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Aero7 V2 for Windows 8/8.1


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Windows 10 version is being indefinitely held off for the time being. There are issues with theming the taskbar and sizing the window controls to how they were in Windows 7 (it just doesn't look right on 10).

This is an updated version of my aero7 theme with some changes such as glass streaks, auto colorization and now the ability to set the inactive window color to any color. The older version can be found here: damonkeyoncrack.deviantart.com…. This should also work just fine with 8.1 update 1

Requirements- Windows 8 or 8.1, UXTheme Patcher
Recommend- Aero glass, StartIsBack, Start8, Classic Shell

Included- Theme, system sounds, Windows 7 aero cursors, start orb

UXTheme Multi-Patcher: www.windowsxlive.net/uxtheme-m…
Aero Glass: www.glass8.eu/
Classic Shell: www.classicshell.net/
Windows 8 CP theme (full theme but ribbon used in screenshot is included): www.deviantart.com/art/Windows… (I haven't tested this in Windows 10)
Setup aero glass and blur toggle: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53… (these settings provide the best performance and enable aero on battery for laptops and tablets)
Debug tools for Windows: www.microsoft.com/click/servic… (This isn't necessary anymore if you are using Aero Glass 1.3. It has now been updated where the symbol files aren't necessary anymore)

To fetch symbols for 8.1:
Fetching symbols aren't necessary anymore because it has now been able to find the right resources from within DWM. If you haven't updated Aero Glass to 1.3 yet, please do so because you don't need the symbol files on that version.

Install instructions:

Copy files in theme win8 or theme 8.1 (depending on what you are running) folder to C:/Windows/Resources/Themes. Apply the start orb with whatever start menu program you use. Install the color setup registry key to set up aero glass settings for the best performance and best look. Install either the glass streaks or no glass streaks registry depending if you want to have the glass streaks or not. Copy Windows 7 folder in the system sounds folder to C:/Windows/Media for sounds to work. To use Windows 7 cursors, copy win7 cursors to C:/Windows/Cursors

Aero Glass install instructions:

Download for either Windows 8 or 8.1 depending on what you are running (I also recommend the installer for there is less to go wrong with it). If you are running 8.1, you need to get the symbol files. Follow the guide above to retrieve and set the symbols files in the right directory. If the theme looks really derpy such as everything being in the wrong place, go to your AeroGlass directory and delete the image win8cp.png as that is the image causing those issues. If the taskbar isn't blurred, use blur toggle to enable taskbar blur (found in extras.zip)

If you want to edit the theme, I don't care if you edit it or post different variants of it. Like I stated, this was only a port of the default Windows 7 VS so feel free to edit and upload custom VS based off this

2.3.2 (4/2/15)
-Minor update to add all the Windows 7 sounds (Afternoon, Calligraphy, Characters, Cityscape, Delta, Festival, Garden, Heritage, Landscape, Quirky, Raga, Savanna and Sonata). The sounds will have to manually be applied as I haven't created a custom sound scheme that can be used yet.
-I still haven't had a chance to update Windows 10 compatibility passed 9879. The newer Windows 10 builds (to be specific build 10049) has changed quite a bit how visual styles are handled from 9879. Many of the resources either don't load or they load the incorrect resource which causes icons to appear in the wrong place and can cause system instability. Due to how much has changed, I will break off Windows 10 support for this post and create a new theme from the ground up (since it's necessary at this point with how much has changed) and I will post it as a new post under the Windows 10 section once complete.
Slight edit to the changelog. I apparently forgot what year this was so I corrected the date.

Update (10/28/14)
I have finally gotten a working theme patch in Windows 10 and have finally had time to test. The base theme works but there is a jump list issue once again but the theme is working on both builds 9841 and 9860. Screenshots can be found above for this theme on Windows 10. I have also updated links and have linked a new theme patcher that works on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 TP.

2.3.1 (5/27/14)
-Just kidding about the final release.
-The bug where you can't edit the start screen in update 1 has been fixed.
-Fixed lag when opening up a metro app pinned to the taskbar.

Update (5/24/14)
This is the last version of this theme because mostly everything has been fixed and I want to focus on making another theme. Also, post in the comments what kind of theme you'd like to see next.

2.3 (4/26/14)
-Fixed font sizing issues with clear navbar where the fonts in certain places were too big

2.2 (4/24/14)
-Added a version with no navbar background. I created this by popular demand to have it work better with OldNewExplorer

Update (3/14/14)
Sorry I haven't done much work with this VS recently. My Windows 8.1 partition on my computer had an issue where an update corrupted some system files and left it in a unbootable state and I didn't have much time to work on repairing the system. I fixed it and have it back running so I will continue to work on it a little more

2.1 (1/27/14)
-Added a chromed styled navbar to make the theme more consistent

2.0 (1/25/14)
-Removed the window colorization registry key so the you can set it to any color you want.
-Added auto colorization for the windows
-Added optional registry tweak that adds the ability to have the glass streaks like in Windows 7
-Older changelogs can be found here: damonkeyoncrack.deviantart.com…
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