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Tyrannosaurus rex
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Published: May 23, 2018
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“Dinosaurs In The Wild” is a virtual theme park style experience that takes visitors back 65 million years to the time of the dinosaurs.
About 20 something illustrations were created while I was working on site with Milk Vfx crew.
My responsibilities for the project were to create number of concept visuals which were then narrowed down to particular
These were then pushed forward at a production level quality. 
For the procedure we used existing dinosaur models to pose them and light them. 
Finished dinosaur renders together with countless photographic elements were blended into seamless illustrations.
It was challenging to create such volume of work in that short amount of time but the team work 
and a great atmosphere at Milk Vfx made it happen.  
It was fun and memorable experience and I hope I'll get chance to visit that big hearted vfx family again.
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Amazing Damir and the story, must have been such a great experience!    By the way on your official website, that Alamosaurus Grand  piece is chilling!    You did that tilt of the head on that one.   and the little ones and the other big one pushing away the rest of the herd.....and this one is monitoring the isolated Alamo.......the sick one maybe?    the dynamics between predator and prey on full display in one beautiful image.   EPIC job Damir!
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MattWileytoHobbyist General Artist
I like the detail. When you say that you blended an illustration with photographic elements, do you happen to use Photoshop.
If not, what program did you use, might I ask?
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IHambyHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, you still think dinosaurs were feathered? :lmao:
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TimurlengiaHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's more like, ha you still think Tyrannosaurs where "feathered"
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Well, the roughly 10000 species of them alive today for sure are feathered. Also fossil evidence. You might as well claim that Wooly Mammoths were hairless.
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IHambyHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, do you have nothing better to do with your life than patrol DA for images of feathered dinosaurs, and then scan each comment for something you don't agree with so you can peddle the same tired argument over and over?

But, 10,000 species of dinosaurs running around today? I know I don't get outside often, but I didn't realize we still have giant reptiles still roaming the planet.
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No, that was just a coincidence. I was just looking at DA to pass some time while some of my eBay auctions run out.

More like 10000 species of small to middle-sized "reptiles" roaming the planet. Native to every continent, they fly, they walk, they swim. They are commonly known as Birds.
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IHambyHobbyist Digital Artist
No, birds are birds, reptiles are reptiles. This weird hybrid fantasy of yours has no base in reality, but if I held up a dusty bat bone, and set it down next to a dusty whale bone, I can apparently convince you that one slowly became the other for no reason.
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Splitting Amniotes into Birds, Reptiles and Mammals. An outdated and very artificial classification, based soly on present day forms. Taking their place are Sauropsids and Synapsids, taking fossil forms into account. Birds are Maniraptorans are Coelurosaurs are Theropods are Dinosaurs are Archosaurs are Sauropsids, just as Mammals are Cyndonts are Therapsids are Synapsids.   

Bats are actually a sister group to the clade including Carnivorans and Ungulates. Whales belong to the latter.
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IHambyHobbyist Digital Artist
Forgive me if I don't have all your fantasy jargon down, but the point was that the only "proof" you have are bones. The only thing a bone proves is that the creature once lived. You don't know its behavior, you don't know its diet, you don't know how many kids it had. And you especially don't know if those kids were on their way to/from becoming something else.

You've lined up some bones from least complex to most complex, slap the label "science!" on it, and call it good. And now you religiously cling to to your ideals, including the already-disproven parts, in hopes that repeating a lie often enough will make it stick.
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I'm sorry lHamby but I need to disagree at the part where you say "Haha, you still think T-Rex had feathers?" well it may not have been completely covered with feathers but it might have a very tiny amount of feathers just like how elephants have a very tiny amount of hair, and at the part where you say "Birds are Birds, reptiles are reptiles" That's like saying humans are humans monkeys are monkeys you're still going to be a mammal if you don't act like the rest of them, just like how birds descended from Dinosaurs who were reptiles, so technically birds are reptiles even though they don't look and act like the rest of their family You can even study about some of the prehistoric birds like Yandangornis, I think Yandangornis and Archaepteryx are a really good example of the relation of birds with dinosaurus, Yandangonis is a ground dwelling bird with a beak, with therapod like legs and raptor like wings, Archaepteryx shows the perfect transitional features from Dinosaur to Bird, thanks.
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Well, I could explain all those terms, and also point all the other kinds of fossils, like tracks, coprolithes and integuments and what teeth tell us about animals, but since you will dismiss those anyways and insist on calling science a religion, this would be a waste of time.  
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Aww, I think the big guy wants a hug! ^_^

But holy crow, look at the texture! It's so lifelike! You did a good job, man.
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ChaptorQuickachieverHobbyist Digital Artist
I can't figure out it's real or not. lol
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DeadlyCuddlesHobbyist General Artist
Are you kidding me? Call me gullible but if you told me this was a photographof a real dinosaur, I'd totally believe it
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damir-g-martinProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for dropping by

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PaladinPainterProfessional Digital Artist
You did a good job there Cat nods 
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joel3dProfessional Filmographer
Damir! You blow my mind with each new image! Your illustrations really do come alive, I love how you are able to bring your skills as a photographer to you works.

Are those small birds on top, symbiotic relations? I like the subtle scars  too, well done.
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damir-g-martinProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks Joel
Yes, the idea was something like ox pecker birds. They are painted in during post work in photoshop. 
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Emperor-ErectionHobbyist Digital Artist
the birds are a fantastic touch
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damir-g-martinProfessional Digital Artist
On the original size illustration parasitic insects can be seen crawling on the inside edge of the nostril. Birds are feeding of off those. 
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Lazy-PumpkinHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing... I thought it is a photo.
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