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Welcome to the dAmn-army

We are not affiliated with the dA message network.
We are not an official dA group.
Our group name is an intentional pun.
We are an "army of messengers."

Welcome to the dAmn-army, a group created by a deviant who had her work taken without permission, and who fought and won a long court battle to reclaim her art and artistic dignity.

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The making of great art by KainTheVampireLord
Shebang Sheriff by KobayashiHisa
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Art-thievery by DragonPictures
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Hello everyone, this is :iconkitsumekat:. I did not realize that I had been promoted to being the founder of this group so I'm writing this entry to ask for suggestions on how to make this group more active and better.

Please make sure the suggestion is professional and be kind to the others who make suggestions.

I hope to make your involvement in the group enjoyable.
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dAmn-army: We fight for equal rights!

We are a small community helping out to rid the site of policy violators!

We are not staff.
Founded 9 Years ago
Sep 19, 2010


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Derghugger Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Hello! There’s an artist that keeps hiding my comments because I’m saying that the “ref” or traced image they are using is stolen as the person who made this did not give them permission to use that, here’s the link:
Free commission- by loreclub847
Auffallend Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
So I found someone who is claiming art as their own when they are only coloring over or using vectors on already existing photos/ Screen caps. Many/most of this person's gallery consists of such paint overs that give 0 credit to the actual images.
He also Doesn't even bother with the backgrounds, and just blurs out pieces he can't/ doesn't want to paint over...
I am all for painting studies, but don't go painting over a picture and call it your own!!!!
I have several examples here in my journal that I was able to track down:
Help me nail an art thief
Flagged as Spam
SoulsofTheDoomed Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, first please stop mentioning me in all of these. You have spammed my inbox with 13 mentions so far of this same message but posted to other groups, I don't need your pity for being "ripped off".

In my opinion I wasn't ripped off, I've look at all the links you've put here and I don't see any evidence of Gayfox tracing any of the links you've shown. 

The first link you sent that you claimed Gay fox traced over is a Dutch Angel Dragon, many people sell and draw those and they couldn't have traced it when one is standing up and the other is not, as there would have been hesitation in their lines when doing so from having to stop constantly to trace certain parts. Might I add the person whom you linked has stolen that adopt so if anything shouldn't you be going after them since you have legit proof they have stolen that adopt and many other adopts? 

The second link, there are obviously major differences between Dragontamer's Morrigan species and Gayfox's Dragami species. Someone does not own the idea of having something that is fluffy. 

As for their Alolan nine tails, that is literally just a pose of a nine tails running. Again there is no one that owns the pose of anything running and there is no proof of them being traced as there are major differences in the positioning of the legs and many other aspects. 

They have done nothing to show that they are a "terrible user" in fact they have been nothing but kind to everyone they have talked to. Not because they want to "Rip people off" but because that's how an artist acts, they treat people who like their art with respect just as the person who likes their art does for them. 

As I stated there is no proof that anything that what you have said is true, there are major differences from the pieces you have claimed they traced and also major differences in the species you claim that they have stolen. I have said what I wanted to say, and again in my opinion I have not been ripped off, I do extensive research before I buy adopts as some of my best friends are artists on this site and have mentioned to me more times than I can count, how someone has stolen their's or someone else's artwork. 
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