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Childish and Innocent

Happy New Year 2018!

Wishing you a warm, happy, safe, positive, and all-the-good-things-out-there the next year and more to you all!
Pat yourself on the back for accomplishing things you've done, whether it's something minor or great and moving on to the next year!

Just keep swimming! :sing:



Happy Birthday DA

Mon Aug 7, 2017, 4:16 PM

Happy 17th Birthday DeviantArt! .

Happy 17th Birthday DeviantArt!

You are now 17! 

My younger twin, a website, is growing up!

Here are some this this you can participate:

Celebrating 17 Years of DeviantArt!Seventeen years ago, DeviantArt launched what would soon become the world’s largest online art community. August 7th marks the day we sprang onto the Internet, and we want to celebrate this momentous occasion by thanking deviants all around the globe for your inspiration, entertainment, and more than a little deviousness!

Get the Badge!

Seventeen years ago, DeviantArt launched what would soon become the world’s largest online art community.
August 7th marks the day we sprang onto the Internet, and we want to celebrate this momentous occasion by thanking deviants all around the globe for your inspiration, entertainment, and more than a little deviousness.
For some, birthdays are a time of reflection, an opportunity,

Birthday Events!
It's that time again to celebrate the DeviantArt community! 17 years is incredible and we've seen a lot but now is a time to reflect on that journey, celebrate our successes, contemplate our challenges and look forward to another year of this amazing community.
Our scribble challenge will inspire you to transform humble doodles into something incredible (and there's a badge :excited:)
The Community Relations team also has events planned throughout the day, in the forums and on the chat network. See here for a schedule of events and times.
Over at projecteducate, we are asking you to share your Artistic Journey.
There's also a

DeviantArt's 17th Birthday - Chat/Forum Events!Dear all,
We hope you're excited for DeviantArt's 17th Birthday! The Community Relations team has prepared a series of chat and forum events for you, as we do every year. In this journal you will find the list of chat and forum events as well as links to the forum threads and the times for the chat events. Each event gives you a chance at winning awesome prizes, so spread the word and get ready!
Chat Events:
All chat events will occur in :#communityrelations: on Monday August 7th!
All the times listed below are Pacific Time (Los Angeles, California) please use this Time converter to help you figure out what time it will be for you.
The typical prizes given out for these events will be 3 month core memberships or the equivalent 1200 points, as well as participation points to all those who didn't win but partook in an activity.
10 AM :
Trivia with Nobody

Contest: Your Artistic JourneyHello all,
To celebrate DeviantArt's 17th Birthday on August 7th, projecteducate wanted to bring to you a special contest that is rife with meaning. We wanted to give you an opportunity to show us what your journey has been in the realm of art, but also on DeviantArt. Please read the information below to find out what exactly the prompt of this contest is, what the rules are, how to participate, and what you could win!
Your Artistic Journey
Whether you've been creating art for 3 months or 15 years, you've got a story to tell. You've gone through a journey, an evolution, you've learned a lot, you've become a better artist, you've made mistakes, you've dealt with frustrations. Not everything was easy, not everything was hard. You started out as one person and you might be someone entirely different right now. Your personal life affected your artistic life, and vice versa. This is what this contest wants to hit right into. We want you to reflect on your time as an artist

Birthday Bingo in the Forums!To celebrate DA's birthday, the Community Relations team has put together a series of contests and events for you to partake in. You can read about the others here (lots of chances to win prizes!) but this one is all about our Birthday Bingo in the Forums contest! Please read through the rules below, and participate to earn some awesome prizes! La la la la
To get BINGO you must find 5 boxes in a row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) 
All answers must be found in DA's forum. You may NOT use the same thread to answer more than one clue!
To submit your 5 links, please send a note to JenFruzz Your answers must list the Bingo slots you chose (i.e., A, B, C, D, E) and the link for each slot! (i.e., A = [link], B = [link], etc.)

DA's 17th Birthday Caption Contest!
:cake: :cake: :cake:
To celebrate DeviantArt's 17th birthday, the Community Relations team is running a caption contest! La la la la  That means it's time to poke some fun at the volunteers and staff by captioning the photos below EVIL Laughter!  
How it works:
Visit each individual photo linked below to leave a caption. Each caption is your entry to the contest. You may leave a caption on any number of these photos as you'd like. Your captions can be whatever you feel is funny, ironic, sassy, derpy, witty enough to fit the photo you're captioning! Also, you can only post one caption per photo!
The Prize:
The best caption for each photo wins a 1-month core membership! :eager: by darkmoon3636
The Deadline:
August 8th at 11:59 PM PT. (LA, California time) Any comments left after that time will no



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OPEN Last batch I'll make Chibi anthro by itslage-adopts
Resources and Stock
Circle Neon Wallpapers by Bulldoggenliebchen by Bulldoggenliebchen
Film, Flash Animation
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They trying to catch me ridin dirtay


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