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November 12, 2019
My Tortoise Likes To Cosplay by damir-g-martin
Featured by RezaBisuto
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My Tortoise Likes To Cosplay

Disclaimer: tortoise in these images participated in this cosplay session on its own free will.

This was one of those minimalistic effort cosplays.
Used hair bands(not sure whom they belonged to, lot's of tangled red hair tho), a balloon, and I'm not sure what's with the nunchucks.
They seemed kinda realistic, like tiny realistic nunchucks. Pfft.

Couple more renders here:…

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Shell shocking action
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
The real live action TMNT.
AgamingOviraptor's avatar
Aww! So cute!!! 😊💕😍
KAPP27's avatar
How could you just do that
Radicaun's avatar
Give back the balloon you stole from me! :iconsays2plz: :iconbruceleeplz: My Tortoise Likes To Cosplay by damir-g-martin :iconsaysplz: I liberated your balloony and up cycled it, therefore, I owe you nothing...but pain!
damir-g-martin's avatar
isischneider's avatar
WillyPierrot's avatar
😸 It's really good ❤
glowworm56's avatar

The balloon mask and belt made me laugh.

sauropody's avatar

I love it! its an amazing piece of Art, now... how do I download it for free?

Watermelonthecat's avatar
TheOhToons's avatar

Thisi is hilarious!!! Well done!

AngusMcTavish's avatar
This is what happens when it gets a nibble of your pizza... XD
DavesArtSpace's avatar
I can imagine seeing that at a comic-con😋 nice job!
UnexpectedToy's avatar
I'm more impressed by the balloon knots than anything else.  Sculpting knots is trickier than it appears.  :clap:
JRBeeler's avatar
Where do you get a poseable toy like that?
damir-g-martin's avatar

It's a computer generated 3d model. I sculpted it and painted in Zbrush, it's a software for digital sculpting.

JonsAngels's avatar
This is not a real turtle? I assumed that you actually shot a real turtle, from underneath a glass screen, and then used a little bit of Photoshop.
silverwolvesarecool's avatar
Oh my God. I'm silently dying inside from laughter. 

Can't wait to see Ralph. Would remind me of my cousin's tortoise whose is named that lol.
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Where's the others? Master Splinter? The Shredder, Rocksteady, Beebop? XD
damir-g-martin's avatar

Give it enough time they might come around too :)

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