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Community: Modern Warfare

Fanart for the fantastic show Community, which is on Thursday nights on NBC. This is fanart for a particularly epic episode called Modern Warfare. This is a really awesome show and everyone should watch it. :)
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Come with me if you don't want paint on your clothes!
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Camping on a crapper! THis looks awesome. Abed especially looks great!
himemeshikute's avatar
OMG I LOVE THIS! It's like my favorite episode of community ever:heart:
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oh this episode was cool. cool cool cool.
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Wicked Community fan art. Annie is particularly great here. Community's definitely my favourite show, but I don't feel like season 4 is measuring up. What do you think of the current season?
ZachriDaSamri's avatar
same way bro.
season one was great
season 2 was amazing
season 3 was great
season 4... meh

shame. I hope it doesn't get worse from here D8
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This is literally the best thing I have seen on dA...EVER. Seriously. Holy crap. OMG. YOU GOT EVERYTHING SO PERFECTLY!!!! And Annie!!! Omg!!!!
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Cool. Coolcoolcool :D
I love the expression on Annie's face. Really captured the moment.
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Oh mein gott. Das ist awesome.
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Love Annie with the trash can lid.
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This is streets ahead. And I LOVE Annie in this, LOL.
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awesome. this show rules.
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favorite episode
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Abed looks perfect, but I think Annie's expression is my favorite. Shirley looks like she can kill me with her brain here. Fan-flippin-tastic.
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Senor Chang was amazing in this episode, i love the reference to the John Woo films, all that was missing were some doves
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Ugh. I love this show. And your art. It's a lethal combo.
I'm here because someone at scans_daily recced Superhero Girl.
Now I find out that you do Community fanart.

I love you. <3
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How much do I love this??

SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. I loved this episode.
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Yes... Yes! YES!
RIOTMCCOY's avatar
GREAT! i love this show!!
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