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Inbetween projects image to fight my non-existent boredom. This image is entirely made from photos I took on my trip to Poland, the legs are yv's :iconyv:, thanks for walking in front of me and check whether it's safe.
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Completely awesome!
This is just amazing!!!
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This really is amazing.
Great execution.
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Oooh this is REALLY well done :wow:
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holey cow! great work mate. I'd just have the border a bit off centered. but that is just an issue of personal taste. great work!
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What an inspired piece of work.
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very interesting
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do you use loads of textures? i dont understand how you get the great range of colours in all your pictures?!
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I didn't use that many textures on this piece, the colors I get are usually not the result of my textures anyway, I recolor the images.
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how do you re-colour the images? just with levels and hue and stuff? loving your work by the way!
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mostly with stuff. Well I just add color layers and paint in those.
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I dont suppose you could give me any tips for this piece im working on? [link]
The album is called "Dead and Buried?". i dont know where to write that.. but other than that is looking ok?! Thanks!
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cool, thanks for responding! saw some stuff on ur forums, cheers for that!
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Very nicely done ! I love how it reminds me of an abstract piece !
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I like how you manipulated this together. Especially the roots.
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This is wonderful! It has such a natural feel to it! :clap:
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Very talented indeed.
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Beautiful work..
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I wish some day learn to do this photo manipulation.
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but I don´t know how to start!! ajaja is incredible this pic. I love it.
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zeer netjes
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