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Con season makes me so wonderfully focused and driven. I am at the point at which my costumes are finishing up and all look like what they're going to be. Does anyone care about progress pics or just the finished costumes? Because I've actually taken some progress shots this year and I fully intend to get lots of great shots of my costumes at con, unlike all 9 previous years. :P
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A Tumblr of funblr

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 28, 2010, 8:46 PM
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Sasha For The Win

Chicago is treating me well so far.
In other news, I finally gave in and made a Tumblr. Go see my new hobby here:

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Moving to Chicago

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 22, 2010, 5:07 PM
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I am leaving sunny Atnalta, city of palindromes (… ) for the windy city! I am going in an attempt to jumpstart my life and get me back on track. Too many things are bogging me down here, I am wasting time here. I don't want to risk getting tied down and spending my whole adult life in the same city.
It's a leap of faith, in a way, but I believe in myself and my ability to be really fucking cool. So, see you Chicago people soon!

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Welcome to Me

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 25, 2010, 1:21 PM
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More interesting submissions soon

Lots of fun costume goodness will be coming up soon. No good pictures have turned up from Momocon yet, and I did forget to bring my camera. D'oh!

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OVER 9000!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 12, 2010, 9:58 PM
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Thank you to everyone that took a gander at my gallery! I will be putting up some new steampunk sometime after next weekend's Momocon. I have been horrible about taking pictures lately. I will try to change, I promise!

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Ooh, shiny and new!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 13, 2009, 10:20 AM
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I have skin now!

Don't mind me, just trying out skins and stuff. I will get my act together and make more submissions soon. That is assuming I don't get overly distracted by all the books I'm hoping to get for Xmas.

New costume plans are already in the works, and I'm going to be sewing my ass off right after the holidays. Hope everyone has a Happy and a Marry!

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I got a call back on my audition and did as well as I could have. I'll hear back around Jan if I got it. Keep appendages crossed for me.

Now let me see if I can find some new art to submit.
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So instead of the St. Augustine Pirate Festival, I am going to go audition for the Harry Potter theme park. I know I won't get hired, I'm probably too heavy and I don't have that typical theme park pretty face, but I think that I need to be able to say I went to the auditions.
See, I'm an optimist. Even though I won't get hired, this will probably be the scariest audition I've ever gone to, and therefore will make all other auditions that much less scary!

Also, it's an excuse to go down to a theme park!

The plan is to go in, do our thing, then for me to find someone staying at a nicer hotel than us and talk them into letting us hot tub with them. It's really not hard to do.
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I'm very glad I finished my dress in time. Next up on my list is some new pirate clothes and then the labor-intensive project for next con season.

But with Halloween in a few days, I am sure to have more pictures to post soon.
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I know everyone's getting sick of all the pirating I've been doing, but such is the folly of being a professional pirate.

All kidding aside, I do have quite a bit more pirating to do. I am making a ball gown for the Dead Buccaneer's Ball this weekend. Yeah, I probably shouldn't decide to make a gown one week before an event, but honestly, I don't think I'll ever learn not to do that kind of thing.
The League is also hitting St. Augustine Pirate Festival. It's more reenactor-oriented, so we'll be our filthiest!

And, of course, Halloween! Though I am not sure if I will end up doing anything new for that. I'll probably end up being Pirate Sally or a fancy demon.
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I really do seem damn lazy, don't I? Everyone else seems to have their Dragon Con pictures up already. Well, I'm working on it. I really should've gotten someone short to take my photos, and maybe somewhere a bit nicer. Meh, my own fault for not caring about pictures until afterwords.

I'll probably have tons of great pirate pictures after this weekend. Tybee Pirate Festival is a grand tradition!
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I've got three costumes still to finish for Dragon*Con, but two of them are passable now, so I'm not too worried. This year is going to be an awesome lineup.
Feral Fairy- mostly done
Steampunk outfit- done
Sally- almost done. The Jack to go with it is still only in pieces
Pride & Prejudice & Zombies- done
Napoleon- done
Draco Malfoy- same as last year, but still fun as hell.

Most importantly, this year I have Julie there to remind me to get pictures of my costumes!

After the con, I will be hauling ass to get all my big plans for next year started. I'm going to regret my decision in a few months of nonstop sewing.
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So I will have new costumes up by mid September. Good stuff is cooking, so stay tunes.

Looking at the first Dragon Con costume finished for this year (so far), I can't help but realize that I am one weird person.

Hmm, maybe if I make a Jane Austen dress, I'll get to test my zombie makeup skills.
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Neat, I had not looked at my page views in quite some time and I just noticed it was at exactly 6000. I suppose that means I have to submit more stuff, huh?
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I figured I would just put all these links on here to keep them together, in case you didn't know of one or the other.
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Here's hoping 2009 is filled with even better happenings!

Highlights of '08 were:
Dresden Dolls
San Fransisco
Flogging Molly
Dragon Con
Pirate Fest
Mr. Friskett improv
and last, but not least, me and Ian's one year mark.

Over a year now and I have not yet had to call in favors with friends for help hiding the body! Success! I think there's some sort of statistic that says if you don't kill them in the first year it probably won't happen for a good long time.

I am looking forward to more cons, much more improv, new jobs (I hope), exciting new projects, and having fun doing whatever I do.

So, enough of this sentimental crap, lets just get right to me incorrectly dating legal documents for the next two months.
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I have decided to call the series of watercolors I'm working on "Victorian Robotopia". It's like Dinotopia, except more stylish and with robots. Yes, this did spawn from my steampunk obsession, but I had already promised to do some robot pieces for a friend's gallery. The Victorian just sort of fell into place, the three things I draw most being skulls, Victoriana, and robots. As long as I get good money for these, I won't be too heartbroken to see them go. Besides, Kimba having a gallery can be nothing but good.
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