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Couple months ago I decided I want to improve my skills regarding rendering, environments and photogrammetry assets. I decided I want to put 3ds Max MR behind me and try something new. That's where Corona renderer comes in.
I started getting nice results after only one or two hours in it. I love it. Then I dived into Megascans and realized the potential photo scanned assets and pbr materials have.
On the link bellow you can see some test renders.
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Alright, more like 65 days, but still :) 
Either way, lot's of work has been done during those 65 days. 
These represent a selection of concepts I created during my time 
with Milk VFX when I worked on the Dinosaurs In The Wild project. 
I took bunch of my dino models of whom some rendered in 3ds max, some straight from zbrush and couple of them grabbed from Milk VFX turntable videos. All of these models were mangled and puppeted via photoshop into various poses, then slapped onto photobashed environments. Goal was to rapidly produce as many images as I could in as short period possible but to still keep it readable in terms of direction and feeling of what the final piece could come down to. 
After we wrapped the conceptualization stage which lasted about 15 days or so, selection was narrowed down to about 25 images that we kept working on and making them into high quality production stills.

Follow the link to see the 65 images here:…
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Check it out at these links:…
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Hi guys
As of late I've been making stream series where I'm sculpting dinosaurs in Zbrush.
I'm making these dinosaurs for the upcoming book by Mike Kelly. The book title, "Super Predator: The World of Tyrannosaurus Rex"
At the moment I'm building Deinocheirus. 
Once I finish that dinosaur, I plan on beginning work on Therizinosaurus. 
There are 4 or 5 more dinosaurs that need to be built, that I plan on covering with these streams. 
Follow the links bellow and join my facebook page where I'm announcing these streams, visit my youtube channel and my google + page, subscribe and tune in.
In these streams I share my work methods, I share my ideas and giving tips which are hopefully help out in improving your sculpting and your dinosaur models.
All the streams are additionally being recorded and uploaded to my youtube channel for later viewing.

facebook page:…
youtube channel:…
google +:…

Sculpting Dinosaurs by damir-g-martin
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Check the link and see the Mammoth I created for QUO scientific magazine.…
Just came back from Gojira! I liked it. It was way better than Pacific Rim, and it was better than Godzilla from 1998 imo. 
Here's where the rant starts and some possible spoilers!
I'm looking for the moment when I go to cinema. I sit back into one of those comfy seats and the lights go out. 
The movie starts. We sit there for 2 hrs and a bit more (cos I believe you can't (it is possible but hard) really make a good movie and get your audience emotionally invested in characters and story if its bellow 2 hours) and we walk out of this experience wanting and dying to see more. This does not happen for me in this Godzilla movie. And I want that feeling, I miss that feeling. I never actually cared for any of the human characters at all(expect a little for the Bryan Cranston character that we lose early on in the film) 
I would be totally hyped and happy if I havent actually seen Godzilla or any other monster right up to the end,, and when I saw it, it was just a fin breaching the sea surface, about to come out and show itself in full glory. Or if you have to show it, maybe one sighting and many casualties, and some major characters go down at that moment. 
Actually the first segment of the film where the Nuke power plant gets messed up. There is enough material for an entire movie just there.
Now someone can probably say, such movie would be boring and would be a major flop at the box office. I dont think so. 
I think and I strongly believe that any, I mean any fckng subject can be made at a very high level of story telling and have all the dots perfectly connected and become a masterpiece that will be remembered and cherished trough generations.

I started walking out of cinema at times, after I would see some movie with ideas forming in my head like; "Maybe I'm just to old and grew out of this sci fi thing. Maybe if I was a kid it would be different. Maybe its not them, the movie makers (directors/producers/screenwriters) that fuck the shit up. Maybe its my brain that cannot take any more of that nonsensical stuff. Big monsters destroying cities and breathing radioactive beams killing anything in its path. Yeah right, like that could happen!" Then I go back a year or two back and remember "Super 8" for example that I completely enjoyed. So I breathe easier knowing its not me, its just the way it is nowadays. Its like, there is no more erotic anymore, you dont desire for an intercorse. Its just hardcore porn and you end up with a sore ass.
I just feel as tho the movie directors shove so much Godzilla and Kaiju, and big ass robots and autobots in your face to the point they become insignificant. 
This movie suffered from a pretty similar symptoms "Man of Steel" did.
Despite all these things I mentioned above, the movie was still enjoyable. But it could have been so much more. 
Anyway, the Godzilla parts, the destruction, the fights with MUTO creatures. Beautifully executed. The destruction effects were insane. level of realism and cgi perfection was very very high. Way better than Pacific Rim in those terms imo.
Creature design was insane. I loved the "retro" look of the Godzilla. They made it work and then some. There was a cool moment in the beginning of the film where there is this Jurassic Park sort of tribute with that Agusta A-109 flying into Philippines mining site, I loved that. 
There were some classic scenes in the film that I loved. The Halo jump scene was one of the strongest visuals in the film. Tho, me not caring for the soldiers and characters the slightest bit made it less than is was suppose to be. Intention for greatness was obvious and visually it was there, the use of 2001 music with those freaky chores was chilling. But again, the ground flat characterization reduced the impact of the Halo jump scene. 
I mentioned 2001. Imagine If you did not care for Dave and Frank when Hal plotted against them. Everything would be less appealing I suppose. We would care less for their lives, Hal wouldn't be as half as ominous as it was. It would be a cold dog turd. 
This way, all these characters empower each other and you end up fearing for the astronauts and hoping they can take Hal down..And then, this situation with great characterizations give more power to the environment, to the design, everything becomes more real and plausible. Your mind is fixed, no time for floating.

Aghhh, this is becoming to long a read. 
I liked the movie, but hoped for more. Visually it is very powerful, some superb scenes. Thats it.

This is what ensued.
I sculpted this Dragon for the Zbrush User group Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia. 
Tho, I could not show this clip at the event due to some tech issues and what not. Instead I did a short live session.

Originally I was suppose to show process of sculpting this dragon via Zbrush Undo history selector. Since I never used that feature, upon completing 4 hour long sculpting session I saved zbrush project. Not knowingly I havent saved zbrush history. You do that by pressing "UndoHistory" button under "File" panel. Boy was that a fun realization :D (Big Grin) 
The Dragon .ztl will be available over the coming days, most likely on a dedicated Zbrush forum thread. I'l post links here once it is up.

Watch the entire 4ish minute video for the punchline at the end. If you skip it, it wont be as strong xD 

This is what ensued.
I sculpted this Dragon for the Zbrush User group Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia.
Tho, I could not show this clip on the event due to some tech issues and what not. Instead I did a short live session.

Originally I was suppose to show process of sculpting this dragon via Zbrush Undo history selector. Since I never used that feature, upon completing 4 hour long sculpting session I saved zbrush project. Not knowingly I havent saved zbrush history. You do that by pressing "UndoHistory" button under "File" panel. Boy was that a fun realization :D 
The Dragon .ztl will be available over the coming days, most likely on a dedicated Zbrush forum thread. I'l post links here once it is up.

Watch the entire 4ish minute video for the punchline at the end, if you skip it wont be as strong xD 

Triceratops color layout of an alpha/adult male during a neutral look. Color would vary across the male gender from a bit more dull and dark marking younger males, to even more vivid red for when the adult male feels threatened or aggressive. Red patches of color, especially on the head and frill areas generally mark males. Females are lighter colored in dull, cold to warm grays...Modeled for a book project by Mike Kelly. This head is rendered in Zbrush, perspective turned on, no shadows, no reflections or specularity.

Ixor VFX making of video. I was entirely responsible for the dragon design and the final model.

Check out my latest livestream. I was struggling with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle :D
For the first time I did audio commentary during livestream. So it was one of probable causes for my inability to finish the model completely or get it to my own liking. 
Anyways, follow the link bellow if you want to hear me mumbling and dabbling in Zbrush viewport.…
As far as the Smaug goes, "Truly songs and tales fall utterly short of your enormity, O Smaug the Stupendous..."  This quote is spot on. Smaug is terrific. I had fears of "talking Smaug" but it worked out. Tho, I have to say It could have been made more realistic, and I'l explain my reasoning. I liked how when Bilbo puts on the ring he picks up spiders talking in Mirkwood. Sort of like, when you put on One Ring you can sense, see and hear things others cant. I loved that. In my opinion. They should have kept that thing working trough the entire movie. When Bilbo faces Smaug. He should have been the only one that can "understand and hear" Smaug, regardless of whether he has the ring on his finger or simply in his hand. Anyone who holds the ring has his senses altered..
This would make dialogue between the Thorin and the Smaug pretty much impossible, or one directional to say the least... But they could have made that work as well. Smaug doesnt have to say anything to Thorin, his actions speak more than words.

Point is, I liked it, but I think it could have been made even better and more real, or more in sync with the LOTR and the "already established universe where animals/monsters dont speak"  Imagine Balrog in the first LOTR, when confronted with Gandalf who says to him " YOU SHALL NOT PASS" imagine if Balrog replied with anything else but a roar and a thunderous fiery whip crack?

This was one of the issues I had with Unexpected Journey as well. I still can't get over the three Trolls in the forest. They could have talked, but not in some english accent, they should converse in some trollish, orkish something something language..
I mean, I get that that scene in particular was constructed in a manner for the younger generations to have fun, but this same scene could have been made with Trolls speaking trollish and still make it fun and make the trolls look kind of retarded and clumsy...
To sum it up.. Smaug was awesome. Visually, it is f#ing stunning and I loved it from the top of his snout to the tip of his tail..
Anyways, what I felt in some parts of the movie is, as if it has been rushed. Some scenes lack the beautiful cinematic photography compared to some others.
I was not a fan of using HD GO PRO footage in some moments during the barrel down the river scenes(which was fantastic btw, the choreography of dwarves and elfs fighting orcs in that part of movie were pure fun)  
There are couple more of these rushed scenes and parts in the movie. But non of it was detracting from the general atmosphere.. The Gandalf/Sauron confrontation was intense and I simply loved it!! I really love these deviations from the original story. PJ and co are doing great job in adapting the story to the screen and are pretty damn successful in adding their own twists and turns to the plot. Hmm..
There is so much in my head, it is hard to pick this beast of a movie apart.
Yes, the entire Bilbo/Smaug talk was brilliant. Later on Dwarfs join in and start running around the halls( excactly in the point one coin falls from Smaugs belly in front of Bilbo). That was all great. Until that point they all start to lure the dragon to those furnaces and that big golden dwarf cast in the "King Chambers"(not sure if that was the name).
I felt there were bits that were rushed in those scenes as well.. Smaug getting caught under the cable cart lines and so on, sort of as if they ran out of ideas of how to make it work. What exactly dwarves need to do to get Smaug killed.
I'm comparing these sort of messy scenes where they fight Smaug to the point in movie where Bilbo and dwarves came to the spot of a supposed entrance into the Lonely Mountain.
The scene where Bilbo figures out it was the moon light they needed to discover key hole and not the sun light.
Exact scene I'm thinking is when Bilbo searches for the key, then kicks key with his feet, then Thorin stomps on the key lace and stops key from falling over the edge. Picks it up and moves in towards the stone.. That scene was f#king epic in a most Epic kinds of ways. That metallic sound of key flying towards the edge.. These shots were filmed impeccably, immaculate.
These are the shots that make up cinematic history.
That scene in particular reminded me to the scene from the "Fellowship of the Ring" when Frodo "lost" ring in snow after he slipped down the slope, only for Boromir to pick it up and say "It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. Such a little thing" ...Chills down my spine!!!...
This is what I'm talking about. Pure cinematic art. There are lots of these small "gem of a scene" bits in "Desolation", but there are couple of scenes there that could have been left out or done better.....I need to go and work.

Bottom line is, Desolation is great, I enjoyed it, and I'l see it at least one more time before I own it on Blu Ray.
My conclusion: It is without mistake another accumulation of beautiful and breathtaking artistry of all forms put together by passionate and hard working group of people, all in one place, and should be thoroughly enjoyed for that.
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Hi guys. I recorded a livestream last night. About 4 hours long stream can be seen on the link bellow. Watch my modeling session where I tried to sculpt one rather popular ceratopsian dinosaur. In future Zbrush hangout sessions, I'l try to give heads up day or two before I do it so you can join live, ask me questions and interact.
Also, I'd try and plan ahead my theme so I can be bit faster with my sculpting.
Link to livestream video --->…
Check final image of the final sculpt on my FB page as well --->…
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I decided I'll start putting together library of 3d trees and plants that were probable trough out the dinosaur era. I want to start using these plants and trees in my illustrative work as to improve the look and feel of my creations and give them more "authentic" appearance. I kind of got tired of composing dinosaurs within environments constructed out of my own photographs of modern forests, trees and plants.
I've started this quest with Sequoia. Magnificent tree that exists today and is naturally growing only on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Most of these monumental trees (about 95%) were obliterated during logging in late 19th and early 20th century.
Hopefully we will preserve and rebuild at least part of these forests that were there before cos it is heart wrenching looking at these gentle giants fade away like so.
Anyway, to go back to the topic. I own Vue 8 Infinite software that contains comprehensive library of trees and plants.  
There is one Sequoia tree there but it just doesn't look good if you need to render it in any proximity to the camera. It could work well for distant shots of complete forests on vast terrain.
For my work I need trees and plants that can bee set closer to and around subjects of the illustrations, both foreground and background.  
Bellow you can see the rendered tree. This is the alpha tree. It is built in pieces so I can easily rebuild it using its parts to form more unique trees from it. I also made 3 varied tree trunk textures. This way I can avoid having obvious repetitive elements within one or series of illustrations.

Check out my Sequoia and couple of "making of" shots here:…
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Last December that was so eagerly awaited was back in 2003 when the Lord Of The Rings saga ended with "Return Of The King"...actually, it's December 2009 and Avatar.
Epic adventure continues. Hobbit is the movie of the year in my book.
It met all my expectations. It is painted in the same shades of "Great" as LOTR trilogy. This prelude to LOTR trilogy will blend in and make the most epic hexology that has ever been filmed.
I need to point out that as many of us, I was a bit concerned about the HFR aspect. My led tv has this tru-motion setting that interpolates usual 24 frames to 48, or 50, or 60, in tv, and gives this smooth, almost "speed up" feeling that can be associated to tv soap operas and documentaries. I dont like that setting and I keep it at off all the time. It alienates me from the film. I feared it might ruin the experience of the Hobbit. Since the non Hfr versions plays only in small screen halls I decided to see it on  the big screen with Hfr and the 3D. It is just a movie at the end of the day and there is no point of obsessing and making drama about the "first viewing experience".
First couple of shots were expectedly "soap opera" like. But after about 5 to 10 minutes in I forgot about it. The ambient,  the characters, the movie, it overcame this tech aspect. I really enjoyed the ride and everything that came with it. I have read the Hobbit book twice. After seeing the movie, I'm sort of itchy to read it again.
The dwarves gang was fantastic. Just the right amount of singing :) If they followed the book more closely in that department, we would have ended up with a musical. The Misty Mountain Cold song spawned goosebumps all over my back, blurred vision due to watery eyes, magnificent!  
Critics resent that the Hobbiton/Bilbo dinner scene was way dragged out. I could watch that bunch of characters eating and chatting whole night long. Critics, both "professional" and plane critical people are actually a very funny bunch. They resent how everything feels dragged out unnecessarily and how it gets to a point of being boring, and then we get to the Goblin lair scenes where they resent to much details, to much Goblins, to much happening. You can never please these folk I tell ya.
But to return to the subject. I enjoyed the pacing of the movie. It was good to see some old faces, sorts of Ian Mckellen as Gandalf, Woods as Frodo, Serkis as Gollum, and awesome new faces in Dwarf characters, both actors and costume/make up artists made a brilliant effort with stunning results...
There are so many things I liked. I like how PJ incorporated different elements taken from other parts of the J.R.Tolkiens universe to make up ground for splitting the book into three parts, elements like the albino Orc character, Azog the defiler.. We get to see bit of Smaug, tho obscured in fire and smoke and gold :) Cannot wait enough to see how they go about Smaug in what is to come. The dragon speaks in the book. I guess the movie version will speak as well. The way I see this happen is in a telepathy sort a way. No cheap lipsinc stuff. It must be made on the similar level the way the "Lidless Eye a.k.a Sauron" on the tower spoke to Frodo in LOTR whenever he had the ring on. Or the way Galadriel went all psycho on Frodo near the mirror.. "....Treacherous as the Sea! Stronger than the foundations of the Earth! All shall love me and despair!.."
So much to look forward to, especially now that the first installment passed with flying colors.
Looking back at all the negotiations and all the director names that got connected to the Hobbit prior to production, and at the start of production with Guillermo Del Toro and all, I'm glad PJ took over. I somehow think GDT would smear the universe if he got to direct Hobbit. He has different style to PJ and it would probably just feel off.
Hobbit is awesome!
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Website redesigned

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 3, 2012, 6:00 PM
Ok, most of you are probably wondering who the hell is this guys and why is he showing up on my D.A wall?
I cannot offer any reasonable explanation to that but what I can do is say this:
"This is quick bragging entry. My webpage is finally up and running.
I'm pretty happy the way it turned out. Now I just need to start filling up them galleries with them dinosaurs and creatures :D
Anyways, click the link and check it out and if you are up for it, leave comments/impressions of the site.."

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Walking Dead

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 4, 2012, 4:09 AM
Spoilers ahead! Dont read if you havent seen Walking Dead and want to see it.

Been some tome since my last Journal entry so here I am. Since I've seen the Walking Dead season 1, 2 and now watching 3rd season, I wanted to post some random thoughts about the show.
First of, I really like the zombie concept in general. The idea behind it all. It is scary and I bet anyone who has at least little imagination in them wondered "what would I do if I find my self in that unlikely situation".
Walking Dead show is probably among the best few that tackle this theme despite it's flaws. And before you start reading my thoughts be aware that I like the show. I got hooked right at the start of the show. It is just some nitpicking on couple things that imho could have been done bit better.
I am aware that the show has been filmed by the successful comic book franchise. I read two first episodes of the comic book and I loved them. Comic book might even be better at some places than the show.
But I'd like to go trough some points of the show here.

Everything was flawless for me up until Rick Grimes meets that group of people in Atlanta, after he narrowly escapes certain death/zombiefication under that tank,(that part was epic).
When he joins the group I started noticing things that made me go like: "No waay man", and stuff like, "Oh common, please". and like "What the.."
I guess it is lot easier to handle one character in the story, compared to dozen of them. That's probably why some things started bothering me.
First thing I've noticed and that I can remember at this point is when they chop up those two zombies and cover them selves with their intestines. Blood and guts dripping all over their faces and hands. They seemed pretty ok with all that shit on their clothes. I mean. I'm not sure if anyone of you ever got in vicinity of a dead, decomposing body of anything dead. It is brutal smell that makes you puke your lungs out. Imagine having all that shit on your clothes. Forget the fact that this is unknown disease and god knows how contagious it is.
Stuff like that kind of took away coolness points from the show for me. It just isn't one of those things that I think wouldn't work in real life. I know this is a show. If I had problems with that I wouldn't be watching it cos it has zombies in it. It's a fiction. But fiction can be dealt in two ways. Naive or Realistic.

Anyways, later on characters depart from the city, meet up with Jenner, Jenner decides to die, along with that women, that's ok with me.. Characters are awesome. Relations between them are great. Not all of them but most are. Anyways, the group moves on from the CDC, got stuck on the highway....This is another bit that annoyed me.
The whole "searching for Sophia" part was little bit dragged out. And at that point, when little Carl gets shot, the relationship between Rick Grimes and his wife starts to bother me a bit as well. I wished his wife died and got dismembered by zombie horde. I still do. She is a bitch. But that's how they played that character. Not a plot hole or a flaw. It's just the way it is. They used Rick Grimes-es boring and annoying wife and brat of a son to escalate his relationship with Shane. Shane is a complex character that I appreciated in those "character development terms".
Geez. I'm reading my own entry now, I dont want to make this entry as a big Walking Dead rant or something. So I won't spread my self thin on criticizing characters anymore cos I liked that about this show in 90% of the time. Characters may have done stupid things. Illogical things, but this is hard to judge cos you never know exactly how would you react in stressful situations like these characters are put trough.
One thing that I hated in the show is how nonchalantly they killed zombies. Blood and guts and brain parts splattering all around their faces, eyes and  mouths while slashing and smashing zombie heads and bodies. This is something I think, in real world wouldn't work like that as well. They should have taken bit more effort in the Zombie killing aspect. There are couple more things but I can't remember them at this point exactly, if I do I'l post bellow.

To wrap up this post. I like the characters, as I said earlier. The Black chick with Samurai sword and two zombie bitches is awesome!! My jaw dropped when she first showed up :D  I like the Daryl character as well. I like his character arc. From an annoying hick to a great team player and a fighter. Im looking forward to the new episodes. Hope they either keep it as cool as it is or step up a notch.

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Carnotaurus illustration finished

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 15, 2012, 3:00 AM
Just a quick note to let you guys know I've managed to finish Carnotaurus illustration. I am very pleased how it turned out.
I plan on uploading image to my website, facebook page(come and join at:…) and here on my own D.A gallery later today.
Hope to hear your thoughts and comments once it's up!


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Carnotaurus is back

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 12, 2012, 1:06 AM
I've took another go on Carnotaurus, this time it was professional task for Sol90, Spanish publishing house.
You could officially call me Carno Freak right now :)
I've gained some more knowledge in Zbrush and 3ds max as well as some general dinosaur understanding since my last Carnotaurus model.
Some of you might seen that fella:
Carnotaurus Sastrei by damir-g-martin

The new Carno looks more accurate, and hopefully better as well. Now I only need to create good image composition to make it memorable.
This is sneak peek of the new Carno:
New Carnotaurus Preview by damir-g-martin

Hope to have it finished in couple of days..

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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 21, 2011, 5:22 AM
..know that feeling when you want to start your new journal entry forcefully, when you realize you haven't got a clue what to write about?
This is that moment for me :)
So I'l just write my impressions from the movie I've seen recently.
If you haven't seen it and want to, avoid reading for some possible spoilers.

Conan The Barbarian
My oh my what a bad movie was that.
I love the world of Conan and his character, I've read so many Conan comic books and stories in my childhood.
I consider R.E Howard one of the best story tellers in fantasy genre, alongside R.E Tolkien, George Martin and many more
Then comes the Hollywood and butt rapes everything I hold dear.
The backbone of the movie is not so bad.. A guy looses his wife and decides to resurrect her by collecting pieces of some magic mask or whatever.
No problem with that.
What I've got the problem with is the way some parts of this movie were shot. Just so naive and lame that I cant believe some people were being paid to write such a lame ass scenario to be filmed.
The opening sequences of fast forward narrative of what's going on and yada yada yada,, the moment it finishes I scream just like Conan's father screams when he pulls baby Conan out of his dead mothers womb(that scene in itself is epic, bit gruesome but still epic)
I loved the scene where young Cimmerian man were being initiated as a grown man and warriors with that running around the hill with egg in their mouths,,, then teen Conan slaughters some wild horde, returns to his village and spits out unbroken egg, that was epic as well. Dont like entirely the way it was shot, but love the idea and epicness of Conan.
The actor, Momoa, even tho I was quite disappointed when I discovered he is playing Conan, he proved me wrong. I liked him as a Conan, very fitting casting in his case, tho it would not hurt if they increased his physical size using cg trickery by at least 15%
Reading most of R.E Howards stories, I always imagined Conan as a biggest and toughest guy in the neighborhood.
Anyways, to avoid going into details, I hate how clunky and badly this movie was put together with so many holes in the story development.
The ending was just plane terrible. As if studio run out of budget and slapped the ending together in one day or something.
So predictable and shallow and inconclusive,, what a waste. I wanted to see Conan The Barbarian that can compete for oscars, that can get your emotions up high just as Lord of the Rings movies does, or Brave Heart,, but instead we were given another cinematic garbage and another successful rape of Conan franchise. YACK

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