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A Gentleman's Airship

The sidepanels took wayyyy longer than they should have.

Now I just need to start IK chaining shiz, finish up my backdrop and get animatin'. I think I might change the 'toes' to wood also.

Cinema 4d 12~20 hours
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*Chirps in steampunk

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Looks like the parrot version of a device an airship pirate would have on his, or her, shoulder.
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So beautiful crafted and painted!
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Wondering what your usage policy is?
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Woah this kinda looks like a mechanical final fantasy chocobo.
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Wow! Fantastic texture and design!
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very nice man!
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looks very cool
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Excellent Work ...................!
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Hum...Intresting Design. I'd like to see it's inner workings, You know, To see if it's up to a gentleman's standards.
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Don't forget the cupholders!
Its for when one needs to imbibe a fortifying drink!

Looks great.
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Lovely! Great texturing!
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I think my default for everything you make is:
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wow! That's awesome and I agree with everyone else. It looks so real. :'D
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WOOAAHH!! COOL love the texturing....and ui so cool
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I tip my hat to you, sir. That is a FINE aircraft indeed *monocle*

Seriously, awesome job. It looks really real, even if it only has two buttons on the dashboard. :D
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It reminds me of both a bird and a gun, and I love it! :)
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Very cools design. =) I like it. I hope to see it in motion ;)
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Wow!!! Love how this turned out!! Great job, and don't you dare regret those side panels!! The gilding looks fabulous. <3
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A TRUE Gentleman's airship must be far more girthful and robust.

And named something like the U.S.S. Rutheford C8
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