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The Hunger Games- Burn With Me

I finished reading the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay, this past week. Go here for my SPOILER FILLED thoughts on the book: [link]

Oh Katniss, you were too beautiful for this world... ;_; One more fanart to preserve you the way you were.
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I honestly would LOVE if you did a full on Graphic Novel to these stories. I saw the small comics you did of em and I'm just in love with it. If they ever decide to adapt it into a graphic novel I sure as heck hope they contact you.
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Nice work! I am hosting a Hunger Games contest you may be interested in - check out the details here: [link]
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Absolutely love this - fantastic character design!
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is this when they set the forest on fire
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I featured this piece in a journal of THG fanart I love ^^ - [link]
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Oh jeebus, as if I needed any more reasons to love your work -- you have fanart of the Hunger Gaaaaaames
I just started reading it, my friend lent me the boxed set
LOVE it so far!
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you have a lovely style
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this is amazaballs! and so is your name :D
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She is definitely one of my fave book characters! Awesome job!
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I love how you painted it
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I love this drawing and I love your blog post.
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Wow! Well I'm gonna' email the pages to Collins's agent and see waht she thinks!
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Okay I sent the Link to Collins's agent and I'm waiting for a responce...
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I really like your Hunger Games stuff! You have a such unique style. I really like this. My friend's dad is a publisher, so if we can get Collins to agree to make her a Hunger Games Graphic Novel. If you want to do it, notify me. I know Collins's agent.
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If you want to pass the link to the pages on to whomever you think would be interested in a Hunger Games graphic novel, you are welcome to.
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Is this her Solider outfit?
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This is definitely the coolest Hunger Games fanart on DA
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hi hi

I'll have to go find this book, series, thing... Your recommendations have never led me astray before.
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Great drawing. And I appreciated your blog post about the ending, too. I can't argue with you, though I do think that perhaps your words are a little over-stating. I think Katniss, while forever changed, while different than who she used to be, can still find genuine happiness, and I think she has. It's both a sad AND happy ending to me.

Though man, did I CRY when Buttercup came back and...well, you know.
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Ehh, I really don't think she was happy in that epilogue. Haunted is more like it. If the author had meant her to be happy in the end, I think we would've had more of a Harry Potter epilogue.
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