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Welcome to dAmnIdlers

Dictators: (developers and channel staff)

:icondivinityarcane: DivinityArcane - Founder of the channel and group, creator, developer, and host of dAmn-IdleRPG
:icondeathshadow--666: DeathShadow--666
:iconorrinfox: OrrinFox
:iconlightningkitsune105: LightningKitsune105

Guardians: (Moderators)

:iconknightofbreath: KnightOfBreath


Sit down, shut up, do nothing.


You can find them on this page. No poking around ;)

If that page doesn't work, you can access it via the server itself here.


/chat dAmn-IdleRPG

- then -

register align class

The bot will explain when you open a private chat with it.

* Note: If you can't open a private chat [or use /chat], consider using a better client or at the very least making the crappy dAmn client somewhat more tolerable.

Side note: If you still cannot register, you can either place a registration request via the website (which requires approving the app first) or you may join :#dAmnIdlersStaff: and request that a Dictator register you manually. Provide them with an alignment (light, dark, neutral) and a class (anything up to 64 characters long, including spaces.)

Penalties? What's that?:

Doing things like talking, leaving, being kicked, losing battles, etc will result in you being penalized. Penalties add time on to your "Time to the Next Level", making it take longer to get to the next level. So, be good!

I have more than one connection, is that ok?:

Yes. The bot checks only the "first" connection sent by dAmn, which is the one that's been on dAmn longest. Do a /whois on yourself to check which one is first, it'll be the one on the top. Note that getting disconnected can reorder the connections, so pay attention and check them periodically. I personally recommend having a second connection open that just sits in dAmnIdlers, as it's faster and easier to level up that way.

Help! I tried to use /setaway or /setback and I was penalized! Why?:

superdAmn (for the vanilla dAmn client) does not limit itself from sending away messages to the channel, unlike wsc. Though I have put in a fix for it, electricnet hasn't been around to add it to the live copy.

Are there any other rank privclasses, other than "Newbies"?:

Yes. Promotions are automatic. As of May 29 2013, there are new classes and new level requirements.

Upon reaching level 30, you will be promoted to Idlers.
Upon reaching level 60, you will be promoted to Seniors.
Upon reaching level 80, you will be promoted to Generals.
Upon reaching level 120, you will be promoted to IdleGods.

How long will it take me to get to level X?:

That depends on two things: 1. How long you spend in the channel idling; and 2. luck.

Every half hour, there is a chance that the hand of God will either bless or smite a random player, 25% of the way towards or away from the next level. Other than this, myself (DivinityArcane) or DeathShadow--666 can summon forth the hand of God at whim. Edit: Guardians may also summon the hand of God freely now.

Do not ask why you may have been smitten, it's completely random and depends on your luck.

Battles? I lost? What?:

Every time someone levels up in the game, there is a battle between them and another player who is chosen randomly. The outcome of the battle is decided by a simple formula. Each player is drawn a random number between 0 and their level, the higher of the two wins. The winner is pushed X amount towards their next level, while the loser is pushed X amount away. As of May 26, 2013, there are now random battles every 15 minutes.

I want to change my class or alignment. How do I do that?:

New!: You can now file for a class or alignment request on this page! It's all automatic, and your changes will be applied as soon as it's approved! Try it out!

Help! I've got another question!:

If you have any questions, would like to appeal your ban, or you just want to check your stats, you can join the backroom: :#dAmnIdlersStaff:

If no one is around to help you (rarely happens), just send your question here and I'll review it as soon as I find the time to read it. This is usually within 24 hours, but most often within an hour or two.

And with that, thank you, and happy idling. - DivinityArcane
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Tell your bot to shift its RNG away from me. I've been involved in a seemingly large amount of events. :shakefist:
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