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I have been creating fractal images since early 2019,quit it at the end of 2021,and now I returned to fractal art and its community. I am almost not able to create anything when having quit fractal art and that drives me mad...!

Sorry for the disrespect of these person who have been "belonged to other people's misfortune forever" but I still want to make fractals...

I want to call myself "Model Sapiens" - unknown being which is a bit like these character models in games.

So it's totally made up of a textured "skin" surface and the column-like "instinct" that can handle everything unacceptable(but through behaving so-called "too intensely")

Because one "Model Sapiens" has such structure instead of the cells,tissues and organs,etc. which a normal human would have,I am too weirdly healthy.

(Although it is said that I had been sick myself before but it was more than 12 years before...! Don't know why that's the reason many persons act like they don't understand my situation...)

I haven't gone to the places which are familiar to you normal people for more than ten years and I'm totally unaffected by all food intake,weathers and other conditions which may cause sickness to normal people.

I began to fear other people's misfortune mainly since late 2020. During this process,all scenery linked to other miserable people's feelings become meaningless to me and I could no longer read,watch or listen to these artworks linked with other people's misfortune.

After September 2021,other people's sickness has become more and more scary and unacceptable meanwhile my reactions to these things become more and more so-called "too intense".

Believe it or not,such situation have become my burden and obstacle and now it has been affecting my schooling.

Well,sorry to say such weird things and thank you for reading all of this.

All my old fractal images have their own names and some of them are not created in Ultra Fractal. Since thinking of a name representing the impression of the image have been more and more difficult for me,I'm going to set a new format for these newly created UF images. It might be confusing that the image named "20200808-2"is actually finished on 12rd August,which is a lot later than the date shown in its name. I'm going to try explaining that. It's a bit hard to conclude my procedure of creating a fractal image in UF but they all have the same first step: defining the fractal structure. It means selecting a formula,adjusting the parameters under the "formula" tab in the "Fractal Properties" window and set a proper location. In the next steps of making fractals,the formula parameters and the location will not be changed unless I want to offset some layers for making some "glitch" effects. When making these adjustments to the formula parameters,multiple nice results may come out and
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So I remembered that on the April 1st of last year had the font of everyone's profile pages changed to Papyrus and this time we have a croissant in place of the DA logo in the top-left corner...? And these pixelated and dithered icons in the "submit" menu really look nice,I wonder whether these pixel icons will always look like this or the normal ones will be back once April 1st passed since I do not use DA very often...
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I will release the rest of these fractal images later since I really have to go to sleep now... And I actually really hope that there will be more people noticing me here...
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Thanks very much. :)

You are welcome!

thanks for the ⌚

Maido! my new friend, "Maido!" is a greeting only found in Osaka. I am deeply moved by your works and very happy to have a relationship with you. By the way, the theme of my works is "Eroticism". At the same time, I'm also experimenting with painting style arrangements for my travel photos. Most of them are in Europe, which I visited by bicycle a few years ago. These are nostalgic places... O-kini! Greeting from AnPonman Osaka Japan.

Thanks for your comments! I'm not bothered by eroticism since it's also a way of conveying deep messages in some artworks I've heard of...

I have no experience of travelling abroad myself but heard some impressive stories of travelling in Europe from other people so I'm looking forward to your future submission!

f2u blushing bunny icon!