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Childish and Innocent

Happy New Year 2019!

Wishing you a warm, happy, safe, positive, and all-the-good-things-out-there the next year and more to you all!
Pat yourself on the back for accomplishing things you've done, whether it's something minor or great and moving on to the next year!

Just keep swimming! :sing:


   Zodiacs, Phoenix, and an assortment
Happy Holidays everyone!

Gemini by hgjart


Cancer by hgjart


20130307 by dtjun


Leo by hgjart


Sagittarius by hgjart


Aquarius by hgjart


Follow the Newt by trisketched

Follow the Newt

Redemption by gallant11101110


Once upon time in Asgard by jiuge

Once upon time in Asgard

Sailing by APetruk




Find out more:
12 Days of Features 2018: Share art and spread joyWhatever you celebrate at this time of year, you're invited to share the gift of appreciation and love with your fellow deviant artists by joining in the 12 Days of Features project.
Hosted by the Community Volunteers, 12 Days of Features is a merry way to discover amazing art.
Here's how it works...

Post 1 journal every day from 14th - 25th December.
The number of pieces of art featured in each journal should correspond to the day.
14th December - Day 1 - 1 piece of art
15th December - Day 2 - 2 pieces of art
16th December - Day 3 - 3 pieces of art
17th December - Day 4 - 4 pieces of art
18th December - Day 5 - 5 pieces of art
19th December - Day 6 - 6 pieces of art
20th December - Day 7 - 7 pieces of art
21st December - Day 8 - 8 pieces of art
22nd December - Day 9 - 9 pieces of art
23rd December - Day 10 - 10 pieces of art
24th December - Day 11 - 11 pieces of art
25th December - Day 12 - 12 piec

Skin by Dan Leveille
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Warriorwolf3 Commission 4 by MonaHyena
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Je Suis Fou de Vous! by fmr0
Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn by cristell15
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Cartoons Comics
sketch: study, Marceline by lili-tomato
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Tevin the Terrible- color by KidGalactus
Elsa from Frozen!! by stonesbreaak
Artisan Crafts
Moogle Amigurumi by cristell15
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OPEN Last batch I'll make Chibi anthro by itslage-adopts
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T-Shirt Designs
Moving Process


They trying to catch me ridin dirtay


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