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Undoer of Things

Concept I made in photoshop. 
I like horror genre and I like to think about some of these subjects from time to time. 
The idea behind this concept is, what if "God" is not at all what humanity imagines? 
What if God and Satan are one? 
If it for some reason decides to show up here on Earth we're all kinda f@$ed, praying or not.
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Very beautiful work!
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That is very disturbing. How did you come up with that?
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I like making monsters and demonic creatures when I get a chance to do so.  Original character concept was done for an upcoming tv show.  This is an iteration.
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Please take a sit Mr. Satan? Lucifer? The great Evil?
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What are your plans on doing to this Earth?


Something more? My employers have something you might like, if you just tell us:

"What do you want?" :)
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I like that, from a distance the eyes appear to glow. On close inspection you see the misdirection of the light. Its eyes are closed.
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Interesting concept, and one found in many mythologies and philosophies. Well done.
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Very straight forward title.
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