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New Frontier WIP

Some of the main characters from Star Trek: New Frontier (Pocket Books, by Peter David) Amazon-link: [link]

From the left to the right:

Lt. M'Ress, science officer of the USS Trident. She has been transported through time almost a century to the future (like Arex). M'Ress is a Caitian and has many cat-like features, including pointed ears, a mane, and a tail.

Si Cwan, once a prince and ruler of the Thallonian Empire, until that Empire fell. His commitment to justice is surpassed only by his sense of his own importance. Si Cwan has a commanding presence, and is renowned in physical combat.

Chief Engineer Burgoyne 172, a member of the Hermat species, is neither exactly male nor exactly female, but is instead a combination of the two.

Lt. Soleta, Chief science officer of the USS Excalibur. She is half-Vulcan and half-Romulan.

Lt. Kebron, chief of security on the USS Excalibur. Kebron is a Brikar, an inorganic race of sentient beings that are silicon-based, and appearing to be made of living rock, humanoid in shape but substantially larger in stature than Humans.

Captain Mackenzie (M'k'n'z'i') Calhoun, is a member of the Xenexian species, a race that, for years, was under the rule of the Danteri. Calhoun led the Xenexian revolution that freed them from the Danteri, a revolution that ended before Calhoun turned 20. After a visit from Stargazer captain Jean-Luc Picard, whom he had seen in a hallucinatory vision prior to the meeting, Calhoun left his homeworld and joined Starfleet. After a falling-out after the events surrounding the death of his captain on the USS Grissom, Calhoun left Starfleet, but was lured back by Picard and took command of the Excalibur. His cowboy-like command style sometimes irks his co-workers, but he is always able to get the job done.

Captain Katarina Mueller originally served as the XO of the Excalibur (used here to mean the equivalent of the first officer for the night watch), but later became the first officer (and eventually captain) of the USS Trident.

Commander Elizabeth Paula "Eppy" Shelby was assigned to the USS Excalibur some years before New Frontier under the command of Captain Korsmo. She was romantically involved with Calhoun during her time at Starfleet Academy. When the series began, Shelby served as XO of the Excalibur under Calhoun.

Lt. Arex. The three-armed, three-legged officer was stuck in time until he was later recovered by Starfleet. Arex currently serves as the chief of security on the USS Trident.

Doctor Selar, Chief Medical Officer on board the Excalibur. It is revealed in the opening New Frontier novel story arc that her husband, Voltak, suffered a fatal heart attack years earlier when they were consummating their marriage during pon farr. As a result, she never completed the act, and was in a suppressed state of incomplete pon farr until she met the Excalibur's Chief Engineer, Burgoyne 172. The two began a relationship, and Selar bore them a son, Xyon.

Lt. Mark McHenry, the chief pilot of the Excalibur with an uncanny ability to find his position in space without the aid of navigational instruments, which aided him in many situations as the conn officer on the Excalibur

Lt. Robin Lefler, The operations manager on USS Excalibur under Calhoun.
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Love the pictures, and enjoyed the boos! Why no solo pictures for McHenry and Burgy? lol