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assimilation 1 - escape

By damnengine
All photography, textures etc. by me.
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© 2010 - 2021 damnengine
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This is is all of your work.
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Amazing Blend. Favorited.
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whoa... dude! this is epic! I love it :D
theblister's avatar
awesome, I love your style!
fudaryli's avatar
paperkill16's avatar
you're my favorite!!
DarkMPhotography's avatar
Wowww!!! Amazing picture! Yeahhhh!! :headbang:
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your amazing artwork has been featured on my site in the best of favourits 03/10, which you can find here [link]
i´d like you to visit my page and place your vote for the artbook cover in the poll on that page. thank you! keep on creating!
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This one's quite powerful... I really like how the light enters the room and fills it.

Great work
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Pretty amazing. Great work on the shadows and compiling this amalgamation together.
iamjuice's avatar
great attention to detail in the lighting. what exactly is going on in this image?
amazing and awsome
Rhino-fish's avatar
it shows how magic breeds away from humans. thats why we consider it magic, it's so alien to us but thats because you have to look for it in different ways and places.
Tanith-Mora's avatar
Oh my!

Your work reminds me of a psychotic image someone once painted of the Pandora's Box myth.

Freaking amazing, and fave.

Wow this is scary. (also reminds me of Kerrigan being assimilated by the Zerg Overmind in Starcraft 0.0)
Ravenna-Song's avatar
it's so evil on so many levels....AWESOME!!!!
scorpionjb's avatar
+ 2 fave ! great job
Almost reminds me of a Hydralisk of the the Zerg from Starcraft....
"Foolish Templar, it was folly of you to come here; for I am Kerrigan, and I am Queen of the Zerg!"
Mae govannen.
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more awesome than i could ever describe!
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Somebody has to be able to escape from the 'Borg
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It looks awesome, but what the hell is it?
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