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Friends With Boys goes ONLINE

So huge news, Deviantart, my upcoming graphic novel Friends With Boys will be serialized online until its publication in February 2012 (it'll be available as a hard copy from First Second Books). You can read the first 32 pages of Friends With Boys on its website here: [link]
It'll be updating every week day, and I'll be blogging along with the updates, so if you're into comic process, you'll get a peek at mine.

PLEASE spread the word that the comic is available online, I would REALLY appreciate it! I'm really thrilled my publisher is allowing me to do this. For my reasons why I wanted to put the comic online, check out my blog here: [link]
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I bought a copy of the book earlier this month at a convention and I highly enjoyed it. 
EvieMcPhey's avatar
love this book! :D my fave character's got to be Lloyd XD Will there be, like, a sequel detailing the reasons behind the Widow's hauntings? Is she somehow related to Maggie, Daniel, Lloyd, and Zander? :)
procrastinator175's avatar
I love your art. I hope I can buy it in my country (Australia)!
sharkRAIE's avatar
I want to buy it, but I can't find somewhere that delivers on my country (brazil), 
not even in Amazon (just a some of yours in kindle format --') 
Do you know where I can purchase it?
EerieRozen's avatar
I read the graphic novel n thatz wat lead me here to yer wonderful art
Mununga11's avatar
I bought it. I'm in love with your art.
lostsilverkitty's avatar
I love this graphic novel ^^ I actually finished it in one day it was that good XD
DarthRoden's avatar
I have your graphic novel "Friends With Boys" and I absolutely love it! You have got some serious talent! Well done!
LeahAndMimi's avatar
OMG, I 've read F.w.B over and over again and I just love it, plus my friends read it too,they love it as well.
Everyone needs to read it!
We need more graphic novels like this,very relatable(exept for the fact I don't have a ghost following me around,haha)
Great read! ^^
damnskippy's avatar
Thanks! I have a new graphic novel coming out in May that you might like. It's running online for free right now. Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong: [link]
8Darkness-Seeker8's avatar
I bought the book a couple of weeks ago, it was sooooo good! You could really relate to it.
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KinesisBoomer's avatar
I read this book and could relate towards Magie so much!
Favorite reading material!
thundergalaxy's avatar
I like your style.
Arrupako's avatar
My copy just arrived in the mail :'D
LawlxNinja's avatar
Ohmigosh, I just read this two days ago in the library, and I instantly fell in love with the style and story! I was looking for if there was any fanart of it, and I had no idea the creator of the novel had a dA account! You did an amazing job with this, I love it so much and I love your art style >u<
Sugly's avatar
I love this comic! It's amazing!
PrintingPoet's avatar
The graphic novel is amazing! It's hard to put into words, it's just amazing :D
randomactsofviolets's avatar
Holy crap, I just read this book this morning! I had no idea it was online too! Is there more than one volume? Cause I'd really like to see more!
damnskippy's avatar
Nope, just the one book. :) But I'll have a new high school-set graphic novel out next year.
MilzyTomato's avatar
I just bought the paperback copy the other day and couldn't put it down. You are amazing. OK.
ghostfred's avatar
I've read this comic I loved it, its one of the best I've read!! :)
ghostfred's avatar
your welcome ^_^
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