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Moment before 'extinction'

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Short-ish sci-fi back-story brainstorm of my own!

What if somebody told you, or better yet, what if somebody proved to you that most of our understanding of the world and space around us is not entirely right?

What you see here in this image is one brief moment that took place in long history of our planet.
Specifically in this case, we witness one Dinosaur species being "stored" into, what we like to call "Black hole".

"What if black holes aren't what we think they are"?

Just as you and I would take pictures when visiting foreign countries so we can refresh our memories of that place later in life or for what ever other reason we take hundreds of pictures when we go about our planet...
Try to imagine technologically advanced aliens that travel trough space and store away everything they come across for whatever reason..
To save the rare life forms for them to study and experiment, to have something to remember that place by or spread that life further into the space or something completely unimaginable to our perception and understanding..

Now, for the fun part, what if that advanced alien race could artificially produce "black hole" with it's technology. And what if they could reverse it's effect at any time, from whatever point, whatever type or matter or structure..

To try to simplify my thoughts for my self firstly :),
I will compare this artificial black hole to a vinyl record.

These alien guys could create "Black hole vinyl record"(patent pending xD) and record(suck in) virtually anything.
Later on, they could use that same superb tech to "read" out anything that has been "sucked" or "stored" into the black hole and load this content back into reality...

I know it sounds far fetched and very hard to digest, as if You traveled to past and tried to explain vinyl record or usb storage devices to a cave man..I think only thing being digested in that scenario would be your leg

To conclude!
Message I'm trying to convey with this piece.
What if Dinosaurs haven't extinct, what if most of them were simply stored away, saved, from the planet that might have been unable to support this form of life anymore or something like that??
What if Gulf of Mexico is not point of impact of giant meteorite or asteroid, what if that is point of miniature black hole deployment that was programmed to "suck" specific matter(in this case dinosaurs and maybe other life forms) leaving barren planet behind?!..
Wouldn't that be cool :)

This opens up so many doors for some intriguing scifi stories...
Those same tech advanced guys coming back to our planet to store some of us, or all of us at some point..

Original image is about 13k in width
C&C welcomed, would be great to make a small discussion on the subject

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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Fantastic work that combines a great perspective, realism and aesthetic beauty. From the body positions to the skin texture and patterns the animals are compelling. The high quality is continued with the rest of the scene, the mud, the water etc. I really like the soft colouring of the overcast sky and the barely visible horizon. So many dinosaur recreations are done with the standard bright sun that this makes a welcome change adding interest, realism and the muted colours.

The idea of the mini black hole at the centre adds something unique to the image and is used this to good effect to share your sci-fi ideas. However this choice also takes something away. It moves the art from paleo-art into the realm of fantasy art. This isn't a criticism, it has to be either one or the other, it can't be both. My personal preference with dinosaurs is for the former. I really like images that bring us as close as possible to how things may have been. And as an image this absolutely does not need the fantasy parts to be a great piece of art. It would be just as good with or without the fantasy elements. The sauropods getting the last of the water provide the same focal point even if the black hole was not there.

I have only one small criticism. I think the colours of the foreground pterosaurs is a bit too vivid, a bit too bright. By that I mean they don't quite match the dullness of the cloudy sky and the rest of the scene.

The aliens gazing on is a nice touch for the fantasy elements but probably easy to miss when viewing on a screen unless one enlarges to full resolution.

All in all though this is really wonderful piece of work.
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Your welcome. I enjoy your art.
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damir-g-martinProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you for such beautiful comment!! I enjoyed your review and it's full of valid points! Thank You!
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elsaroseHobbyist Traditional Artist
:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Firstly - the wide angle view as well as the slightly warped perspective make this piece especially intriguing to look at - as well as drawing the eye right into the centre (very fitting for a black hole). I love how much distance there is in this piece - you feel like you're looking a long way into it.

The story behind this is interesting and original (and it is well worth reading the description).

Added to this - the idea is beautifully executed - showing the artist's skill at digital art by creating wonderful textures and patterns (dinosaurs' skin/cracked mud).

Overall these elements combine in a truly inspiring artwork.
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damir-g-martinProfessional Digital Artist
Thx for such positive and well constructed critique! It's rewarding :)
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Lastprince92Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is good
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So, aliens are saving samples of other worlds via artificial black holes? Because if that's what happens, that's so cool.
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damir-g-martinProfessional Digital Artist
It would make an interesting premise for a film or a written story. 
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klimeiStudent Digital Artist
It's superb! Great work 
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Always good to question given knowledge. Love the concept!
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LinwellyProfessional General Artist
Awesome set and scenery, nice theorie. I hope the black holes in this are not running on a windows base... :D
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so they were vacumed off the planet

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AntonellisofbBenderStudent Filmographer
i love this beautiful piece of art work
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Gwiber49Hobbyist Filmographer
I like your theory and it probably makes a lot of sense!
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I love this. There is recent evidence of how time slows down in black holes and allows for parallel universes. What a great time to be alive!
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first, epic piece and theory!!!  

Great theory Damir!   Here's mine:  I believe this planet has been "seeded" by "THEY" along with countless other planets across the galaxy.  It is the equivalent of cycling a saltwater marine aquarium.  Except this being an entire planet, requires millions/billions of years.  Using asteroids to cover their tracks when they do mass wipeouts to begin new epochs for further cycling.  Each planet goes through essentially the same cyclic process to prepare it for the eventual habitation of the final sentient species and its eventual "induction" to the Galactic Empire.  Of course different gravitational properties of host planets create different looking lifeforms, but the end result is always a species that can contribute to the Galactic Empire.  This happens in all other galaxies too. 

It may simply be a "gene bank" they use and the planets work for them for each gene bank stage.   Ie: if they drop tyrannosaurus gene down on another planet with stronger gravity, the creature will evolve differently than here on earth, but it would be the same "test tube" used, the planet and environment just does the magic based on the physical evolutionary laws of the simulation(aka universe).  However, they have teams deployed at all times, manipulating the genetics, and observing.  Picture UFOs flying around observing dinos, landing and gathering samples, etc.

Advancing to extradimensional theory:   Quartz deposits seem to bend space and time creating windows that connect time periods.  Loch Ness and that lake in Virginia, the quartz allows ancient creatures to see us, and us to see them for brief moments(reasons unknown, maybe magnetic?).

Moving on:  While many may be hoaxes, recently the explosion of ufo sightings is undeniable, and it's quite obvious that they are here, have always been here(due to ancient texts).  And there are signs that a grand reveal and "intervention" is near.  This may cost the lives of billions of human beings, however, fear not death because it is becoming increasingly evident that we have souls and are actually light beings that control our bodies like machines.      

So basically, our souls have operated other sentient bodies on other planets before and we are all ancient.  In fact we may have choices to BE dinosaurs,and other animals.  We experience massive trauma, but when free, we crave to do it all over again, even though we say we'd never do it again lol.  This would explain why we "remember things" and feel that we "know things".  you can almost feel what it's like to be inside that Giganotosaurs head, towering, swaying your head back and forth looking around the forest, smelling and breathing, you can feel what it's like to operate it's body.  It's quite exhilarating when you practice that meditation.  I personally dont believe that is simply due to "imagination".  

And so Ive told many of these theories, some look at me as a nutjob, others believe.  Whatever it is, it is.  but it sure is interesting to discuss and in terms of black holes, I believe they figured out a way just like you said to harness the power. to scoop up different animals around the globe and warps them to other planets, because why waste resources?  But also that the universe is a grand simulation and each universe is a black hole itself, thus explaining gravity which is the all inward pressure of the black hole resulting in the white hot glowing swirling cosmic web of filaments we see.   

damir-g-martin's avatar
damir-g-martinProfessional Digital Artist
"This would explain why we "remember things" and feel that we "know things".  you can almost feel what it's like to be inside that Giganotosaurs head, towering, swaying your head back and forth looking around the forest, smelling and breathing, you can feel what it's like to operate it's body.  It's quite exhilarating when you practice that meditation.  I personally dont believe that is simply due to "imagination". "  I love this part Pete!!!

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great to theorize wildly  :).   didnt mean for such a long post you got me goin there lol
damir-g-martin's avatar
damir-g-martinProfessional Digital Artist
No no, enjoyed the read! But I dig that part I quoted a lot
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MinerivaHobbyist General Artist
Very interesting thought - but somehow it is cruel on the other side.
If it was as you think, mmh what happens to you or the dinosaurs when you are "stored" - some kind of long sleep?
Somehow that being must be alive but it lives millions of years without noticing.
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damir-g-martinProfessional Digital Artist
Yes, as if you hit pause button on yourself and resume play billion years later..
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i see what you did there :3 ( those 2 humanoid in the background) 
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omg i see them!   THEY.  
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damir-g-martinProfessional Digital Artist
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