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Hetherev: The Good, the Bad, and the Quick
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Published: May 5, 2014
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Name: Ferrus Gunner, Ophelia Gunner, The Quick
Height: 6'3, 3'4", .75"
Age: 38, 6, ???
Gender: Male, Female, ???
Town: Kobekan
Despite appearances, Ferrus is a gentle giant unless his work demands otherwise. When it does, he’s a skilled combatant and a shrewd strategist. These days he's mostly concerned with keeping his daughter safe and The Quick in check. He avoids conflict when he can, or anything that might provoke The Quick into action- something he detests as the changes it inflicts are often unsettling and painful. This can at times make him seem cowardly. Compared to your run of the mill man, Ferrus sleeps a lot and eats a metric ton when he can.

Ophelia remembers only fragments of her young life back at the facility and is still learning her letters and speech. It takes a long while to earn her trust, but once you do she's a very rough and tumble little girl who delights in beating up her father, among other things. Wants to be a soldier when she grows up as well as own a chocolate factory.

The Quick
Belligerent, cagey, private.

Is there anything you feel very STRONGLY that your character NOT be drawn doing?: 

Ferrus? Go for it. Ophelia, if it gives you pause, just ask me. She's but a wee one and I'd rather nothing too terrible happen to her without consulting me. The Quick only demands he be displayed in good taste (and also complete fealty and steak.)

In the far far future, humanity has expanded to critical mass. Even in the light of wonderful discoveries, endless exploration, and new and exotic races and cultures, we remain our own biggest enemy. Split into many factions, the Terran Nationalist Defence maintains grasp over the majority of the human empire, including Earth, and is constantly at war with the many renegade and splinter societies of man kind, seeing themselves as the one true empire. The TND sinks the majority of its vast resources and research into new, terrifying weapons and an active military force of billions.

Ferrus Gunner was one such soldier, raised from birth to be a military dog and quickly earning the rank of officer through aptitude, steadfast dedication and no small degree of pleasure he took in doing his job.  Young and ruthless, he fell out of favour after an incident landed him with severe disciplinary action. Faced with death, he opted instead for reassignment to the Research Division, which he would come to know as The Facility, where he was spirited away to be made test subject for the TND’s latest weapon.

The Quick, a dangerous organism is a species on the brink of extinction under Man’s expansionist might. Near blind, deaf and defenseless without a host, once they've bound to a victim’s neural pathways they’re able to channel great bursts of telepathic ability and transmute the flesh of a host to heal wounds, blend in within a population, or defend themselves tooth and claw. Any benefit this might have provided the host is negated by the organism’s will, mentally exerted over the host’s until they can only watch as their body is taken over and their mind reaped for information.

Physically melding with the host’s brain stem, they spend the rest of their lives paired with the host, extending their life to match their own until they see fit.  Only at the end of their lifespan do they reproduce, budding copies of themselves rapidly from the host’s flesh until it’s nothing but a lifeless husk.

Ferrus was to be recipient to a Quick partially lobotomized in the hope that this catch might be negated, but the Quick still had a mind of its own and was unwilling to lend its abilities, and Ferrus too was an unwilling test subject.  However, through sedation, mental conditioning and other more painful ‘encouragement’, the experts of the Facility were able to coax out various impressive aspects. Noting the imprint the organism had left on Ferrus’ DNA, they decided to see if a second generation might be more tractable. Ophelia was soon born, and Ferrus, mentally broken by this point, was later rescued by an empathetic guard who had decided enough was enough.

The three of them escaped back to sympathetic TND forces who thought The Facility’s ambitions were too radical, and Ferrus was made part of a task force to hunt them down. Ferrus however was not the only one on the hunt, and it wasn't long before he found his daughter missing upon returning from a mission. Though Ferrus had never planned to be a parent, he loved his daughter dearly, she after-all was innocent in all of this and had become one of the brightest lights in his life.  Without hesitation he set off to find her, landing himself in a most obvious trap...

About the Quick, a matter of moderation and privacy

In an ideal month, Ferrus won’t have to call on The Quick for its assistance, living a mostly normal life for the sake of his daughter and himself.  The Quick is content as long as its host is healthy, springing out of dormancy in times of need. If a non-vital task requires its service, Ferrus has to bargain with the Quick to request, or to deny its service, as the the Quick’s bio mutations are often unwanted, painful, and can take many forms.

Though he can’t directly control it, Ferrus has established a truce with the organism, having been permanently stuck with it. Though he will bargain with it for use of its powers, this does not happen often as Ferrus is among other things, a prude and a purist, and does not take kindly to the fact he has a belligerent parasite living in his skull. They do not often 'speak', and when they do it's not so formal as speech but an intrinsic knowledge of needs. Ferrus finds himself able to bargain with it most often by promising it rest and a good meal so that it may drink in his surplus energy.

The known range of The Quick’s abilities are frighteningly broad. Ferrus has most likely witnessed more of their power than any other living human due to his unique relationship with his parasite, and has experienced having his limbs transmuted into weapons, skin hardened to bone like plating, and wings bulge from his back, among other horrors. So too, his form has been altered into the DNA pattern of others, knowing different ages, gender and species for the sake of self preservation, infiltration, and while still within the clutches of the facility - by force.

Ophelia has only ever known her dad as a gentle, kind, dopey fatherly figure, as Ferrus has gone through great pains to never expose his history or current affliction to her. And yet, Ophelia was born of Ferrus’ altered biology, classifying her within The Facility as a ‘hybrid’ though she has never displayed anything but normal human abilities. Ferrus hopes she will remain that way.
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Do they have any connection to the Warhammer 40K comic?
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DamnTorren|Professional Interface Designer
Ha, you caught me! This was from before the game, but it's an AU take on an acolyte I played in a Dark Heresy game. And Talon's dad.
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These guys are going to rock the shit out of hetherev!
I eagerly look forward to whatever shenanigans they get into. 
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Oly-RRR|Professional General Artist
Oh gosh, they are brilliant, all three of them! :D Now I feel sad I don't have any OC in Kobekan yet, I want to draw them.

I'm curious if sneaking groups in is allowed (because it would work great for me in the future, some of my characters work best as small teams), but either way, so excited to see more of these fellows! :)
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Sexual-Yeti|Professional Digital Artist
This is just heartbreaking, the relationship between these two. I adore this!
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A very hungry parasite: the less fun cousin of the Very Hungry Caterpillar
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MadMeeper|Professional Filmographer
BABIES YES GOOD sooooo excited to see these guys in action! 
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Super neat little group there! I look forward to seeing their adventures.
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DamnTorren|Professional Interface Designer
I'm really excited to play them! Got my fingers crossed for sneaking them in.
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