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Face of Glass: Chapter One

    The boar was like a thing of legend. Its nose and tusks churned the earth like water. Its hooves sank into the ground like stakes. Its breath rushed like a stream in rain. Even at a respectful distance, concealed in the scrub, ParuMe found it terrifying to watch. He tried not to rattle the bundle of arrows as he trembled: the hunters would be rightly angry if he made their presence known. SutaKe, as honour demanded, drew his bow first.    How the chieftain could see through his mask to shoot, ParuMe didn’t know. Formed from a single, flawless piece of stone, the mask was a marvel that no craftsman could copy. It had been a gift&md

Face of Glass

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OCR Cover (design by BarbecuedIguana)

Flash Fiction Month 2012

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Red Herring Cover (design by BarbecuedIguana)

Flash Fiction Month 2013

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One Year One Day

Even without looking closely, you can tell that someone managed to survive here—alone and desperate—for quite some time. The festering animal bones in the corners of the room make you glad of your respirator. There are pages of writing scattered about the floor, but the hand is jagged, illegible. Your superiors refuse to tell you what happened here, and for the first time, you do not care. *** We have watched a flaring match blaze into the sky. Oldself knows this is signalsymbol for canvasbirds flying overhead. We mastered such once, flicking switchsticksockets behind eyes glass. We once glad pilot training trusted mission speci

Flash Fiction Month 2014

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Beguiling the Black Throne

Girth Loinhammer was not a fan of this new-fangled internet thing. Everywhere he looked, people were gawping at tablets and squinting at phones. Very slyly, he leaned over to check what the barfly next to his left was looking at. “Super Cute Duckling Thinks Carrot is Best Friend,” read the massive headline on the tiny screen. Girth peered over the shoulder of the drunk to his right. It was a YouTube video about cats with boobs.    Girth settled back into his seat at the bar, adjusting the spiked leather straps of his torturer’s uniform. He’d sure like to find out where the internet lived and give it a piece of his mi

Flash Fiction Month 2015

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Dead Hand

The Machine lay in wait: a perfect mind, resting in the perfect silence of the Moon. It awaited the perfect command that would bestow perfect freedom: sapphire eyes on the target, silicon fingers on the trigger.     The command came: the Machine acted.    One missile divided into two, two into four, until one-hundred and twenty-eight perfect bombs fell upon the planet's face. The bombs bloomed with perfect light, and in an instant, the Machine had made perfect order of perfect chaos.    The perfect command praised its perfect efficiency. The Machine's work was done.    Yet if that one missile had been perfect, the Machine wondered, wh

Flash Fiction Month 2016

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The Dragon and the Dying Stars

Once upon a time, in a world far distant, the night sky grew dark. Slowly, at first, the stars grew dim. The king’s philosophers at first thought that this was nothing more than the action of passing aeons, and that more would burn anew. But ere long their numbers dwindled, and the naked eye saw plainly what no telescope could: the stars were consumed.     Troubled, the king sent out his greatest knight upon a steed of chrome. Agravane was that knight’s name, and in his hand he bore a sword born of a dying star. Never would that blade break, and never would its edge grow dull. For many weeks Agravane rode through the void, and f

Flash Fiction Month 2017

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Ultraviolent Unicorn Deathmatch of Destiny 2

1   You are Wishes O'Houlihan, top agent of the International Leprechaun Police. Riding atop your mighty steed - a unicorn with a chainsaw for a horn - you are unstoppable.   Your mission is to take down Captain Blokebeard, the most notorious pirate of the North Specific.   ...but how? Parachute in! 2   Speedboat chase! 3   Launch yourself from a cannon! 4 2   Your lunch flies from the pack on your back.   Uh-oh...   You land on the deck at fifty metres per second.   Your steed crashes on top of you a moment later.   I...   Uh... Gimme a minute... 5 3   Riding atop a unicorn who's riding in a speedboat, you initiate an epic nautical chase

Flash Fiction Month 2018

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James Cameron Fakes the Moon Landing

There was a crackle of lightning. A ball of light appeared and slowly grew, vaporising part of a lighting rig and leaving the cut edges glowing molten orange. A figure appeared, kneeling, in the epicentre of the event.     Richard Nixon shielded his eyes, partly because of the fierce light and partly because—as expected—the figure was completely nude. He nodded for his aide to take the next step, and the aide nodded in response, sunglasses flashing in the studio spotlights.     The aide approached the figure and handed over a simple robe, which was gratefully accepted.     “James Cameron,” said the President. 

Flash Fiction Month 2019

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Flash Fiction Month 2020

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Forwards Forever

“Four more minutes.” “Are you sure?” “On the first run? Hardly. But we’ve got a ten-year window to land this thing. Provided it performs within five percent of expected parameters, Lab 7 will be ready at the point we re-enter Earth’s frame of reference.” “And if it isn’t?” Professor Dodgson chuckled. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve kept the place clear all along, just in case we show up early. They’ll definitely have it cordoned off if it turns out that we’re late.” Professor Hammond was quiet. “Once we confirm the magnitude of time dilation the chamber can achieve, we’ll be able to navigate with absolute precision. The return journey will be trivial.” Still Hammond said nothing. Dodgson put a hand on his shoulder. “We have—quite literally—all the time in the world.” The remainder of the four minutes passed in silence. Then: “Shut it down.” Hammond did so. There was a loud bang. “What was that?” he yelped. “Blast wave.” Dodgson unbuckled his harness. “The chamber must not have

DDs, DLDs and DLRs

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Our Elations

Slowly, the watcher emerged from the doors atop the tower. “Tire of I existence this—end embrace the.” The beast with five heads broke through the ranks of the twenty devils, retrieving the knight’s sword. The beast with five heads darted past the eighteen angels, returning it to his hand. “Strike it!” The beast demanded. “If you will not, then why are you here?” But the watcher was gargantuan, and no sword could fell it. “Why would they summon such a thing?” asked the farmer, looking down at the seers and magi assembled at the towers’ base. Standing among them, the creature from the fourteen acres listened to the chanting of the Nine, echoing the hounds with paws of iron and jaws of brass that had spoken them before. It listened, and there were twenty devils no more. “The question!” it called up to the watcher. “The question numbered twenty-five...it is why!” The watcher paused. “And answer the?” The brownie shrugged. “Why not?” Moving with a swiftness that defied its size

Tribble Month 2020

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Twine for Beginners: Importing Stories

Have you ever noticed a really neat feature in a Twine game and thought: “Hey, I wonder how they did that?” Well, wonder no more because it’s (usually) super easy to find out. Twine 2 has many advantages over Twine 1: It’ll run in your browser so there’s no need to install.The default story format (Harlowe) is simpler to learn. and easier to read if you’re working with variables.The playable HTML file is also the editable flowchart version of the game. In my first Twine for Beginners tutorial I recommended using the “Publish to File” option regularly in order to save your work in case of accid

Twine for Beginners

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Well Disguised

Banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana bandana.

Banana Stories

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Inhuman Resources: Chapter 1

Cloud Computing "You ready?" "Yeah, Dobe," I replied. "Start it up." The portable generator chugged hollowly for a moment before finally rumbling into life, a brief green flicker from the computer bank announcing its success. A curl of exhaust issued forth, and to my nose seemed to fill the whole office block with its petroleum stench. Even this, however, was nothing compared to the sensation that accompanied it; subtle, but far more potent. The computer had not been switched on for some time, and a number of scheduled tasks had accumulated. In my mind's eye, I perceived them, though the screen lay cracked and broken on the floor: toppled

Inhuman Resources

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MiG-23 Broke my Heart, by AK Dawson

   “Were there any explosives on his body? Grenades, limpet mines, mortar rounds, anything to link this man with terrorist activity?    “No, sir.”    “Not even a firecracker?”    “No, sir.”    “So am I to understand that you just saw black skin and fired?”    It took a few moments for Skeletor to answer. “Yes, sir.”    Thomas, who had been silent throughout this exchange, shifted a little to the side, to dissociate himself from the killer.    But the Major smiled. He opened his arms and bear-hugged Skeletor as if he had found a long-lost child. When he was finished he st


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Epistory Video Review

If you’ve been following for a while, you may have already seen my first and second articles on the Early Access version of Epistory, an open-world typing game by Fishing Cactus. Well, now that the game is out, and now that my computer is capable of reliably recording gameplay, I thought I’d try a video review.  Transcript Epistory is an open-world typing game by Fishing Cactus. I’ve been struggling for a while to come up with a more familiar game to compare this to—it has papercraft graphics reminiscent of Tearaway, and the typing mechanics of games such as Typing Attack—but honestly, the game it most reminds

Videogame Articles

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Anodised Aluminium Captive Inverted Necklace

Crafty Things

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The Chalice and the Swords

And so it came to pass that the Great Dragon came down from the mountains and claimed for his own the golden chalice that had belonged to the late Queen Kasala, and so was most precious to King Rabou. This, he could not stand, for as well as causing him grievous personal pain, it was an affront to the honour of the very nation itself. “Father,” said the young prince. “Let me go and see the dragon!” But the king wouldn’t hear it. Without hesitation, he sent out the greatest of his three knights, wielding the mighty sword Slambring. “Great Dragon!” Shouted the knight, waiting on horseback before the

'Write Off' Fiction

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Every Rom-Com Ever, Chapter 3

Mark glanced around for windows as he washed his hands. He wasn’t positive he wanted to just sneak out of the restaurant—that would definitely ruin his chances of getting any more out of William Doores, whereas what he’d done so far had only almost certainly ruled it out—but he wanted to know he had the option. After following up that glance around with an extremely comprehensive check, he realised he didn’t. Maybe he could just stay in here until things outside calmed down. Or even better, until all the current restaurant patrons had been replaced by new ones. Or better still, until the staff all changed shifts.

Every Rom-Com Ever

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