KDeviant for Windows

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Version 0.1.5 of KDeviant is out in a native Windows version. [website] [direct link]

Please look at the [Project Website], it'll be more up to date than the journals or deviations here.
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I can't get it to work at all... it says I'm missing a .dll which is just simply a lie
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yaheeee ! good !
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By the way...

This wont connect as it is as its still trying to connect to: [link] with a port of 3900.

You need to go to the expert configuration and change the server value to: [link]. The port has remained the same.

Just a little heads up. I wondered why it wouldn't connect when I first got it!
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Very very very well done!

I'm downloading as I type this.

I can tell this will be stupidly popular... Although thats obvious.