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Dragon Matrix

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All 55 dragons in one place for inspirational purposes :D


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amazing man..tanks
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Well, that's one phenomenal collection. Spectacular detail and creativity.

I almost suggested that you spread your audience on YouTube, but then saw you're already there. But maybe add links between that and Deviantart to make sure your fans won't miss anything.

Isn't it great you can hardly be given any significant advice? Because you're at the top already. I can't comment anything on them dragons, for instance, they're flawless. And yes, very inspirational. Anyway, best wishes to you.
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Thanks for such kind words man! Regards from Croatia!
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its my pleasure ! 

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awesome work man! truly inspirational!
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Thx. Happy new year, cheers!
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The... GLEE that some of these make me feel... I am damn sure you hear enough of this, but you are AMAZING.
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Simply outstanding creativity and dedication. I'm inspired.
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thank you! inspiring was big point behind that one :)
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This needs to be a DD. Excellent job on all of them!
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Thanks! Hey, you are more than welcome to try and suggest it for DD ;)
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Wow, i was reading your post on getting 55 dragons out by the end of febuary, but i really didnt think it was possible to do so in only a month! O:

how was it like ? To think of new ways of designing a dragon without getting it to look similar to the previous few?
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So much inspiration and awesomness in your work! :D
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Thank you very much! I hope you don't mind if I use a few of these as references :)
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very, very, very, just wow. awesome.
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You can feel the awsomeness
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