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Dat feel when your kid maybe killed your boss's familiar.

Again, thank you to :iconinquisitorvawn: for the awesome story to go with!


Tarick nodded as the acolytes before him finished giving their reports, each outlining the part they’d played in uncovering the nature of and capturing the creature hidden in the depths of the Malfian hive. Though the thought that the beast had been allowed to rampage unchecked for so long distressed him, he was pleased with the end result.

“Thank you for your time, acolytes. Zolomon, Angus; The supply shuttle will be returning to Port Wander in the next couple of…”

Daddy!” A little voice floated down the corridor outside.

“… hours. You’ve earned some R and R gents, there’ll be some loaded credit chits waiting for you out with Sorrell, grab them and go have a good time on me and the Lady E. Irie, the creature’s body has been…”

DADDY!” The voice was louder now. The burly Interrogator tried to hide an expression that was somewhere between a fond smile and a frown of exasperation, wanting to finish debriefing his acolytes as expediently as possible so he could carry on with the rest of his duties. He could see the temptation to snicker coming to the faces of the men before him and fixed them both with a heavy-browed look.

“Ahem. As I was saying, Irie my apologies but the creature’s body has been taken to the labs and the Magos is not in residence right now, so I’ll need you to oversee the dissection and examination. However once that is done I’m quite happy to sign off on that trip to the Lathes that you requested. The Lady has some items that need picking up from there and you’re more than welcome to accompany the delegation when they go...”

As he finished speaking the door to his office was hurled open by a tiny form throwing herself bodily at it and his six-year-old daughter tumbled in, her eyes half obscured by the entirely-too-large guard helmet perched atop her raven-haired head and slumped forward over her brow. She nearly tripped on her way through, her mother’s combat boots swimming about her minute feet and tangling in the hem of the long dress-up skirt she’d paired with her grey tank top. One hand clutched the hilt of a wooden sword, the other held a scruffy wodge of paper wrapped with a red ribbon under her left arm.

Tarick sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose as he turned to look at his daughter “Cassie, please… Daddy’s in the middle of very imp…”

“DADDY!” Came the triumphant shout as Cassie caught herself and straightened up, march-shuffling over to the desk in the too-big boots to deposit the grimy package before her father “I HAVE SLAYEDA FILFY XENOS!”

A stifled snort of laughter came from Angus but when Tarick looked up again the man’s face was perfectly still and he was looking forward with a steady gaze. The Interrogator looked down again at the “gift” and despite himself found himself smiling at the proud little face beaming up at him. He reached for the package with another quiet sigh and a shake of his head “Cassie, really. This could have waited until…”

He fell silent as he spread open the papers, revealing the slightly blood-spotted inner of the package. A severed bird’s leg with a tack of semi-congealed blood extended between the cut end and the paper lay before him. He looked over at his daughter as she lifted her sword above her head and waved it in roaring triumph, noting absently that one edge of the dull timber blade appeared to be stained darker with blood. For the third time he sighed, this time reaching out to key in the vox.

“Elle… I have bad news.”

The faintly amused voice of his Inquisitor came back with a slight crackle “Oh? How many this time?”

“The bird, actually. I’ve got a leg on my desk and I suspect it might be yours…”

There was a moment of pause, then an affronted cawing came back over the vox followed by Elle’s voice once more “Ohh, well as you just heard, Godai’s here so I don’t know which one she’s gotten.”

Tarick nodded, still watching Cassie as she tried to menace the acolytes in front of his desk with her battle cry, waving her sword and shouting at them for being ‘Stinky xenos lubbers’ “Well at least there’s that… Though if you want I could send her down to deal with him.”

A snorted laugh was returned to him “No thanks, jerkface and I have an understanding. Though really, you might want to consider getting her a bell or something, so she can’t keep sneaking up and catching the rest of them unawares.”

“Yes… A bell…” Tarick mused, looking thoughtfully down at the braid draped over his daughter’s slender shoulder.

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Wait is this Talons brother or is that a different Tarick?
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DamnTorrenProfessional Interface Designer
Talon's brother! They're twins, but Tarick's quite a bit chubbier.
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Let's see how her enthusiasm lasts years from now when she's pointing a Hellgun at a bawling eldar baby. ;p
Arklyte84826's avatar
And let no Salamander or Space Wolf see her doing so...
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Why not? Salamanders only care about humanity, they would positively murder any xeno child. Same for the space wolves with the added thing that they might feel it to be dishonourable but they’d still do it.
Arklyte84826's avatar
You're right, THEY DO exactly as you've said... ever since BL allowed a few moronic authors to get thier filthy hands on them:D So, should we thus consider every piece of edgy tryhard crap they produce as canon? Ok, I'm on it! Let's throw them sexy genestealers at people. And make the girl from the picture beat up Eldar Avatar in single combat since she's the last one, who didn't. Might as well strap multilasers to Land Raider as primary weapons. Oh, we have a lot of meme worthy gems produces since then. And bastardising Vulkan to be just as edgy as others isn't going to hit even top 100.
ggdu69340's avatar
Seriously man yeah there are bad BL authors like Goto but how is it relevant to.. this? 
Arklyte84826's avatar
The same way all Slaanesh followers are now junkie BDSM club, Khorne is all about blood and not about a drop of honor and so on. Darker and edgier, my friend. Sadly GW had dropped off the ledge. Both Warhammer settings started of as sort of a parody, that turned serious to the point that it became a joke once again. Except not a funny or classy one this time:(
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Really well. If the little one also becomes an inquisitor, the demons nothing more have to laughClap 
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MessiahcideStudent Artist
Well, that's horribly cute indoctrination. =D
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TheBl4ckCatHobbyist Traditional Artist
yes storyyyyy wee, but it´s 3:22 am so i´ll read it after I slept x.x

I just wanted to say that this is a cool drawing well done ; D
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serving the empra, he'll make a fine commissar/inquisitor when you die later man and we ship him off to the schola progenium
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Good Kid! :P
InquisitorVawn's avatar
The Inquisitor loses so many birds this way...
xun468's avatar
then maybe he shouldn't be a filthy xeno lover! :P
InquisitorVawn's avatar
She. And she doesn't love them. She just needs to know her enemy. Ordos Xenos after all ^_^
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Yeah sorry, realized I typoed after I hit submit lol. I really like your writing!
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It's cool, and thank you :D I'm hoping to do more, I love working with DamnTorren.

I should put some non-picture-linked stuff up in my journal or something. I write a lot that never sees the light of day.
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Yeah! You guys are a great team :D
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I-am-number-777Hobbyist General Artist
Ha ha, a nice story to pair with this indeed
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RecklessChargeHobbyist Writer
That's so freakin cute its giving me the beetus! I love it! haha!
InquisitorVawn's avatar
Have I told you yet how much I love having my rambly little writings illustrated? Or having things to riff off of to write scenes? Love it <3
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who is the child's mother if I may ask?
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Another acolyte of the Lady Inquisitor, an infiltration, disguise and close quarters combat specialist who met Tarick back when he was also an acolyte by climbing in through his window and startling him to the point of concussing himself on a bedpost.

It's a long story :)
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