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Reap what is sown,
for thine efforts bear fruit,
as the blossoms arrive
putrid and full of blight,
be content with the result.......
as the garden is yours.
   Truly this is a sorrowful occasion, so reminiscent of seeing a favorite pet go..... Every $#@&ing design to date I have used Ol' Wilbur for one aspect or another of it. My GIMP knowledge score on the freelance site I use is 4 points above master. Yet, as I stand on the threshold of starting school for graphics and web design, knowing full well that they'll intend for, nay, they will require me to use Adobe Creative Suite.....
  And I know that to get truly familiar with it, I am going to have to say goodbye to a dear old friend, put the leashes on him and walk him down to the last final spot, where I will have to put him down. I cannot do it.... Will somebody please come and push this button as
 I have been unable to thus far....
  Yesterday, this person was blogging about art coming from the soul, yada, yada, and about "Positive Thought & Energy is a true Force of Life. Time - Was, Is & Will be - Now. If you are in the Moment, you are alive. If not, you are only a Thought. i am now, i am alive"…blah, blah, blah.... WITH THAT IN MIND, I cannot help but ask this genius if his views are indeed correct, then:

 Why is most art beautiful, when deep down, most people are actually ugly?

 How can art be deeply expressive, when the artist is undeniably so shallow?

 What if you develop artist's block and cannot seem to draw anything or you just do not feel creative for some reason; anything along those lines... Does this or could this mean you've lost your soul? Is it on vacation or gone for good? Hey, maybe its lost like the car keys, and if you search and search, you'll eventually find them right under your nose in a place you've already looked 4 times?

If you've sold your soul, are the creative works coming from within you still yours? Do you have the right to ask money for
or claim proprietary rights to a design that is coming from a soul you aren't legally the owner of?

If positive thought and energy is a TRUE force of life, is negative thought a FALSE FORCE OF LIFE? What about realistic thoughts? Being sometimes positive and sometimes negative, do they cancel out and become neutral?

Time (at that point thereof) IS indeed now... Was and will be are no longer (or not yet) NOW... however, WTF does that have to
do with thought? Are you saying you do not think in the now? Or, just that you do not think?

 I THINK....
   What this guy really needs to do is recall (thought) how much mescaline he took in the now previous, and try to estimate (thoughts) when he will be back to this now from that now, now that he knows he's now on that knowing (nothing) journey...
   Now, if this guy was sober and actually thinks this way... Well, it is "artists" like this that cause me to:
  Never frequent Starbucks;
  Refuse to critique the designs of others;
  Nor will I design anything that has deeply implied undertones and must be read between the lines of a 6 lane highway;
  Never wear a cardigan sweater;
  Still smoke Marlboros (I'm not a cowboy, so they won't kill me!!!)....

  Pretentious artists, driving their hybrids, all full of themselves and  their fake philosophical ideology, makes me want to punch them until they obtain common sense or slip into a coma!!!! (mostly joking)  Seriously, get grounded, buy a clean air Jetta or make your own grease car system or a hydrogen generator.... Most importantly, learn common sense....

 Trust me when I say you'll still be a artist and creative, you just will cease to be a moron....