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realy the latest by damienhirst12 realy the latest by damienhirst12
so folks thats my latest...i have more photos but now is ok...
and thanks all watchers and voters...
this is my holly gral........
my favorite
but she is not dead ,she is my exgirlfriend....;-) (Wink)
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iLL-Lozenge Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
great splatter fx and all that. like the killer just plopped her in a pool of blood or something...i don't care much for gravity what swirlee says about the pose, i say, if you're psycho enough to kill someone, you're psycho enough to position them however you like, they ain't gonna do shiz cause there dead. nice pic.
nikitas Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
after that she will have a soft skin
aeonmistress Featured By Owner May 11, 2003
The only thing I find disturbing in this pisture is that her private part is without hair! XD LOL - I'm a sick one aye?

I think it looks interesting, not something I would post up in my bedroom or anything but.. artistically speaken; it looks good - the colours are authentic looking and all.. Did you use pig blood to it or something? looks real in any case :P (Lick)

Although - to make it look even more real there should be a wound somewhere - not a real one of course - just something to look like a wound :P (Lick)

It's not brillian - but no way that it's bad. Nice work there :) (Smile)
5exbaby Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2003
freethought Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2002
well i think there IS beauty in this pic.. you just have to look
akasleep Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
" alot of blood " this is nasty, but I love it.
I think this will be perfect if you put some work on the lighting
angeldevil Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2002
this is very powerful
freaky Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2002
=p (Razz) I like this one a lot...there's like sooo much blood on this Awesome job
caltha Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2002   Photographer
ok you've been working on it but it's not a very good photo I'm afraid
swirlee Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2002
My only problem with this is the pose. It's really unnatural. Dead people (and I assume you intend for us to believe she's dead, or quickly dying) just don't lay like that. Gravity takes hold far before rigor mortis does, and this person, if dead, is defying gravity. And if she's just dying (very quickly), I'm sure she'd be doing something other than clutch her breasts and deftly hide her pubis. And where's her head? If you're trying to convey emotion to your viewers, hiding her face dehumanizes her and takes away most of the emotion (just ask critics of Courbet's "Origin of the World"). Sorry, this is a good effort, but I'm just not convinced.

As for the critics of the blood, a) suzi9mm is right, and b) speeeedy is just obnoxious.
kalayl Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2002
Very very interesting, yet disturbing, photograph. But well executed, and a good shot. Nice work.
kidd Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2002
Hahah I LOVE THIS... you like WHOA!

Quite a coincidence the dead girl died covering her boobs, but I still like... Hahahah AWESOME!
jero1 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2002

valent1ne Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2002

hmm... I really like it *g*
steve0 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2002
hmm i do kinda agree with that guy about the disease stuff.. i mean just so that girl is allright.. i realy like this man.. the red on white is so clean but brutal.. nice work.. :) (Smile)
hipster Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2002
hard for me not to find is disgusting because i'm a vegetarian and don't like the concept of things being brutally slaughtered in general
but i like the fact that this is different from the usual stuff
kyrol-dk Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2002, and people used to call me psycho
damienhirst12 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2002
grow up?????????????????????????????????????? ??????

thanx for comment,
i am the winner, intoleranz in art is grovy...........
speeeedy Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002
Are you aware of the disease factor involved with blood used like this? This is SO VERY STUPID to do... samonilla, hep B, etc etc, are high risk in those animals blood. It can absorb through the skin too. You should have her tested out, seriously. You wonder why people use stage blood in movies. Animal blood is free, but not free of health factors.

Besides that, if all you're doing is creating shock art just because you know that many people don't like it.. you need to grow up lol

damienhirst12 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002
i love it that people dont like this funky shit, for me is the beauty also in disgusting things,
look at andre serrano, damien hirst, hellnwein, this gays make alot of good art , disgusting mayby somtimes ,but good, i dont wont shooking but the beauty is also in
this things , and this is real beef and pork blood no fake no chance....
thanx !
cyber-crash Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002
Man... this is excellent stuff, adding to favs.
eringonz Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002   Photographer
this totally caught my eye while i was thumbing through...well,

graphic, yet peaceful at the same time...
(i'm sure that sounds morbid, but i'm an odd creature...)
wheels Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002   Photographer
i think its really well done, i mean i think it has a lot deep meaning to it then just what you first see
why else would you do this,

anyway keep up the good work
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002   Photographer
nice work again. it bothers me how ppl always complain about th ecolor of the blood without really knowing how blood really does look like... u could imagine fake blood or pig's blood looking real but for some ppl it's just not good enough, too bright or dark or...i would like too see what "real blood" looks like in their opinion....

k, i'll stop complaining.

the idea is sorta cool, i would have used different angle though, maybe...i like it anyways.
tap-ioca Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002
wow, this looks just like the scene in "American Psycho" when that tart gets into the room, where the killer hid all the dead bodies ...
adixion Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002
pulp aGAIN
filedebop Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had the same problem shaving..... .....I can hear middle aged woman cringing at the site..... ..... its the sort of thing you would see them bring into the emu after spending the past week in a cardiac unit at the royal.....
nighty Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pulseflatline Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002
what'd you use for the blood? its a little too bright for blood.
and your gf does a pretty good job of shaving :P (Lick)

anyway, like everyone else said, pretty disturbing

elvaran Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002
That is fucking creepy!

...and I hope she's not dead.
approach6th Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002
cool :D (Big Grin)
psycoincubus Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002
wow :o (Eek) thats disturbing..
jmulder Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002   Interface Designer
omfg .. Now that's shocking! Really .. amazing .. omfg
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