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Narcissism, the meme!

My only take-away from this is I've run full force in the opposite direction of my own face in terms of character design. 

Makes sense.
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You, as a loyal imperial, will be pleased to know that His Holy Majesty is capable of speech once more:…
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Lovely work all around. The one in the bottom right has been one of my favorite 40k pieces ever since I first saw it floating around the interwebs. The level of work you do is just stunning and it's always a treat to see a new deviation from you float my way. Keep on keeping on. The Emperor protects.
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Powerfist and coffee in the morn. Bice way to start a day.
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The commisar always reminded me of Cain for some reason ha ha :D
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Powerfist is best fist.
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The first one kinda reminds me of you, especially from back when you had your hair short (it's so long now!! 8o ) But you do good facial variations so it doesn't surprise me many don't have obvious similarities since they're all different owo
Great positive narcissism by great artist! 
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No matter how far you run.... you can't get away from it!! :evillaugh: Seriously, everyone I see has some similarity, everyone (at least when it comes to people in my inbox)! :D
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For me, it's the underside of my nose. I render a lot of my paintings with similar noses. >_o
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I don't even know this meme, but awesome arts there. You look adorable too XD
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The best of these memes I`ve seen so far. Honestly.
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Tech priest detected: commence praising the omnissiah!
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