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Witcher 3 Holiday Card

I was commissioned by CD Projekt Red to create their holiday card this year!  Was a lot of fun, and I always enjoy working with them.

Have a safe and happy holiday season, everyone!
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The Wild Hunt is coming.... For that turkey!
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And I was wondering who in the studio painted it because I couldn't recognize the style! Great job man. Loving it!
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I love this and all the small details to pick out. The CDPR logo on top of the tree is a nice touch. :)

Is that silver sword pommel design yours or from  the game? I really like how the two heads swirl around each other.
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Yea that is a sword from the game, they're always very specific about their references being spot on!  They love the Witcher series as much as the fans I think :D
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That's the impression they give anyway. I am muchly jealous of your commission from them. ;P

(and I am going to hunt that fancy sword down once the game comes out.)
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Still haven't played these
Jacob-Cross's avatar
Oh wow... 0w0;

I mean what I see in the windows really... 0w0;
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Oh, this is cosy :^)

I do believe Geralt will be able to feast, since the Wild Hunt is coming way after winter holidays.
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Now let's hope poor Geralt can actually HAVE some of that feast!
Maniacal-Mannequin's avatar
I am so excited for the next Witcher game, AWESOME work!!!
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I wanted to open my presents!!
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well now, that's creepy
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Ha! That's cool. Merry christmas everybody Christmas La Christmas Dance Christmas La Christmas Dance Christmas La Merry christmas everybody 
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