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Hello everyone!
Today's feature took about fours days of preparation.  Going through my favorite gallery, and all of your galleries.  And still after all my choices, there are many many more I would feature here.  Today you will see great artist's of our art.  From the long standing vetran's of PM's such as J-u-d-a-s, ElenaDudina, CindysArt.  To the new and up and coming DeniseWorisch and MarkOoMarben.  But no matter new or old, Masters or Padawans.  Each have two things in common.  Talent and my admiration.  These artist's are my friend's, supporters, inspiration, and guiding forces in our little niche of deviantArt.  Its is a honor to know all of you, and a endless pleasure to have watched you all grow, evolve, attain singular styles and skills.  

(First piece shown is newest, second my personal favorite)

Beholdentolove  Heavenly Light by Beholdentolove CHOSEN by Beholdentolove
nikkidoodlesx3   Fiery by nikkidoodlesx3 Ghostly You by nikkidoodlesx3
gotman68  <da:thumb id="385077419"/> The Fallen - Angel of mercy by gotman68
Sisterslaughter165  Fogginess by Sisterslaughter165 Dissolve by Sisterslaughter165
AtraLunaDesign <da:thumb id="385561291"/> <da:thumb id="343150596"/>
PetyaPlamenova   Alone by PetyaPlamenova  Intersection by PetyaPlamenova
shiny-shadows-Art  Frozen Heart by shiny-shadows-Art My wishful Place by shiny-shadows-Art
ElenaDudina  Wild nymph by ElenaDudina Red splash by ElenaDudina
J-u-d-a-s <da:thumb id="381650051"/><da:thumb id="267928827"/>
maiarcita  Thermal Springs by maiarcita Lady Bougainvillea by maiarcita
Velleity-Myst <da:thumb id="384814399"/> <da:thumb id="379103539"/>

Mature Content

The Huntress by peroni68
Dark Queen by peroni68
EnchantedWhispersArt  The Countess by EnchantedWhispersArt Royal Chambers by EnchantedWhispersArt
MarkOoMarben I burn my self for you by MarkOoMarben Dangerous love by MarkOoMarben
AnjaMillen  This Is My Design by AnjaMillen

Mature Content

bestaeubt by AnjaMillen

CindysArt  Aslan by CindysArt Sorrow by CindysArt
mysolitaryground <da:thumb id="347368470"/> Mysterious Waters by mysolitaryground
EPIllustrations <da:thumb id="380906155"/> <da:thumb id="378408140"/>
neverdying  I Dare You by neverdying The Order of Light by neverdying
Elluna  A Sinner Like Me by Elluna Here, In The Darkness by Elluna
TaniaART  Come with me by TaniaART Radioactive by TaniaART
vampirekingdom  Again by vampirekingdom The Pale Beauty from the Cript... by vampirekingdom

Adipose620   When Life fell in love with Death by Adipose620   Devil's Daughter by Adipose620

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thanks so much for the feature hun!