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Time Traveler Who Saved Chicken From Extinction

As any time traveling story. 
This one is filled with plot holes, over the top premises and conundrums. 
Also, it's brimming with chickens and dinosaurs. 
Just a fun little concept piece I put together.
Some higher res crops here:…
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Damn! That looks quite painful :o
MoonfireXD's avatar
fuckin sell this to pixar please it already looks like an a+ promo pic and i just spent ten minutes dying while trying to explain it to my friend before giving up and sending her the link

immediate update: she is sad that there is no story to go along with this beyond what's in the description XD

i'm only just now breathing again
damir-g-martin's avatar
Thanks for sharing this :) and thanks for kind words. 
It would definitely be nice to have a short story bit along with visual.
Vaporeon249's avatar
I wish I could write something intelligent here, but I just ended up laughing for a while. This is entertaining!
damir-g-martin's avatar
Nice to hear that :D
PM-Graphix's avatar
LOL .. got it before it crossed the road
SaydousArtCorner's avatar
The rex's name should be "Chicken". I hope it is.
VesaiasTheValiant's avatar
I think this concept is pretty neat. :nod: I mean, it's funny but also interesting. ;P
Just looking at this piece makes me excited for a science-fantasy story. :eager:
Splendid work, fellow deviant! :clap: A deviation totally :+fav:'d! :thumbsup::D
YellowPanda2001's avatar
Gallus gallus, the perfect addition for our prehistoric sanctuary.

Alan Grant: "Say again?"
John Hammond "We have a Gallus!"
Jennamatic3000's avatar
Reminds me of Red Dwarf when they tried to bring the sparrow back and turned it into a tyrannosaurus, lol.
damir-g-martin's avatar
Havent seen that episode!! Gotta watch that :D
AntonellisofbBender's avatar
WOW Tyrannosaurus is my favorite dinosaur of all
PapaTr0y's avatar
hattonslayden's avatar
:omfg: the rex's selling it's own descendants!
damir-g-martin's avatar
Nah, they are trying to save the chickens. 
hattonslayden's avatar
(quickly hides my portable deep fryer)
Majestic-Colossus's avatar
I like the orange + black patterns. Looks cool!
kingdragon01's avatar
Lol, cool!
I wonder if the t rex stinks though?
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