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Realistic Sonic Movie Character Design Attempt

Finished my own realistic design take on the Sonic character.
We all know Sonic, an anthropomorphic hedgehog, the iconic blue character that marked a generation. 

In short, here are some difficult design decision I had to face when I took this challenge upon my self. 
Original Sonic is heavily stylized character. As such, if you stayed true to the form, you could only do so much with it in terms of movie genres. 
I can see a realistically rendered original Sonic, true to it's form in a family adventure fantasy, or even comedic genre. 

But it would not work well in a serious, dark sci fi super hero thriller. 
And so, that was my target.  To try and make Sonic design that might hold up in those type of movies. 

For that reason, I had to move away from the original iconic cartoony Sonic and push it more towards humanoid side with regards to anatomy and certain details.

Regarding Sonic height, I like versions of Sonic where he was portrayed taller, putting my design at around 1. 55 meters height or thereabouts. 

Here's a quick rundown on some of the more significant changes and design decisions:

**Shoes are completely redesigned and I shaped wording "Sonic" into the side of the sole.
**Just like the original Sonic, my version has gloves which are equipped with composit padding to help Sonic avoid injuries as he's blasting around ar supersonic speeds. Movie version Sonic might be impervious to road rash, mine is not. 

**This Sonic has suit. I dont think naked furry Sonic works so well in realistic environment that I envisioned it for.
Suit is some type of tech kevlar fabric padded with rubber composit coat. Inner thigh section has hexa cells that generate electricity and magnetic properties through friction as Sonic moves and runs, enabling Sonic to run on some vertical surfaces.

The ribbed suit design is not done by chance. It's inspired by "Sega" logo.

Anyway, these are some details I wanted to point out... Personally, I'm pleased how it turned out.
Final composition is inspired with wonderful art done by Ry-Spirit, here on D.A. 

If you don't like this work and you wish to voice your feelings, it's ok, but if you can't take some time and elaborate on your stance and maybe even offer some constructive criticism please refrain from dropping short hating comments cos you may end up blocked.

You can see some close up detail shots and a larger image here:…
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This is nightmare fuel!

Kostas2405YT's avatar

the amount of detail on this is insane. great job.

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I like this design.
BTW, Sonic fandom needs to learn their lesson. They bashing this art thinking that this is the leaked redesign.
Tattletail25's avatar
Idk why people are attacking and insulting this design of Sonic. BOI it's not the Sonic Movie redesign. Not bashing opinions though but this design is actually amazing. I might feel like drawing it if I wanted to. It's awesome to be honest. Hate me all other want but it's amazing.
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I'd rather watch 9 minutes of Movie Sonic then this. (but still nice)
Pencil-party-2003's avatar
I like it new ideas and designs are amazing. Keep up the good work!Smile 
HulkKidGaming's avatar
I Want The Other Sonic, Which Is This> Sonic the Movie Icon 3 
Everyone disliked that
kraidzilla's avatar
Of course they would because it doesn’t look like sonic
kraidzilla's avatar
Look you a get  Artist  Damir But this design won’t work in a live action sonic movie   a good  attempt but This movie should’ve been just like  detective Pikachu  Keeping pikachu Video game with model Realistic  Furr And Texter
kraidzilla's avatar
Look just because I  don’t like this  doesn’t mean am Disrespectful It just wouldn’t work  he looks like an avatar he looks nothing like sonic it looks Wrong  it’s just my  opinion  If you like it that’s fine but don’t expect me to like it 
kraidzilla's avatar
You just got Reported on you tube Because you were Disrespectful To my opinion and it’s not me that is disrespectful it is you Do it again you will be blocked on YouTube
kraidzilla's avatar
I take sonic seriously as a character if I were to make sonic For a live-action sonic the hedgehog movie I would’ve used a model from the games add a little bit of texture and furr and some coils 
kraidzilla's avatar
It’s Ugly It looks nothing like sonic so I hate it 😡😤
Dottie798's avatar
Why did I think it was Roby Rotten at first?
CopperyAtom345's avatar
Welp, my childhood has just been ruined.🤤
90skid2386's avatar
Nightmare Fuel true Nightmare Fuel. It's a decent prank though.
Hignoria's avatar
This is going viral atm
The proportions and anatomy are very strange to me.
Feet and hands bigger than head.
large thighs with no glutes or calves with skinny arms.
Legs more than double the length of rest of body
BrownBirdTown's avatar
Hey, there was kind of a rude article written about your design, which also credited the photo to what I assume is a repost on reddit of your art.…
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