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The art of de-extinction. Recreating famed thylacine with the help of computer graphics.
Couple more images of the entire animal can be seen here:…
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I almost thought this was a real picture, until i remembered that they are currently extinct! Good job, this is very well done!

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So life like, Love the details and texture
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That mouth is amazing! It looks very capable of chewing something.
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Yeah, Thylacines had very capable jaws motion vise.
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They're baaack ...
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Whoa!!!  That's some fantastic work.  If I didn't know better, I'd swear the Australian government had been hiding this animal from public view until someone took a color photo of it recently.
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Fantastic art piece.  Oddly enough, people still occasionally see thylacines in the wild.  Ghosts, mistaken identity, or evidence of a surviving population?
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I keep reading of these sightings. I hope they are still out there and doing good. But at the same time, in this day in age with everyone carrying smartphone in their pocket, kinda hard to imagine that there is not a single unquestionable photographed thylacine by now. I know they are nocturnal species and very shy but still. It would be such a positive thing if there are groups of them in the wild and if they surface and rebound as species one day.  
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I remember seeing a recent photograph of an animal that appears to be a thylacine. Unfortunately it also captured the shadow of a person pointing a rifle at it, so unlikely that we will be seeing that particular animal again.
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They ain't extinct far too much evidence they're far from it.
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There is word some were relocated to mainland Australia secretly many years ago by a conservation effort, they've also been seen on Tasmania as well.
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Looks really good! Practically identical to the real-life animal :D
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When I think it would still be possible to see them today, if humans had not slaughtered them for inept reasons. I hope that the attempts to revive the species thanks to Tasmania Devil, will succeed!

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Yep, such shame what happened with them, and native Tasmania people too.
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Not likely sadly, when we came on the scene and started murdering them, the population already had a genetic bottleneck, for a viable thylacine, we’d need Australian thylacine DNA, not Tasmanian 
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but I read somewhere that research was being done to recreate the species thanks to its closest living relatives, the Tasmanian Devil ... I do not know much about it, but like the mammoth These are searches that will take a lot of time.
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This shouldn't be possible! It's too real! Great job!
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