.
Their ship zoomed off and it was a while before they spoke a
   vigour-mortis / inconsistentsea

Flash Fiction Day 2016 Stories12:15 AM
Red was all she seen for days. Red rain; red sky; the red that her skin became when she huffed up another steep hill that painfully forced itself out of the earth. The range of spiked dirt created a spine that rose and twisted in uniform with hers. Something wanted to get out from beneath her feet.  She felt it move like an unborn baby as she strode in the day's heat, squirming and kicking its feet against the soil.  At night it felt more like a heartbeat; vibrations ran up her legs to her head, making her brain tremble and rock against the sides of her skull.  She watched the moon quiver in its far away bed when the thing beneath her threw stones into the air and black dust flying across her face. She moved faster, trying to tell herself she'd be long gone, tucked into her bed, when it arrived.
12:45 AM
9:50 AM
She stuck tacks into each door to remind her what it lead to.  Blue was safe; yellow was caution; red was danger and most certain death. She had

Flash Fiction Day, 22nd June 2016. My entries.1st one. Time: 00:25
They never did the right thing. They died.
2nd one. Time: 09.27
"One knows it's their birthday," she said.
"From what?" I asked.
"From that someone wakes you up with a happy birthday message and just when you have ended the conversation with then someone else texts you the same," she gave a laugh. "True story, bro!"
3rd one. Time: 10.15
It was a dark night as usual. But she loved going out to the meadow to see the stars. She did so every night when there weren't clouds. And nothing ever happened to her there.
So I wrote to the interviewer. The answer, the next question, came soon:
What happened that night, then? Was she killed by an animal?
"Killed by an animal". I snorted in front of my computer. Had this dumb amateur reporter not read about this case or did he write to those who had missed the headlines?
I let my fingers dash on the keyboard: Killed by an animal? No, no, no, that is too cliché, too usual. No. That night there was a meteor sh

Flash Fiction Day SubmissionsSTART: 12:00 AM
Beauty Sleep
  The cat groggily opened one eye and glared at the world.  From somewhere nearby, various but meaningless yowls echoed throughout the house.  She growled and shoved her head into her belly fur.  Stupid humans, always making a stupid racket all stupid day!  Don't they understand that I'm trying to sleep here?!
  A finger prodded her belly.  Already hissing, she jerked her head up to stare bloody murder into the face of a human she recognized as the dumbest.  Then again, being the dumbest human was like being the smallest housefly.  It spewed a long string of earsplitting sounds that inexplicably formed the specie's primitive language.  She had no clue how such painful syllables could tolerated by anyone, let alone how or why the humans used them so often.  This one went on and on in its garbage tongue, then reached out with a disgusting excuse for a paw and tried to stroke he

Flash Fiction 2016 Table of Contents:Edit: With the Six word and two sentence stories I did them in bulk so no individual times!
Six-word stories:  (8:16 - 8:21)

Batch#2 (10:16-10:18)
Two Sentence Horrors:(8:22-8:33)

Mature Content


If you participated (or simply watched in amusement) last year, you may notice that there are a fair few more participants this time around: over three times as many! It's great to see this kind of growth for such a new event, and I hope we'll get even more writers jumping in before the day is done. Remember: unless June 22nd is actually over, there's still time to get involved! Simply sign up here, then start linking to your stories in this very journal once you've written some.

I also feel as though this would be a good place to mention that FlashFlood is open for submissions right up until the end of the 22nd, so if you already have a flashfic of 500 words or less that you'd like to contribute, or find time to polish up one of your entries for Flash Fiction Day, I'm sure they'd be happy to have it. The timing is quite convenient, at the very least!

And if you're looking for somewhere to get in touch with people participating in the event, your best bet is the Flash Fiction Day 2016 chatroom right here on dA.
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GDeyke Writer
I actually typed all this up and tried to upload it yesterday, but then I had a technological failure and had to type it all up again today. Here it is, at last.

I'm seriously impressed by the number of entrants this year.
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DamonWakesProfessional Writer
I'm impressed you managed to take part! It was way more popular than I expected: hopefully we'll be able to build on that next year.
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IntelligentZombieHobbyist General Artist
Hi, I can write but I can't read. Thanks for getting my submission up there even though I hurled it into the wrong place. :P
Also darnit, I missed FlashFlood. :noes: And I missed the chatroom. I need to get better at this whole using my brain thing. Oh well, it was still a blast. Thanks for doing it! ^-^
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DamonWakesProfessional Writer
I missed FlashFlood too. :p Then again, I'm not sure that anything I got out of the day was really up to scratch.

It was fun overall, though: glad to have had you on board!
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FishySomethingIsProfessional Writer
Okay! I'm a day late, but I'm here and one story more than I had before. =)

(Hope the link works!)
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Flash fic day
done :
I compiled all mine into a journal
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8-bitAsherProfessional General Artist

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Tobaeus Writer
Here be my contribution:
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I actually wrote something! tolerablepessimist.deviantart.…
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OreramarHobbyist Digital Artist
I finally got my first one done. So rusty.…
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DomaexHobbyist General Artist
Is it ok if I make a table of contents with all my stories linked for you?
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DamonWakesProfessional Writer
Pretty much anything goes as long as I can post one link here and readers can find all your stories through it. :shrug: If a linked table of contents works best for you, I say go for it.
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Awesome! Here ya go:…
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FieryDownpour479Hobbyist Writer
Here is my first one for today!…
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MelanophrenHobbyist Writer
Here is my submission - Flash Fiction Day 2016 Submissions 
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MillieBeeHobbyist General Artist
Oops, forgot to add this link!  My submission. :D
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And I've finally started! Here it is:
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TheRedSephaosStudent Writer
Flash Fiction Day 2016 by TheRedSephaos
(it's a PDF xD)

14 hours to go and I should really get to work, not make cover pictures D=
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I'm afraid your preview image doesn't display properly in the journal at all. :-( Every time I try to paste in the thumbnail, it ends up floating in the extreme upper left: half of it isn't even on the screen. I suspect it may be down to the lit thumbnails immediately above and below forcing it into the "nearest" available space, or something like that. I've just added a link for now, but if you want a custom image then it may be worthwhile aiming for something more similar to the dimensions of a lit thumbnail (or at least no taller).
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