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The Traagha is a phenomenon in which the Three Hounds of Making together with their followers abandon their habitat and move to another place to make their new home. The reason for the movement even though is spoken of since the oldest religions, is unknown and has no specific pattern, thus cannot be predicted and prepared for. Some say the hounds keep looking for their masters, while the more rational ones say that they are just looking for more fertile land. According to some religions the Traagha is being worshiped as good omen, seeing it as an event taking care of the balance of the world. According to others though, it is the sign that the world is being consumed by the other realms. Whatever the truth might be, this event has been shaping the continent of Inir for as long as it has existed.
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It looks nice.

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Reminds me of one of the old 4chan art with the "old ones". Thanks for the nastelgia.

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Nice Lags!:D awesome art!

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Wow! That is a huge army

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you could put some sort of whoppin great gun on one of them dinosaurs

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this is so frickin cool

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I feel like this is the Zeffo from Jedi Fallen order. I really like this art piece.
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A lot like the Tallnecks from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Beautiful pic!
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It's very beautiful. It gives of this mysterious aesthetics and just overall great.

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This is really cool. Great illustration for a great concept.

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Absolutely stunning. Love the perspective.

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Lovely artwork. The scenery is just spectacular ;P

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I have no clue what that is, but I love it.

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