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X-23 + Harley Quinn

Two commissions, Harley Quinn (who I like, she's fun) and X-23 (dear lord, most tragic backstory EVAR).
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Very nice! I really like your brush technique on this. Loose & free....just Beautiful!
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I love how X-23 and Daken basically make Wolverine Marvel's Superman Family in a messed up way :)

Very cute set!
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Great Art! Great character depictions.

Um, not to be a jerk but X-23 is supposed to have only one claw in each foot ... Although I'm guessing the mix-up is due to lack of adequate source material as there isn't tons showing that fact.
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I love how you drew harly!!
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Oh very nice! Cool, when I read about the X-23 commish I wasn't expecting Harley too but I'm not complaining! :D Two glorious characters with something in common.
Great style and I really like the butterflies. :)
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not to mention there the only characters to appear in tv before they made it big in comics
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awesome work, but i thought she only had one claw on each foot, unless i missed something, i cant keep up with x-men
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I love when you draw mainstream characters! I love when you draw obscure ones too!
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beautiful work as usual! :D
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Oops, X-23 only has one claw coming out out of her foot.
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my god!!!! i love thiiiis!!!!!!! i would love a list of all ur comics so i can read em!!! ur my inspiration!
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LOVE x 23 Her face is gorgeous!
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Aw, I love Harley. Yet, I adore X-23's adorable little nose. Beautiful pieces!
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i might have to colour that Harley.
It would go well with the Batgirl of yours I coloured a while back
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