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aero7 for Windows 8/8.1 (old version)

This version is no longer being supported. You can download the newest version here:…

aero7 is just a simple port of the Windows 7 aero theme to recreate the fimilar feel and look on Windows 8 and 8.1.

Requirements- Windows 8 or 8.1, UXTheme Patcher
Recommend- Aero glass, StartIsBack, Start8, Classic Shell

Included- Theme, system sounds, Windows 7 aero cursors, start orb

UltraUXTheme Patcher:…
Classic Shell:
Windows 8 CP theme (full theme but ribbon used in screenshot is included):…

Install instructions:

Copy files in theme win8 or theme 8.1 (depending on what you are running) folder to C:/Windows/Resources/Themes. Apply the start orb with whatever start menu program you use. Install the 2 registry keys that configure aero glass for this theme. Copy Windows 7 folder in the system sounds folder to C:/Windows/Media for sounds to work. To use Windows 7 cursors, copy win7 cursors to C:/Windows/Cursors

Aero Glass install instructions:

Download for either Windows 8 or 8.1 depending on what you are running (I also recommend the installer for there is less to go wrong with it). If you are running 8.1, download the symbols files from Dropbox and add them to C:AeroGlass (or wherever you installed it). If the theme looks really derpy such as everything being in the wrong place, go to your AeroGlass directory and delete the image win8cp.png as that is the image causing those issues. If the taskbar isn't blurred, use blur toggle to enable taskbar blur (in the same zip as symbols)

If you want to edit the theme, I don't care if you edit it or post different variants of it. Like I stated, this was only a port of the default Windows 7 VS so feel free to edit and upload custom VS based off this


1.0 (11/9/13):
-Initial release

1.1 (11/10/13) (these changes are only important for 8.1 users)
-Included the complete aero glass setup for people that are having trouble getting it to work in 8.1 (moved to dropbox due to DA restrictions)
-Registry files are included to get aero glass set up and to set blur amount correctly
-Copy glass folder to C:/ to get aero glass to work with the least trouble since that's where I set it up for the registry to read it from
-Install all 3 registry keys to get aero glass to work

1.2 (11/11/13)
-Added Windows 7 styled cursors. Copy new aero7.theme for cursors to load for current users

1.3 (11/12/13)
-Removed aero glass from zip due to DA exe file restrictions. Instead, I uploaded them to dropbox and download it from the extra section of the post. Aero glass installation is still the same by copying glass to C:/ and installing the 3 registry keys
-Updated aero glass 8.1 to beta 4 since I found what was causing the glitch and was able to fix it
-Added missing symbol files to fix glitch caused by beta 4
-Added green inactive window (I will try and find a way to get this to work with all colors)
-Fixed issue where aero blur came off of the window tips
-These issues can be fixed by installing the aero7 color registry key and new aero glass for 8.1

1.3.1 (11/12/13)
-Fixed aero glass after it broke after November group updates. If you've already installed the November group updates and aero glass quits working, install the updated aero glass that's in the dropbox link provided

1.3.2 (11/19/13)
-Removed an unnecessary minidump file that somehow slipped into the aero glass zip. This reduced the file size significantly

1.3.3 (11/20/13)
-Added high DPI start orbs for better optimization for devices with high DPI's. When the system's DPI settings are changed, it won't change the orb size for most programs. This update addresses that issue. An example of a high DPI device would be the Surface Pro. Even though it uses a 1080p screen, it upscales all the icons and desktop resources to make them easier to read and press

1.3.4 (12/6/13)
-32 bit installer for aero glass 8.1 is ready. This is only necessary if you are running Windows 8.1 32 bit. I tested the 32 bit aero glass on a very old computer and everything seems to be working properly. Also I fixed issues where I accidentally used 64 bit dll's and symbols in the 32 bit version which caused errors and I fixed it by using 32 bit dll's and symbols. This is also most likely the final release of the theme so I can start working on some other Windows 7 and 8 themes. It may be updated one more time to fix the jumplist issue with 8.1 but it won't be updated after it

1.4 Final (12/9/13)
-The jumplist bug is finally fixed for 8.1 users

1.4 R2 (12/16/13)
-Fixed aero glass after it broke on December group updates. Also aero glass has been updated to the RC2 version which addresses it breaking on monthly group updates which shouldn't happen anymore

1.4.1 (1/24/14)
-Removed inactive color registry key as it isn't needed anymore in the latest release of aero glass. This also makes setting the inactive color to any color possible now
-Removed aero glass files from Dropbox. They are obsolete and you are better off using the installer for aero glass and it's easier
-As the symbol files are still required for this theme to work properly, they will remain in Dropbox
-Install the registry keys again as the updated one has a script to remove the older keys that aren't needed anymore
© 2013 - 2021 DaMonkeyOnCrack
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Where can i obtain that wallpaper? i really like it, <3 thx! and amazing theme port
ferenCEO's avatar
Nature theme from Windows 7...
Hello, thank you for the splendid work! Can I ask you how to add reflections like in Windows? With AeroGlass GUI it works only if atlas image is used, but the image scramble the theme. I have reflections.png but I can;t use it because of this reason. Once again thank you!
polferis's avatar
Thank you once again, DaMonkeyOnCrack! I solved my problem, bau I had to reinstall Windows 8.1_x64, I appllyed the effect, and I have an watermark on my desktop. I tried in manny ways to remove it, but it doesn't work! Even with mcbuilder command, MyPC Watermark editor! Is any posibillity to remove it? Here is a sceenshot with it:…
Can anybody help me? Thank you.
DaMonkeyOnCrack's avatar
The watermark will only go away if you donate to the project and have a key to do so. I'm not responsible for that project. I'm just responsible for providing the symbol files for all the aero features to work on 8.1.
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Aero Glass for Windows 8.1 1.0 version is released ->
DaMonkeyOnCrack's avatar
I  updated everything now and linked aero glass there now
newgene01's avatar
This is the most I've seen themes like the WIN 7 

But the title may be a center it?
WIN 8 favorite is the title of a center!
polferis's avatar
Thank you DaMonkeyOnCrack! It is a realy great work! But I have only one problem, the taskbar color remaining blu, and I can't chage it. I want to be just like in your screenshot, like the windows transparency, without any color. I did everything like in your instructions, but...Is any posibillity to make my taskbar like in screenshot? Maybe some registry value will change this? Any ideas? Here is a screenshot. Please, can you help me with an answer?
Still, it seems this theme is a little incompatible with firefox. The color of UI in firefox changed while using this theme. Can you fix it? Thank you!
(My native language is not English. I hope you know what I said.)
DaMonkeyOnCrack's avatar
What exactly is the problem? I tried it with firefox and saw no issues with it. Could you possibly post a link to a screenshot showing what the problem is? If you are using any themes or extensions that that modify the interface of firefox, try turning those extensions off or use the default firefox theme to see if it fixes it
Still an issue with jumplists. Jumplists look good now but list items dont get highlighted when the mouse cursor is hovering over them.
DaMonkeyOnCrack's avatar
Actually, it may be a little before I can update it. My laptop charger shorted out today so it won't charge. I ordered a new one today so I'll take a look at it sometime next week when I can get it running again
No problem, take whatever time you need, its not THAT big of a deal, clicking items in the jumplists still work just fine, its just a bit awkward without the highlighting thats all. Overall you did a good job on this theme. This is the only Win7 theme for 8.1 I will EVER use. There are some other Win7 or Win7 like themes out there, but they are seriously bugged and potentially harmful to the system. One theme made me unable to add printers as it removed the toolbar that contained the Add Printer button. So again, good work, keep it up.
Does the R2 release contain the fix for highlighting jumplist items ?
DaMonkeyOnCrack's avatar
No. R2 was just an update to fix another issue with Aero Glass quit working after Microsoft's monthly updates. I haven't really had much time here recently to work on it
DaMonkeyOnCrack's avatar
I'll take a look at what I can do. It's probably an issue with it stretching the image so it's probably the parameter for scaling it is incorrect
Problem with jumplists as reported by SIRUAL92 still exists. Perhaps it would be best to just remove that part of the theme for jumplists as it is not needed. Aside from that, theme works and looks great, good job.
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I just fixed the jumplist bug. I'm uploading it now
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I'm working on getting the jumplist problem fixed. I haven't had much time here recently because of finals but since finals are over, I can start working on it again. I hope to have it fixed here in a couple of days
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Nice theme man, you think you could make a version with squared corners instead of rounded?
How do i install aero glass? please e-mail me at:
DaMonkeyOnCrack's avatar
If you are running 8.1, download the dropbox link in the description which I have everything set up for you. If you are still running Windows 8 (not 8.1), click the aero glass link and download the installer for the easiest install method
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